A complete summary of Apple’s new products: iPhone 13 Pro is the most fragrant! The iPad mini is unexpectedly powerful, and the Apple Watch 7 is so beautiful

If Apple aired a series in the fall last year, then the Apple Autumn Conference in the early hours of this morning was a big movie. From mobile phones to tablets, it can be said to be full of dry goods. Let us summarize in one sentence: "My friends who said Shisanxiang last year, it's time to buy it!"

At the press conference held in the early hours of this morning, Apple released the iPhone 13 series with a new powder and smaller bangs; the iPhone 13 Pro series with adaptive high refresh rate and a comprehensive upgrade of the imaging system; a larger screen with a new interactive Apple Watch Series 7; full-screen design, iPad mini equipped with a super A15 chip, and a conventionally upgraded iPad (ninth generation). There are a lot of things that I didn't expect.

No, the loud AirPods 3, it is absent, but it seems that the iPad mini is more fragrant.

iPad series: full-screen mini, conventionally upgraded iPad ninth generation

If the first point of this conference is to explode, it must be the stunning appearance of the full-screen iPad mini.

The 8.3-inch Liquid retina screen supports original color display. And half an hour earlier than the iPhone 13 series, the A15 bionic chip was released.

The A15 bionic chip made with 5nm process has a 6-core CPU and a 5-core GPU (the same as the iPhone 13 Pro series). Compared with the A12 bionic chip on the iPad mini (fifth generation), the CPU has increased by 40%. The GPU has increased by 80%.

Coupled with the 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera on the front, it supports the portrait centering function that was previously only available on the iPad Pro, making the iPad mini a pro in terms of chip and function.

In order to allow the iPad mini's compact body to support the second-generation Apple Pencil, the volume button originally located on the right side of the screen has been moved to the top of the screen, and the power button with integrated Touch ID is located on the side.

The four colors of space gray, pink, purple and starlight are dazzling, full-screen, 5G, A15, support for the second-generation Apple Pencil and other enhancements. In addition to the smaller screen, the new iPad mini can compete with the iPad Air in daily experience, and even shares the same score with the iPad Pro on the front camera. If you have a large palm, you can even hold this 8.3-inch little guy with one hand. It can be a handy tool or a good e-book. It must be good for iQiyi. Of course, productivity is possible. Almost.

But for the sake of the A15 chip, one word: iPad mini is a little big.

The iPad mini (sixth generation) supports two capacities of 64GB (from 3799 yuan) and 256GB (from 4999 yuan). Orders will start at 9 am on September 16. It will be officially released on September 24.

As an appetizer of this conference, the upgrade of the basic iPad model is very regular. It has the same 10.2-inch non-full-fitting screen as the previous generation, single-sided dual speakers, first-generation Apple Pencil and smart keyboard support, and even Even the product size is exactly the same.

Compared with the gorgeous appearance of the iPad mini, the iPad (ninth generation) is only internally changed. Equipped with the same A13 bionic chip of the iPhone 11 series, it has improved performance. The 12-megapixel front camera and portrait centering function from the iPad Pro also make it more experienced in meetings and online classes. outstanding.

Although the iPad (9th generation) screen is still not fully fitted, the original color display is upgraded, presumably the reading experience will be improved. In terms of capacity, we finally bid farewell to 32GB, with two choices of 64GB (2499 yuan) and 256GB (3699 yuan). Orders will start at 9 a.m. on September 16, and will be on sale on September 24.

Oh, one more thing, even the silver iPad (ninth generation) did not use a white front panel like the previous generation, but chose black. Maybe Apple also knows that the look and feel of the non-full-fitting screen is really ordinary.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini: Superpowers? "Banknotes" ability!

Compared to the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 is almost a regular update, even if it is suffixed with the s suffix.

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini still continues the design style of the previous generation iPhone 12. They are all right-angled edges, super-ceramic straight screen, aluminum alloy frame and dual-camera.

But under this heritage, the screens of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have two small improvements. One is that the "bangs" is more integrated, and the size is 20% smaller; the other is the brightness upgrade by 28%, and the typical value is increased to 800 nits. As for the highly anticipated high refresh rate screens, the digital series has become the foil for the Pro models.

The colors of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini body are adjusted to red, starlight, midnight, blue and pink. From the pictures on the official website, the blue becomes lighter, which is more attractive than the previous generation Klein Blue. The pink color should be very suitable for the "macho" who is reading the text.

The bad news is that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have become heavier and thicker. Relatively speaking, they have increased by 11g, 7g and 0.25mm, 0.15mm respectively, but they are still within the range of lightness and thinness.

But misfortune and blessing depend on it. The first is the larger internal battery, which allows the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini to increase battery life by 2.5 hours and 1.5 hours, respectively. The second is that larger and more complex camera modules are inserted inside. Therefore, the cameras of the iPhone 13, 13 mini are arranged diagonally.

