A brief history of Sony’s official micro-rollover

"House collapse" is a special term for the rice circle, which refers to the negative information that the artist you like is exposed to contrary to the personality, such as cheating, taking drugs, and disrespecting women in private. However, this term does not apply in the digital product circle. On the one hand, the fans in the digital product circle are not as widespread as the fan circle. On the other hand, there are few news in the digital product circle that can subvert your existing impression of the brand.

However, although there is no "house collapse", there is also a "car overturn" in the digital circle, which sounds less serious than the "house collapse".

However, after a car rollover becomes a habit, the brand may also be affected by some image. For example, the official WeChat account of Sony Group has even had its own topic of car rollover after the car overturned again and again. As long as any Sony-related brand makes a little mistake, everyone will be cruelly complaining: "Sony has overturned the car again. "

A brief history of Sony car rollover

A few years ago, Sony's official WeChat account did not frequently roll over, but their aesthetics made users unable to help but complain, because it was so ugly that people didn't believe it was a Sony official account.

The unremarkable "Suofan" bags and colorful birthday posters are probably the best looking pictures of Sony China President Takahashi Hiro. After receiving questions from netizens, Sony officials also realized their mistakes and decisively deleted the original image and remade it. The new poster looks like this

▲ The old poster on the left and the new poster on the right

After experiencing the aesthetics of Sony’s official Weibo, I just want to say:

The ugly and refreshing official Weibo may be rare, but there are many official Weibo who hit the wall in the comment area. We also found a lot of Sony Weibo comments about product rollovers. After reading it, I just want to sigh that digital enthusiasts have really strong expressive skills.

At the beginning of 2019, @SONY China posted a picture of an Xperia phone and asked the user "Does it look good?"

▲ Picture from: @科技More

The user felt unsightly, and the user boldly expressed his opinion in the comment area.

It's all 9012.


Like the brand-name phone sent by China Telecom.

Also embarrassed to ask.

As a mobile phone product launched by a major imaging manufacturer, Xperia not only failed to beat friends in shooting, but even its styling was completely crushed by the high-end flagship products of the same year. When the full screen has become the mainstream of the market, Sony fired the first shot against the full screen, but the feedback in the comment section proved that users did not buy it.

If this small car rollover is still limited to the digital circle, a "beating worker" Weibo two weeks later made Sony out of the circle.

On January 29, 2019, @SONIC China posted a Weibo in the evening. The content of the Weibo was "Tucao". The number of annual leave turned out to be 0. This Weibo is full of personalized expressions. I wrote it, love who I love! I'm so angry" at the end, and was sent to a hot search by netizens who watched the excitement.

Many netizens even spontaneously produced some mocking photos to tease Sony. But in general, after Sony’s official blog apologized, users in the comment area expressed their understanding, and at the same time they also asked Sony not to expel the poor publicist who did not have an annual leave, and praised the cuteness of this "beater" who forgot to cut the number.

▲ In 2020, there are still people who say “Sony’s crime is so monstrous that it will cause people to complain.”

If this happens today, Sony’s Weibo comments may be full of blood and tears from the "Fighting Workers Union," and it may receive more "not expelled" requests. But two years ago, this incident did not cause any harm to Sony’s brand image. It just made "Sony rollover" out of the circle, leaving a "Sony rollover" impression in more people's minds.

Many of the subsequent rollovers were related to Sony's official micro-drawing. I would like to call it "Sony's three consecutive sweepstakes."

On May 22, 2019, @SONYXperia sought user opinions and asked everyone if they could draw a mockup for the event lucky draw. Such insincere prizes naturally caused crazy ridicule in the comments. When faced with everyone's irony of "Sony's activities are really great," Sony's official Weibo accounted for aggrievedly and explained that this was because the mobile phone was not yet on sale.

The sorrow of reading interactive KPIs without a budget suddenly appeared on the screen. Those who heard it were sad, and those who saw it wept.

If the model lottery is not sincere and has no budget, the other lottery overturns is a bit of a disaster. One month after the model asked for opinions, @SONYXperia launched a raffle of forwarding + commenting to send PS4. Among them, a user with the ID of @ Samsung哥哥 successfully took the prize, and his message was: "Let’s boycott Japanese goods."

Although this aspect proves that the lottery is fair, Sony’s operations still ran and cried again and again in the comment area, expressing depressed feelings. Even if @ Samsung 哥哥 immediately turned back after the lottery, @SONYXperia was still loved by everyone.

The last product rollover was related to the product and pricing system. On November 21, 2019, Sony launched the "Sony Double 11 Koi" event. Those who can answer the questions asked can get a discount of 1,111 yuan on Xperia XZ3.

However, Xperia XZ3 had to pay 4288 yuan in cash after the exemption, and the first winner decisively gave up the hard-won prize. Fortunately, the second winner's initiative to pay, ended the embarrassment of "free delivery".

The above are the several rollovers of @SONIC China and @SONYXperia. A few times the car was overturned without knowing why, a few times the car was overturned carelessly, and several times because the product itself was controversial.

