A huge drop of 46,000! G9 facelift released, Xiaopeng’s rebirth

Geography has shattered civilization and redefined civilization on the edge of civilization.

Dunhuang, located at the westernmost end of the Hexi Corridor, is such a place.

In 121 BC, Huo Qubing came out of Longyou to attack the Xiongnu, and the Hexi Corridor was included in the Chinese territory for the first time. After that, Dunhuang became an important node on the third line of the Silk Road. Trade exchanges and the erosion and blending of ideas caused Dunhuang's culture to be fragmented and reorganized, eventually giving rise to the unique Huarong culture. The complex geographical collision gave birth to magnificent artistic achievements.

The murals in the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang have evolved from simple and unrestrained to delicate and beautiful styles, outlining classic stories of flying to heaven and nirvana.

▲ Cave 229 of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes – North Slope of the Grotto Roof – Jile Feitian Picture from: Dunhuang Academy

Dun means great; brilliant means prosperous.

It is rare for Xpeng to hold its launch conference in Dunhuang, which may have a special purpose. For Xiaopeng, the facelift event of the new G9 is like the "Dunhuang County" in the business map. After traveling 30,000 miles from Chang'an to Dunhuang, standing at the starting point of the Silk Road, He Xiaopeng's westward expansion of its models, There are new thoughts on reinvention.

At the Dunhuang Museum tonight, Xpeng officially launched the 2024 Xpeng G9, with a starting price of 263,900 and delivery as soon as it is launched. Among them, the 2024 new Xpeng G9 provides a total of 5 configuration models to choose from:

  • G9 570 Pro version: starting from 263,900
  • G9 702 Pro version: starting from 283,900
  • G9 570 Max version: starting from 289,900
  • G9 702 Max version: starting from 309,900
  • G9 650 Max version: starting from 359,900

Compared with the starting price of the old model of 309,900 yuan, the starting price of the new G9 has been significantly reduced by 46,000 yuan. Both the Pro version and the Max smart driving version have truly penetrated the domestic pure electric market within 300,000 yuan.

Starting with the facelifted G9, Xiaopeng broke away from the past and ushered in its own moment of nirvana and rebirth.

The facelifted G9 is a problem of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

If you find it difficult, it’s not difficult if you look at He Xiaopeng of Xpeng Motors.

This is how He Xiaopeng described the difficult moments Xiaopeng faced last year. For Xpeng Motors, the loss of G9 last year was unforgettable enough.

At the press conference, He Xiaopeng talked more about Xpeng's internal efforts for the G9 refresh. "Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" is a high-level summary of the 2024 G9 by Xpeng's internal team.

The "addition" of the new G9 is made in architectural technology. The 2024 version of G9 will be equipped with more core technologies of the Fuyao architecture as standard. He Xiaopeng believes that although last year's G9 also used quite a few technical elements of the Fuyao architecture, Xiaopeng believes that the new model can do better in terms of intelligence, power and performance.

Empowered by the Fuyao architecture, almost all new G9 series come standard with core capabilities. Talking about the leading smart driving technology, He Xiaopeng once again mentioned the actual progress of XNGP. In the past year, the weekly usage rate of Xiaopeng City NGP reached 82%, and the weekly user usage rate of XNGP reached 94.6%. Among them, the longest cumulative accumulation rate of a single vehicle The smart driving mileage exceeded 15,000km.

More frequent use has driven the progress of Xpeng’s city development. He Xiaopeng announced that by the end of 2023, Xpeng urban NGP smart driving will expand to 50 cities, covering nearly 80% of the cities where Xpeng car owners are located; in 2024, urban NGP is expected to expand to 200 cities, covering all core cities.

In fact, Xiaopeng's ambitions for intelligent driving do not stop at Kaicheng. He Xiaopeng has further established the goal of the internal intelligent driving team – in 2025, XNGP will achieve an average of one takeover per 1,000km in urban road sections. Xiaopeng is confident that in the next 2-3 years, it can complete the leap from the current average of one takeover of 10km to 10-1000km.

