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  • This city in the Netherlands wants to turn electric cars into the city’s "mobile power"
  • Why is this electric car selected as one of the top 100 inventions of the year by "Times"?
  • Shenzhen and Tencent collaborate to create a "low-carbon planet"
  • Catch more fish and COS to create a living room with old clothes
  • Nisolo: A company willing to "expose its shortcomings"

 Another possibility of city life

This city in the Netherlands wants to turn electric cars into the city’s "mobile power"

We see two major trends: the growth of renewable energy, and at the same time, the increase of electric vehicles.
Therefore, without investing heavily in the power grid and storage facilities, to ensure the smooth progress of the energy transition, the way forward is to combine the two major trends.

Robin Berg explained. He is the head of the We Drive Solar project, and what he calls "combining the two major trends" is to turn electric vehicles into the "battery" of the city.

Now, We Drive Solar is working with the Dutch city of Utrecht to test this new model locally. Ideally, Utrecht will become the world’s first two-way charging technology to turn electric vehicles into a part of the grid infrastructure. City.

Now, the project has installed more than 2,000 solar panels in a building in the city, and in the parking lot of the building, there are 250 two-way charging devices for electric vehicles.

When the weather is good, solar panels will use solar energy to power the offices in the building and the cars in the parking lot. After dark, the car will reversely supply energy to the building grid, allowing the office to continue to use "solar energy."

Of course, when the system uses car energy storage, it will not use up the energy in the battery, but "use a little electric energy and then charge it back. This process will not reach a complete charge and discharge cycle", so it will not cause battery damage. Fast loss.

Now, the project has been cooperating with multiple car manufacturers to build cars that support two-way charging. Among them, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 supporting two-way charging will be launched in 2022. The project will set up a shared car fleet consisting of 150 Ioniq 5 in Utrecht for project testing.

Utrecht University predicts that 10,000 cars that support two-way charging will be able to balance the electricity demand of the entire city.

Interestingly, Utrecht, where the experiment was conducted this time, may be one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. It has the largest bicycle parking lot, one of the best bicycle lane planning and design in the world, and even one is still being planned. A "car-free community" that can accommodate 20,000 residents.

Even so, the city does not feel that cars will disappear.

Therefore, it may be more practical to make better use of the cars that are parked in the parking lot most of the time.

 Good design is to solve the problem

Why is this electric car selected as one of the top 100 inventions of the year by "Times"?

This year, "Time" magazine, as always, selected the top 100 inventions of the year. Among them, an electric car has attracted a lot of attention.

This motorcycle is a collaboration between Swedish electric bicycle company Cake and the South African Wildlife Academy. It is based on Cake's Kalk AP model and is equipped with a super quiet electric motor.

When working against poachers in South Africa's national parks, workers are often dragged by their motorcycles. Usually, when the staff arrives at the poaching scene, the poachers have already ran away, because the sound of motorcycles can be heard from a distance.

In addition to the ultra-quiet motor, this electric car is also equipped with a portable solar charger to reduce the burden of charging for the staff.

As a product sale, the electric car is priced at US$25,000. However, whenever a consumer buys an electric car, Cake will also give one to the staff for free to support environmental protection.

 ‍♀️ Sustainable tools for everyone

Shenzhen and Tencent collaborate to create a "low-carbon planet"

This week, the "Low Carbon Planet" mini program jointly produced by Guangming Daily All Media, Shenzhen Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Shenzhen Emissions Exchange, and Tencent was officially launched.

Similar to Ant Forest, Low-Carbon Planet encourages users to choose a lower-carbon lifestyle through a gamified point system.

After completing the registration, users can use Tencent's bus code, Tencent map to take buses and subways, or accumulate steps through WeChat campaigns to obtain corresponding growth points and carbon points. The points can be redeemed for gifts in the mini program store.

It is worth noting that the points data on the low-carbon planet will also be certified by the "Shenzhen Low-Carbon Travel Carbon Emission Reduction Methodology", and all personal carbon emission reductions will be credibly recorded by Tencent Blockchain and Tencent Cloud .

According to reports, the future low-carbon planet will expand more life scenarios.

 The story of sustainability can also be told like this

Catch more fish and COS to create a living room with old clothes

This year, the company started to recycle and sell second-hand clothing. It has recently cooperated with clothing brand COS to transform the overly defective recycled clothing into pieces of living room home furnishing products.

These vases, sofas, coffee tables, cat climbing frames and other products made of old clothes form a special living room and are displayed on the third floor of the Shanghai Duojiaoyu circulation store. The exhibition time is from December 24th to January 26th.

Nisolo: A company willing to "expose its shortcomings"

The fashion industry has been criticized for its environmental impact, and the fashion brand named Nisolo decided to "disclose its shortcomings":

We all know that there is no way of accountability without openness and transparency. Without accountability, there is no change.

In other words, if there is no transparency, the fashion industry will never change.

In order to resist the "three major sins" of the fashion industry-unfair treatment of employees, environmental pollution and "greenwashing" behavior, Nisolo decided to start from itself and create a "Sustainability Facts" that consumers can understand like food labels. Facts)", attached to each of my products.

With reference to 31 different sustainable impact measurement mechanisms on the market and taking into account the "readability" of consumers, Nisolo finally divided the labels into two categories: "people" and "earth".

Under the category of "people", we can see five aspects including wages, health & safety, workers' rights & management, gender equality & empowerment, and medical insurance & insurance.

The "earth" aspect includes carbon footprint, raw material quality, technology & production, packaging & sales, and product cycles after use.

▲The scoring standard of salary items in the "person" list

As for the statistical standards of each data, Nisolo will explain in detail on the official website.

As a brand focused on sustainable development, we are really far from perfection. We started to examine ourselves and hope that the industry will start to do the same.

Many people have questioned sustainability for a long time because the definitions behind the words "green", "environmental protection" and "sustainable" are not clear.

Even if Nisolo's measurement system is not perfect, at least we have a clear evaluation system and mechanism, which can be improved. More importantly, when they create labels, they emphasize that labels and expressions must be understood by consumers. Isn't this the first step in healthy communication?

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