A large number of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s new works debut in China: ¥18888 a night in the hotel, check out and take away the items, and even “earned”

"Trend Godfather" Hiroshi Fujiwara's "Double Lightning" is one of the most well-known symbols in the trend circle.

It can appear almost anywhere, including but not limited to sneakers, luxury goods, notebooks, and luxury cars. It has established Hiroshi Fujiwara's joint empire and also endowed Hiroshi Fujiwara with the title of "stamp madman".

Recently, Hiroshi Fujiwara made a big move: launching a new lifestyle concept project "PEACE PIECE".

This is Hiroshi Fujiwara's first launch of a project in China. Not only did he launch dozens of products with the lightning mark at one time, but he also packed them into a hotel at 18,888 yuan a night.

The Chinese aesthetics of the godfather of Japanese trends

On December 17, Fragment Design, founded by Hiroshi Fujiwara, launched a new lifestyle concept project "PEACE PIECE".

When you say the name "PEACE PIECE" silently, it is not difficult to find that Peace and Piece have the same pronunciation.

"Peace" means to get relief from troubles and gain freedom, and "Piece" represents a way of presentation of Fragment Design, which together embodies the theme of "tranquility and peace".

Under this big theme, what "PEACE PIECE" wants to do is "create a peaceful place away from busy life", and the items it launches naturally also take care of all aspects of lifestyle.

There are dozens of single products brought this time, which can be divided into clothing accessories, lifestyle, household items, and toys.

Let’s take a look at some of the most representative items.

The most eye-catching is B@PANDA in the toy category . It was created by BE@RBRICK and Hiroshi Fujiwara. Its design is inspired by giant pandas. It adopts a double-layer design. Embellished with bamboo motifs, sold as a 400%+100% set or 1000% individually.

In the notitleltd official applet, B@PANDA has been sold out, and the very small quantity has created its collection value.

Lifestyle yoga suits, singing bowls, wooden tea sets , etc., integrate the classic elements of Fragment Design with traditional oriental art, which is one of the designs that best reflect the theme.

Meditate, exercise, relax your body and mind… Collect this set, there is a way to keep in good health.

The most topical item in the household items category is the 2mx3m wool-blend carpet , gray and white, jacquard elements, double lightning in the visual center, the trend is not only worn on the body, but also stepped on, this is a high-end home lifestyle.

The T-shirts and sweaters of clothing accessories , in addition to the continuation of the iconic black and white color scheme, have added a gray-blue color scheme with low saturation, and the chance of hitting the shirt is a little smaller.

In addition, there are some small daily items that satisfy "little luck", such as headbands and makeup mirror sets , just like half-worn pillows used by wealthy people. The real trend is hidden in the details.

The individual products cannot be listed one by one. If you are interested, you can learn more in the notitleltd official applet and Dewu app.

From small pill boxes, stationery, eye masks to large blankets, sleeping bags, and yoga four-piece sets, there is always something you need, but the price is a stumbling block. Even a set of three toothbrushes costs 139 yuan.

The "PEACE PIECE" project has been in preparation for more than 2 years, and its completeness can be seen from the richness of the single products. The trend is not limited to clothing and sneakers, but sweeps the corners of life, and can really be integrated into daily life.

But from another perspective, in addition to the blessing of iconic elements, the style is relatively conservative, which can be said to be simple and high-end, or a bit boring.

In an interview with Dewu, Hiroshi Fujiwara mentioned: "I like exquisite and practical products. When I create them, I try to rationalize all design elements, maintaining beauty while ensuring practicality."

This sentence can also be used to summarize the style of the "PEACE PIECE" series.

18888 yuan a night trendy hotel

With the product portfolio, if space design is added, "PEACE PIECE" can present in person what is the "Peace of Peace" in Hiroshi Fujiwara's heart.

This time, Hiroshi Fujiwara brought a number of life concept trend theme spaces, visualizing the theme of "tranquility and peace".

The first is the time-limited space of Beijing SKP-S 3F station S.

It is the third offline experience space jointly created by the immersive shopping center SKP-S and Hiroshi Fujiwara. The store design is quite oriental Zen. The tea room and screen at the entrance create a sense of spatial flow, and the oriental elements and light blue colors complement each other.

