“A Good Helper for Farmers” Jifei released five farming artifacts and built a super farm

Jifei, which focuses on using drones to empower agriculture, held the 2021 Jifei Technology Annual Conference yesterday and released five new products, including two agricultural drones, two remote sensing drones and one agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle. vehicle.

Ai Faner was also invited to Liantang Village, Huangpu District, where Jifei is currently under construction, and had a field experience.

The sky is clear, the wind is warm, and the road divides the field into two halves. The green rice field on one side is the result of drone planting. Stepping on the soft soil, occasionally black birds fly high.

Here, Jifei Technology introduced and demonstrated the new products released this time.

The first is two agricultural drones-P100 and V50. They all use a "split platform" design, and the flight platform and mission system can be completely separated.

In this way, it is possible to quickly "reload" anytime and anywhere, which facilitates the rapid switching of drones between spraying, spreading, and surveying tasks, and greatly improves maintenance and transportation efficiency.

In order to meet the needs of different operating scenarios, there are differences in design between P100 and V50.

P100 continues the classic four-rotor structure of Jifei UAV, with a payload of 40 kg, a maximum spray width of 10 meters, and a comprehensive spraying efficiency of more than 300 acres per hour.

After replacing the spreading system, the capacity of the P100 bin was increased to 55 liters, the spreading width was accurately adjustable, and 1.5 tons of fertilizer could be spread per hour.

▲ P100.

When turning, the P100 will also slow down gently.

The V50 adopts a tilting double-rotor structure, which flies as gracefully as a bird. It has an effective spray width of 10 meters. Compared with the P100, it is more flexible and economical in operation. It meets the needs of farmers in small fields. The 20-liter material box is suitable for most plant protection operations. Scenes.

After changing to the spreading system, the V50 bin was raised to 25 liters.

▲ V50.

The two drones are equipped with newly upgraded Jifei Ruijet, Ruibo, and Ruitu systems, which bring better effects and efficiency.

The Rui spray system serves spraying operations.

The centrifugal atomization technology can accurately atomize the liquid medicine to 40-600 microns, and different dosage forms of liquid medicine will have the best particle size, which reduces the waste of medicine.

The new generation of peristaltic pumps and intelligent shutoff valves ensure that there is no liquid dripping on the way while the flow is increased.

▲ Spray effect.

The Rui broadcast system improves the accuracy and efficiency of the broadcast.

The in-line opposed centrifugal seeding tray and the intelligent screw feeder make the fertilizer sowing efficiency of the P100/V50 agricultural drone up to 80 kg per minute and the maximum flying speed up to 13.8 meters per second. The user can also replace the auger according to the particle size.

▲ Broadcasting operations.

The Ruitu system has been upgraded in surveying and mapping.

The maximum surveying and mapping area can reach 200 acres in a single time; images are quickly spliced ​​by the onboard processor, and the images are output immediately after landing; intelligent algorithms improve the speed of intelligent recognition, support plot sharing and one-click operation planning.

▲ Picture from: Jifei Technology's official website

After talking about agricultural drones, let's take a look at "Transformers in the farmland"-R150 2022 agricultural unmanned vehicle.

In the past, farmers sat on lawn mowers and had to endure noise, dust, sap and mosquitoes, and their skin was red, swollen and itchy throughout the day.

▲ R150 2022 model.

The R150 2022 model helps farmers to free themselves from this kind of work through autonomous driving or remote control operations. It also has stronger endurance, smarter brain and higher-level autopilot capabilities, can accurately patrol ridges in farmland, and automatically bypass obstacles among trees.

Similar to drones, the R150 has a unified chassis, but has diverse mission systems. It can be equipped with Rui cut, Rui Bo, Rui spray and mist spraying systems to meet multiple tasks such as mowing, spreading, spraying, epidemic prevention and killing. Demand, so it is called "Transformers."

In addition, Jifei has optimized and upgraded the Ruicut system, making R150 2022 more handy in the application of weeding in farmland, tidal flats and orchards. There are also steep slopes and gravel tracks in the super farm to test the endurance of unmanned vehicles.