Specific to the specifications of the dual-camera system, they mainly improve the wide-angle (that is, the main camera in the traditional sense), and introduce the "displacement sensor" of the previous generation Pro series, which means that it has mechanical anti-shake, which is not afraid of hand shake.

At the same time, the size of the image sensor of the iPhone 13, 13 mini main camera has also been increased, increasing the amount of light by 47%. The use of anti-shake and large-size sensors allows the iPhone 13 series to have more pure night imaging.

The improvement in battery life of iPhone 13, 13 mini is also partly due to the A15 chip. Although it uses the same 5nm process as the A14, after a year of polishing, Apple has packed 15 billion transistors into the A15. Compared with the "competitive product", the A15 6-core CPU performance has increased by 50%, and the 4-core GPU has increased by 30%. It seems that it is more accurate to call it 5nm+.

In addition, the 16-core neural engine of the A15 has also been upgraded by 34%, with a computing power of 15.8 trillion times per second. For the A15, at the press conference, Apple even directly stated that "(A15) is the best processor so far."

In addition to better power consumption, with the support of the A15, the "image computing" capabilities of the iPhone 13, 13 mini are also even greater. In the image, the "film effect mode" is brought, which simulates a movie-style video, and records the depth of field information when shooting, and can predict the subject's movement according to the face and eyes to adjust the focus.

The "movie effect mode" can also artificially perform functions such as focus shifting and zooming, just like there is an exclusive "focuser" in the iPhone to assist you in shooting videos. It is worth noting that the "Film Effect Mode" can only shoot up to 1080P 30fps quality video. Let me say, it’s better to switch to 1080P 24fps to fit the movie’s feel better.

The A15 also integrates a customized antenna and baseband. In theory, it will have better transmit and receive performance. Does the old signal problem seem to be saved? Please also pay attention to the follow-up actual test of Aifaner for specific curative effects.

Finally, in view of the faster 5G, more functions, stronger performance and camera, Apple increased the starting capacity of iPhone 13, 13 mini to 128GB, and the price was reduced to 5199 yuan and 5999 yuan. Increase the volume and reduce the price.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max: the invincible Pro!

While we are still looking back at the iPhone 13 series with no increase in volume, "we are not done yet," Cook said. It is indeed endless, the C-bit of Apple's autumn conference is definitely the Pro series.

"The most pro iPhone so far", although this is the description that Apple has always liked to use, but after chasing the press conference, you have to admit that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are the strongest iPhones today, even with a lot of Android machines. The Huangbi parameters are all true, except for the charging speed.

The appearance upgrades of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro are actually similar to those of the iPhone 13, and they are considered s-level. The front bangs have become smaller, with new colors, and the rest of the camera module style, stainless steel frame, etc. remain the same as the previous generation.

Similar to the lighter blue of the iPhone 13, the blue of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro is also lighter. Apple calls it "Far Peak Blue". Some of them resemble the blue of the shallow tropical seas of Southeast Asia, making people feel like a sea breeze.

However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro also failed to avoid being more "heavy", increasing to 7.65mm, 238g and 7.65mm, 203g respectively. Counting the shell film, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is properly "half a catty", and the shorts may have to be tied more tightly.

Similarly, the battery life of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro are increased by 2.5 hours and 1.5 hours respectively compared with the previous generation.

In the past, the Pro and digital series of A series chips are consistent, with the same computing power and performance. However, compared to the A15 chip of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, the GPU in the Pro series A15 chip has one more core. With 5 cores, the graphics performance will be stronger. This is somewhat similar to the M1 chip in the MacBook Air. And MacBook Pro.

The Californian chef is still superb.

Complementing the full blood A15 chip is that iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro are equipped with 120Hz ProMotion adaptive high screen refresh. According to different scenarios, the screen refresh rate will switch from 10Hz~120Hz.

The highly anticipated high refresh rate screen is coming with an improved endurance experience of the whole machine. This is double happiness.

Don’t be happy too early, there are more to be happy: iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro are equipped with more "radical" camera systems, among which, the telephoto is replaced with a 77mm 3x optical zoom camera and has an F2.8 Large aperture, and equipped with optical image stabilization; wide-angle camera has a large aperture of F1.5, equipped with shift-type anti-shake; ultra-wide-angle lens is equipped with F1.8 aperture, support the nearest 2cm macro mode.

At the same time, the sensor size of the three cameras has become larger, so more light will be collected and all cameras can use the "night scene mode."

In other words, shooting closer is closer, shooting farther and farther, and shooting night is clearer.

Like the two iPhone 13 models, the two iPhone 13 Pro models also have a "movie effect mode", which can use the computing power of A15 to simulate a movie style (large aperture) mode with depth of field.

Not limited to this, iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro also has a built-in "photography style" function, you can adjust the straight-out light and shadow according to your preferences, and apply it to other straight-out photos, somewhat similar to "personalization "'S photo preset. After the release of this feature, I seem to have heard a lot of wailing from the developers of the "filter app".