In addition to the "PEACE PIECE" series of products, SKP exclusive BE@RBRICK is also launched here.

The second is the theme room of Shanghai Yangyun Aman Hotel. The price is 18,888 yuan per night, and you can buy an all-round immersive exclusive experience.

The "PEACE PIECE" series of products are displayed in the 99-square-meter room, and "Fujiwara Hiroshi" is everywhere. Even toothbrushes and bath towels have lightning marks. Whether you are taking a bath, exercising or sleeping, you will always feel surrounded by trends That's right.

The good news is that most products with the "Lightning" logo can be taken away after check-out . The total value of the items in the room exceeds 25,000 yuan , including the 1000% BE@RBRICK for 6,699 yuan, and the four-piece yoga set for 1,899 yuan. The money was not wasted.

The bad news is that the rooms are fully booked.

Hiroshi Fujiwara also has a reason for choosing Shanghai Yangyun Aman Hotel, because he feels that "Aman Hotel has done a good job in creating a peaceful paradise for guests." This is not surprising, after all, the house price of Aman is usually more than 5,000 yuan.

In addition, Hiroshi Fujiwara also cooperated with Dewu to bring the offline experience space "Peace Piece" Pop-up Store in Shanghai's curated shopping mall "TX Huaihai", which is an extension of the hotel's theme room.

Hiroshi Fujiwara has also done many interesting offline spaces before——

In 2014, the abandoned swimming pool was remodeled to create a life concept store, changing the theme every three months.

In 2016, the parking lot was transformed into a spring-like themed store.

In 2018, a trendy convenience store was opened, selling T-shirts hanging in the refrigerator, old magazines such as "POPEYE" and "Warp", selling dessert-shaped candles and egg-shaped soaps, as well as specially packaged towels, drinks, snacks, etc. Small things in life.

From swimming pools, parking lots, convenience stores to themed hotels, Hiroshi Fujiwara's creativity in online and offline spaces always catches the eye.

Embracing the joint madman of youth

It is worth mentioning that Hiroshi Fujiwara officially entered the Dewu app on the same day that the "PEACE PIECE" project launched.

Entering the Dewu app is not just as simple as an account, it means Hiroshi Fujiwara's first "personal comprehensive cooperation":

Open social platforms to interact with fans, exclusively sell new products of the "PEACE PIECE" series on the Dewu app, and create an offline experience space with Dewu…

Coupled with the launch of the project in China for the first time, single products with Chinese elements, and design of hotel themed rooms, Hiroshi Fujiwara has taken root in the domestic trend market more deeply than before, and is more adaptable to local conditions. Perhaps we can look forward to more projects or joint names in the future .

The last time Hiroshi Fujiwara attracted widespread attention in China was the joint name with HEYTEA in April this year. At that time, many people realized the first Hiroshi Fujiwara in their lives.

In this joint name, Hiroshi Fujiwara is already exploring Chinese elements, but it is still limited to the product itself. The tea dregs-inspired art cup set in the joint product is priced at 699 yuan and is limited to 1,000 copies nationwide. It is Hiroshi Fujiwara's first Chinese tea set creation. The special feature is the design of the mother-in-law cup.

Pushing forward, Fujiwara Hiroshi’s first cross-border cooperation brand in China is JD.com.

In 2019, Fragment Design co-branded with JD.com's youth trend culture brand JOY STUDIO, designed the joint image of JD.com's own IP "JOY", and launched three exclusive co-branded products: T-shirts, sweaters and messenger bags.

It can be seen that in the domestic market, Hiroshi Fujiwara has always been more willing to choose brands with a certain foundation of youth groups. In recent years, he has become more localized and gradually penetrated into the life attitudes and lifestyles of young people.

Hiroshi Fujiwara is the godfather of trends since the 1990s, and he is also the current co-branded madman. The two go hand in hand, just like co-branding is not only a way for him to express his approval, but also a way to innovate and make money with less effort.

He once said: "For young people today, everyone is willing to wear the clothes they like at this moment. Everyone has a unique style. I am just doing what I love. I think this kind of independence An attitude that inspires the younger generation rather than giving them a definition of what a trend is.”

However, at the same time, Hiroshi Fujiwara is still using double lightning to prove that in the field of ever-changing trends, one's taste can shape fashion.

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