Both drones and unmanned vehicles are precise and efficient execution tools, but in order to realize the unmanned management of farmland, it is also necessary to master the overall decision-making tools. The two remote sensing drones, M500/M2000, play this role.

The M500 2022 model is equipped with different cameras to quickly realize farmland mapping and agricultural situation inspections, quantify farmland and crop growth information, and estimate output, so that farmers can know their fields well and "prescribe the right medicine" in time.

▲ M500 2022 model.

The M2000 2022 is Jifei’s first vertical fixed-wing aircraft. It has high-quality geographic data acquisition capabilities and is suitable for large-scale aerial survey requirements in forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, such as farmland census and forest fire prevention.

▲ M2000 2022 model.

It has a longest endurance of 90 minutes and a maximum flight distance of 86 kilometers in a single flight. It can fly directly from the farmland of Liantang Village to Shenzhen.

In response to this, Gong Yanqin, co-founder of Jifei Technology, said:

In the future, drones will be deployed. A remote operation can make drones fly. It will become an infrastructure.

With so many drones and unmanned vehicles, how can they be transported back and forth in the field?

The King Kong Gun "New Farmer Version" pickup truck co-branded by Great Wall Pickup and Jifei Technology also appeared on the scene. The 1.82-meter-long cargo box can carry 2 agricultural drones and 1 agricultural unmanned vehicle. The whole vehicle is equipped with a variety of special fixed card points to avoid bumpy damage.

▲ “New Farmer Version'' pickup.

In this way, driving a large pickup, carrying a new plane, and tapping a cell phone to complete the planting, fertilizing, and spraying of hundreds of acres of farmland, "cars, planes, and mobile phones" have become the "three-piece suit" of the new farmers.

After serving a table of "hard dishes", Jifei Technology also launched a new service system.

In 2022, Jifei Technology will establish 25 directly-operated service stations, 50 mobile service stations and 850 dealer service outlets across the country, bringing fast repair services within 4 hours and 6000 spare machines. During the busy farming season, there is also a 24-hour online customer service.

Finally, let’s return to the super farm. This land has just begun to cultivate. The first crop will be harvested in the spring of next year at the earliest. In the future, vegetables, wheat, and rice will all grow unmanned here.

Like the Jifei Super Cotton Field in Xinjiang, it is an experiment in unmanned agriculture.

At the beginning of this year, Jifei contracted 3000 acres of cotton fields in Xinjiang to develop a super cotton field project.

Jifei Technology’s two post-90s employees, Ai Haipeng and Ling Lei, used unmanned technologies such as agricultural drones, agricultural unmanned vehicles, agricultural machinery autopilots, agricultural Internet of Things, and smart agricultural management systems for this cotton field. Verifies the feasibility of the unmanned management model applied to large-scale planting scenarios.

From this, Jifei thought, could it also find such a piece of land in Guangzhou and explore the unmanned plan in the southern paddy field. So they found 300 acres of farmland in Huangpu District and planned to turn it into a super farm.

Gong Juqin believes that the super farm combines the thinking of technology with the thinking of farmers:

In the past, farmers used to work hard to get up early and greedy the dark in exchange for good yield, but in fact, fewer and fewer farmers are willing to be farmers and they need to use machines to supplement labor to ensure food security in the context of the aging of the rural population and the crisis of hollowing out rural areas. We hope to prove through the super farm that the completely unmanned model is no worse than human, or even better.

In essence, Jifei hopes to use IT to empower farmland. By providing a variety of technologies, equipment and solutions, it will make farming easier, more accurate and efficient, and more certain. It is not resigned to fate or facing the loess. " Otherwise, farming is not a career that young people would choose."

The theme of this annual conference is "One Small Step, One Big Step". It not only has a staged improvement in technology, but also points to an imaginative future. Tools cannot lose their imagination, and agricultural tools certainly cannot.

▲ Some pictures in the article are from Jifei Technology.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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