▲ Koi gave up becoming "Sony Koi"

After several car rollovers, some users have noticed Sony's car rollover physique and established the topic of # Sony微博今日翻车了吗#, waiting for the car to roll over.

Although the user had no patience and stopped after a week of updating, he still found a small rollover. At that time, @ Sony随身影音艾特 launched an internet celebrity to promote the WI-H700 headset, and the topic creator found that the internet celebrity P picture was too much, the railings were crooked, and the headset was worn backwards.

This case tells us that when you want to find examples of rollovers, there are really many rollovers.

Sometimes the operation did nothing wrong, but the product was wrong. For example, @SONIC China's Weibo on September 8, 2019 promoted the Xperia 1 mobile phone, but because users were dissatisfied with the performance and pricing of the mobile phone, they made a big mockery in the comment area. Even the common product picture on Weibo has changed from a high-level display picture of "Black Sand + Mobile Phone" to a misunderstanding of "Fool (Sand) Buying (Buying) Mobile Phone".

▲ When the product was complained by users, the normal announcement became an error. Picture from: Tucao of Wanshiwu

If many of the above are accidentally injured, the next Sony rollover accident is an unprofessional "public relations accident."

Six months after the Cherry keyboard lottery copywriting was suspected of sex discrimination and caused widespread controversy, @SONIC China stepped into the same river. It teased its users on Weibo: "If your girlfriend asks you about the lipstick model, I will use the lens model to fight back." Regardless of whether similar stereotypes exist in multiple areas, it is not long before the controversy caused by Cherry has passed. The Weibo operator posted a Weibo with similar controversies, which is simply proactively pulling the brand into the quagmire. Unprofessional public relations performance.

▲ #Solaris China Sex Discrimination# also sparked some discussions at the time. Picture from: @职性sexual discrimination inspection team

This unprofessionalism is not only shown in the review of Weibo content, but also in the preparation of the live broadcast.

At the end of July this year, @SONY China prepared a live broadcast introducing the new lens. As a result, the live broadcast crashed wildly. Not only was the user discovered that it was a recording, the Windows desktop appeared directly on the screen, but it also froze wildly. The user logged out after refreshing and re-logged in but found that the release was over.

▲ The live broadcast has a serious rollover

For the loyal fans who have been waiting for a few days, this is completely a live broadcast accident. In addition, Sony also deleted the user’s negative comments on the live streaming. Angry users continued to write "I'm back to the best", "That's Sony", "Canon come to unplug the network cable?"

One month after the live broadcast, the product name was incorrectly written, and WH-1000XM4 was written as WF-1000XM4. This is not the first time that the product name is incorrectly written in this way. ZEALER directly ridiculed that Sony’s official Weibo has "rolled over" again, and employees can’t distinguish their own headset models.

In addition to the unclear model, the staff working on the chain of @SONY随身影音operating and branding may still lack some basic knowledge. On the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, they drew a poster with Beethoven wearing WH-1000XM4, as if no one knew that Beethoven was a deaf musician.

This mistake is really low-level, so it's normal to be laughed at by users.

And @SONY China may even overturn the copy job. On December 28th, @ Sony China published a Weibo with pictures. At the beginning, you may not know where there is a problem with this Weibo. Could it be that the copywriting "the timing is tight" is written as "the timing is tight"?

However, with the picture, you will know where the problem is. The copywriting indicated that the photographer was in good control of the timing and captured the aircraft, but the aircraft in the photo has been confirmed to be up by P, and the copywriting + content has achieved another rollover achievement.

We also found that this photo was originally posted by @SonyAlphaID, the Indonesian operator of Sony Corporation. The original content actually has problems, but it may be that there are too few users concerned and no one pointed out this problem. After @SONY China released similar content, netizens who had always had the impression of "Sony Old Rollover" really discovered the overturning of this Weibo. After pointing out in the comment area, @ Sony China deleted the blog again.

▲ Facebook account @SonyAlphaID

On the first day of 2021, @SONIC China continued to roll over. To ridicule the "single dog" from the widowhood to the end of the year is like a capitalist playing a part-time job. Provoked a lot of protests and ridicule. A scolding comment made @ Sony China delete the blog again.

Overturning, being scolded, and deleting blogs seems to have become a necessary process for Sony's official blog. Over a dozen times in two years, the content of the brand's Weibo needs to be reviewed internally, which is somewhat unimaginable. Such frequent mistakes may only prove that Sony and its public relations company's operations are aware of user shortcomings and lack early warning and review of possible bad reviews.

Over the past few years, Sony’s official blog’s rollovers are certainly due to the Sony product itself, and there are also some unexpected factors. In addition, the overturned Weibo accounts are still three different accounts, and they are likely to be handled by different public relations companies. Sometimes mistakes seem to be made. It's normal. But in the eyes of the visitors, everything will eventually become the sentence:

do you know? Sony Weibo is overturned again!

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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