What starts as an "addition" is the performance of the new G9. The 2024 version of the new G9 will be equipped with the class-leading "Hyper-Threading Intelligent Chassis". With the support of core chassis components such as full-vehicle vision and intelligent dual-chamber air suspension, the Hyper-Threading Intelligent Chassis can perform 1,000 road condition scans per second and 200 Sub-suspension adjustment.

It is worth mentioning that this chassis has a high level of playability. According to Xpeng’s official introduction, the hyper-threaded smart chassis supports custom geek modes and can open up to 135,000 driving modes for car owners with clear driving orientations. model. In the later stage, such a "digital chassis" will be continuously upgraded and optimized through OTA to adapt to more extreme control needs.

Xiaopeng, which focuses on "listening to advice", has communicated with users more than 1,000 times through different channels in the past year, and received more than 10,000 suggestions from users. In the end, Xpeng gave a fuller interpretation of the luxury feel of the facelifted G9.

The new Xpeng G9 has a total of 5 exterior color schemes, of which 2 new colors are added, namely interstellar green and night black; inside the cockpit, which has been criticized for a long time, Xpeng’s internal team has also done more thinking, and the new interior The new Qiyu Gray color scheme gives G9 a youthful and sporty feel.

In terms of electronically controlled energy consumption, the new G9 has also made progress. According to Xpeng officials, all new G9 series are equipped with the X-HP 2.0 intelligent thermal management system as standard. With the help of the new system, the new G9's winter air conditioning energy consumption is reduced by 30%, the heating efficiency is increased by 50%, and the winter cruising range is increased by 15%. It achieves the lowest energy consumption and best battery life in its class. Excellent control of energy consumption has become a trump card for Xpeng's westward "going overseas". In the 2023 Norwegian Passenger Federation's summer battery life test, Xpeng G9 won the crown, becoming the pure-player model with the most solid cruising range on the list. Electric model.

Excellent space and energy consumption performance accurately address the pain points of the European pure electric market. Compared with the P7i model, the attention and success achieved by the G9 in Europe far exceeded internal imagination. He Xiaopeng revealed that the popularity of the G9 in the European market was 10 times higher than his expectations. Starting from the Munich Auto Show in September, the Xpeng G9 will start heading west and start overseas delivery. Deliveries will begin in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden in October 2023. In 2024, Xpeng plans to enter the German market.

"Spend your money wisely", Xpeng G9 implements this purpose. For configurations that some users have low perception of, Xpeng’s internal team took the initiative to reduce them. As rumored, Xpeng G9 has canceled the 5D smart music cockpit and replaced it with a new self-developed sound system inside the cockpit – Xopera 2.0 Xpeng Concert Hall.

Xiaopeng has its own considerations in replacing Dynaudio speakers with self-developed products. He Xiaopeng believes that the Xopera 2.0 sound system can achieve the same effect as Dynaudio speakers through self-developed algorithms. In the past, Dynaudio speakers required users to choose and match them, but Xiaopeng restored the Dynaudio effect at a lower cost and made the options into a Standard configuration, both users and car companies are "win-win".

In addition, Xiaopeng also responded with more details about cooperation with Volkswagen. After Volkswagen officially announced that it has reached a technical strategic cooperation with Xpeng, the G9 will become a high-end representative of Chinese automobiles for "domestic sales and export". In the future, the two parties will jointly develop two pure electric models based on the G9 model platform.

The past of the G9 is tragic and bleak, but for Xiaopeng, who is good at technology, the facelift of the G9 is a problem of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Xiaopeng has found the answer to cost reduction and rebirth in the new G9.

From products to channels, lose weight

In the recent second quarter financial report conference call, He Xiaopeng said that Xpeng Motors' gross profit margin is expected to return to positive in the fourth quarter of this year. Significantly improve gross profit margin performance.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency will be Xiaopeng’s main mission throughout the next year.