From then on, iPhone photography only requires the early stage, not the later stage.

Similar to ProRAW, Apple also brings a "professional" feature to the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro, which is the support for ProRes. As a result, the two models of the iPhone 13 Pro have also become the first end-to-end models on land. Processing ProRes workflow equipment, full of professionalism. Perhaps, some video up owners no longer need to buy Vlog artifacts.

Perhaps it is because I know the full image professionalism of iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro. In order to be able to use it more easily, Apple has added a 1TB version to this generation of Pro series, including the three capacities of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. To rich and frugal by people.

At the end of the press conference, Cook described the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro as "breaking the innovation limit of smartphones". Although this tone is not very Apple, it is a bit clichéd, but it matches the Pro series of this generation.

They all say thirteen incense, but here, 13 Pro is the real incense.

Apple Watch Series 7: Smooth and round, extremely narrow frame, more durable

Although the new Apple Watch Series 7 does not have the same "sharp" bezels of the iPad and iPhone as the legend has it, its upgrades are equally stunning. Let's first take a look at its upgrade points compared to Apple Watch S6.

● Larger and more advanced display ● More durable appearance ● More innovative interaction mode ● Faster charging speed

When the appearance of the Apple Watch S7 was just announced at the press conference, the editorial department came out with a "wow" sigh. The narrow bezel of only 1.7mm, compared to the Apple Watch S6, the screen area has increased by nearly 20%. The Apple Watch S3 sold has increased by 50%.

The larger size and narrower frame make the connection between the screen and the case more integrated. In Apple's words, this improvement "breaks through the physical boundary". In my words, it looks really good and I want to buy it.

In addition to being larger, the all-weather retina display is also brighter. When the wrist is drooping, the screen brightness is also increased by 70% when there is no click or other operations. In this way, the Apple Watch looks more like an ordinary watch. .

The larger screen also brings a new way of interaction. First of all, apps such as calculators, stopwatches, and timers have been newly designed to be more intuitive and easy to operate.

In terms of input, Apple Watch also implements full keyboard input for the first time. You can click letters or slide to input. Of course, there are no less functions such as handwriting and voice input. However, as a heavy user of Apple Watch, I did not use it. I have typed a few words.

At the same time, the addition of the crystal glass surface makes the Apple Watch S7 stronger and more resistant to cracks. It has reached the IP6X level of dustproof effect for the first time. Of course, the 50-meter waterproof is naturally not absent.

Although I like the upgrades of Apple Watch S7 very much, the battery life of "Apple 18 hours a day" that has been criticized by the majority of users has not been upgraded. With the new USB-C fast charging cable, if you are using Apple Watch S7, sleep Before the battery is insufficient, only 8 minutes of charging can support 8 hours of sleep detection. But instead of charging from 0 to 80% which only takes 45 minutes, I would rather have more than 18 hours of battery life.

Apple Watch Series 7 will be on sale at the end of autumn. The National Bank's price has not yet been announced. The US version starts at $399 (approximately RMB 2570 without tax).

With the conclusion of the conference, Apple is also pushing the RC version of the firmware updates for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8 to developers tonight. The official version will be updated next Monday.

When Apple is no longer "pursuing" more expensive

It did not cancel the 256GB capacity gear like the rumors, did not set the adaptive refresh rate to exclusive use of "Pro Max", did not let any of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch products be absent, and brought the long-awaited by users Full-screen iPad mini, and Apple Watch S7 with faster charging, larger screen and more durable. The Apple conference in the early hours of this morning did not have many slots, and it also brought us many surprises.

This conference is like sorting out and optimizing the Apple product line. The release of the full-screen iPad mini is to sort out the iPad product line, making the full-screen ID design and USB-C interface the mainstream of the iPad. I believe that after several generations of updates, the basic iPad will also embrace the full-screen ID. Say goodbye to the 20-year design style of the iPad; Apple Watch S7 is an optimization of Apple Watch products, narrower bezels, faster charging, and better protection.

In terms of appearance alone, the four new iPhone 13 series are more like the replacement of the S generation, with minor improvements, new colors added, and proper "toothpaste squeezing." But from the camera specifications, the performance of the A15 chip, the high brush of the Pro series, and the more novel "image" function, it is also properly "Thirteen Fragrance".

The iPad mini, which was originally an early adopter of Apple products by its low price, has sorted out the product line for Apple with a more expensive price; originally known for its high price, the iPhone, which is now cheaper every year, allows more users to enjoy Quality experience to Apple products. We all know that the era when Apple changed the world with an iPhone has passed, but today's Apple can still experience top-notch consumer electronics products through continuous improvement of hardware and in-depth optimization of software. Does iPhone 13 smell good? It seems that there is not much discussion value, and the market will soon give us the answer.

This article was jointly completed by Lu Xinyu, Liang Menglin, Xie Guijie, Liu Xuewen, and Du Yuanhuan.

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