A carnival for pickup lovers? Ford launches electric version of F-150, with amazing data

Americans like pickup trucks. Is this true?

According to data from Motor Intelligence, the top 25 best-selling models in the United States in 2020 are mainly concentrated in the pickup truck and SUV market. The sales of pickup trucks have increased from 33% in 2019 to 36%.

Americans really love pickup trucks.

▲Ford F-150 LIMITED, picture from: Ford

When it comes to pickups, one has to mention the Ford F series, which has become the industry's best-selling pickup for 44 consecutive years.

The series has been the best-selling model in the United States for 39 consecutive years, with a total of 787,422 units sold in 2020. Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director of Edmunds, an automotive research company, said:

Pickup trucks are very successful, especially the "Detroit company", they have maintained a pretty good business.

▲ "The Detroit Company" in Jessica's mouth-Ford, picture from: Wikipedia

And this year, this 73-year-old F series will also usher in major changes.

On May 19th, Ford launched its first electric pickup truck F-150 Lightning. The next day, Ford's stock price rose 3.3% in early trading.

The response was very good.

Ford CEO Jim Farley (Jim Farley) said.

In less than 12 hours after the public debut, Ford received an order for 20,000 F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks.

It seems that pickup trucks that do not burn oil are also very attractive to Americans. The reason, the key lies in the strength of this F-150 Lightning.

▲Ford CEO Jim Farley who is being interviewed by CNBC, picture from: CNBC

The addition of the dual-motor four-wheel drive system gives it incredible paper data.

The F-150 Lightning has a maximum power of 563 horsepower and the strongest instantaneous peak torque ever: 1050 N·m. With an extended battery pack, the F-150 Lighting can accelerate from 0-96 km/h to only 4 In about seconds, this result is incredible for a pickup truck.

▲Ford F-150 Lightning, picture from: Autobala

But for a pickup, the most important thing is its loading performance.

According to official Ford data, the maximum payload of the standard F-150 equipped with 18-inch wheels is 907 kg; the maximum towing capacity of the XLT and Lariat versions equipped with an extended battery pack and Max towing kit has reached 4.5 tons.

▲Picture from: Ford

What's interesting is that after abandoning the traditional engine, Ford changed the front engine compartment to a very practical "front trunk." This "front trunk" has a capacity of 400 liters and can hold about 181 kg of items. It can be said that it is a "two-carriage" and more "carrying" F-150. Who doesn't love it?

▲Picture from: Ford

In terms of endurance, the maximum range of the 318kW version is 370km, while that of the 420kW version is 482km.

In terms of charging, the 48A home charging station takes 10 hours to fully charge from 15%, and the 19.2kW home charging station takes 8 hours. It supports up to 150kW DC fast charging, and can charge from 15% to 80% in 41 minutes.

Americans’ favorite pickup truck, will it be it?

The title picture comes from: Ford

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