The good news is that the sales performance of the G6 has allowed Xpeng to temporarily relieve itself of its heavy sales burden.

During the conference call, He Xiaopeng revealed that the G6 has become one of the most dominant pure electric models in the 200,000 to 300,000-class segment. Orders for the Max version exceeded 70% of the total model orders, far exceeding the expectations of Xiaopeng's internal team. In the past August, Xpeng delivered a total of 13,690 new cars in a single month, of which G6 delivery volume increased by 80% month-on-month, with a total of more than 7,000 new cars delivered, accounting for 51.13% of total sales. Relying on the market performance of the G6 single model, Xpeng has saved its sales base.

Sales have picked up and recovered, and then promoted the G9 facelift. At least at the product level, Xpeng has achieved its goal of slimming down. In order to complete the transformation from bloated to light, Xiaopeng must also turn its attention to the transformation of the sales channel system.

In the next three years, Xpeng Motors will reach one million sales.

Wang Fengying said this at the "Jupiter Project" retail selection salon.

▲ Jupiter Project-Wang Fengying

Xpeng may have reached a consensus on sales expectations early on. After the G9 encountered Waterloo, He Xiaopeng started to think again about how to make Xpeng Motors "live" better, and internal structural adjustments were inevitable. In response to the news of Wu Xinzhou's resignation in early August, He Xiaopeng had revealed that Xiaopeng would have entered the structural adjustment stage in advance by the end of 2022.

In fact, this timing is a little subtle. Wang Fengying officially decided to join Xpeng in January this year. It can be speculated that Xpeng's internal adjustments to various functional departments have been carried out in parallel since the end of 22.

▲ A group photo of He Xiaopeng, Wu Xinzhou and Huang Renxun (from left)

After Wang Fengying joined the company, He Xiaopeng once revealed his sales thinking to the outside world. He believes that the elimination round of the new energy vehicle track has just begun, and 3 million sales is just an admission ticket. In the next 10 years, there will only be eight players left on the table of mainstream new energy vehicle companies.

If we want to break through the industry life-and-death line of 3 million sales, cost balancing is an indispensable part of it. The reform of sales channels is a bottom-up system weight reduction.

After the direct operation model was launched, Xiaopeng maintained the parallel operation of direct operation and franchising for a very long time. The situation began to change from the beginning of the year, and Xiaopeng chose to accelerate its embrace of dealers.

▲ Picture from: REUTERS

In March, He Xiaopeng once said that the proportion of Xpeng Motors' directly-operated stores was about 70%, and this number will also change significantly with the channel reform in the future. According to a report by Wanwan Auto, Xpeng not only closed some inefficient direct-operated stores, but also transferred a considerable number of direct-operated stores to dealers, retaining the direct-operated model while increasing the proportion of dealers' stores.

In addition, Xiaopeng has taken the initiative to lower the threshold for opening comprehensive stores (stores that include full-link sales and experience). In the past, dealers who wanted to open large-scale comprehensive stores needed to meet certain performance indicators. However, after the adjustment of the Jupiter Plan, Xiaopeng's requirements for authorized dealers were only considered from the dimensions of city location, site area, and dealer asset health. Performance KPIs are no longer the decisive indicator.

All actions are aimed at opening more Xpeng stores with lighter assets.

In the second half of the next year, Xpeng will significantly accelerate the transformation of its business model in channels (including international markets), hoping to attract excellent dealer partners at a faster speed and accelerate the penetration of stores in second-tier and even lower-tier cities. Xpeng’s internal expectations for the second half of the year are optimistic. At the end of the second quarter financial report conference call, He Xiaopeng said that starting from the third quarter of this year, Xpeng will enter an initial positive cycle of sales and brand, and finally enter a more comprehensive cycle next year. Positive cycle.

If the G6 was the first sign of Xpeng’s bottoming out, then the G9 facelift and continued drastic channel reforms were the real turning point for Xpeng’s rebirth.

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