A bowl of snail noodles, 1.6 billion a year, Li Ziqi is the new consumer brand that you ignore

Speaking of Li Ziqi, most people may think of "fake pastoral", "true and false cultural output" and "team" controversy.

This is your inherent perspective when you look at her as a KOL, a self-media blogger, and a public figure who is followed. But if you think of it as a brand, this is a new consumer brand that is rising rapidly and has excellent control over product promotion and cost.

How much money does Li Ziqi make?

A self-media blogger once posted an article "How much money can Li Ziqi make in a year? The data is quantified for you to see". The article simply calculated Li Ziqi’s YouTube share and Tmall store sales, and then took 49% as her The conclusion is that Li Ziqi’s annual income is about 168 million yuan, which is a hot search.

There is actually a lot of gap between this hot search and the image in Li Ziqi's video. For a video creator who appeals to rural life, it hurts the IP image. If we don't intervene, it is very likely that Li Ziqi's video will also be a question of "I made 160 million and still live like this?".

Therefore, Li Ziqi's team responded quickly. The blogger quickly deleted the article and issued a statement on Weibo to apologize. The blogger stated that his calculation method is not rigorous, and taxes, operating, production, and marketing costs have not been deducted, which has caused a negative impact on Li Ziqi, so he sincerely apologizes.

▲ The blogger apologizes. From this, it can be seen that the Li Ziqi team has maintained a high level of attention to Li Ziqi’s remarks about extremely high income.

Then Li Ziqi lowered the key, except for the actively sent videos and content sharing, you can't see the gossip scandals and data analysis related to her.

At the same time, many people are still guessing and calculating how much money Li Ziqi can make. It's just that, everyone no longer pays attention to the advertising revenue of the video platform, but is staring at the revenue of the video brand Li Ziqi on the e-commerce platform. It's just that many calculation methods are mostly based on multiplication by looking at sales. I can calculate this myself, but the data is not convincing. There are only two more convincing data I actually found:

One is released by Taodata-in Q1 of 2020, the sales of Li Ziqi's official flagship store exceeded 190 million, and sales, sales, and average price increased by 37 times, 23 times, and -35% respectively, showing a rapid increase.

The other is the "2021 Most Growing New Consumer Brand in China" released by the Dolphin Think Tank, which shows that Li Ziqi's 2020 sales will be 1.6 billion, an increase of 300% year-on-year.

The data gap between the first quarter and the whole year is a bit big, but just think about the sales growth rate of the former, and then think about the popularity of snail noodles last year. The figure of 1.6 billion is not impossible.

▲ Li Ziqi is more profitable than many brands you are familiar with

What does the number 1.6 billion mean? Open the Zhihu prospectus, which means that the revenue of the Li Ziqi brand is nearly 250 million more than that of Zhihu in 2020; compared with the vitality forest overwhelming TV advertisements, the Li Ziqi brand with significantly less advertising investment also has its revenue of 60%. %; Looking at the sales scale of another new consumer brand of 850 million, Li Ziqi's revenue has almost doubled.

So when discussing how profitable Li Ziqi is, you need to make it clear that this is the revenue of a brand, not the profitability of a video blogger. This brand has its own publicity team, its own sales channels, its own product design team, and a mature supply chain behind it.

▲ Although Li Ziqi is a good hand at farm work, she can't finish so much work alone.

How to make more money than Zhihu?

Zhihu and Li Ziqi, these are actually two business entities that have nothing to do with each other, but we put them together in terms of revenue comparison. If Zhihu is a well-known platform for its so many people and difficult to monetize, then Li Ziqi is a brand with far fewer fans than Zhihu, but more revenue than Zhihu. Although there is a gap in user volume between the two, the gap in realisation is reversed.

As we all know, Li Ziqi’s most popular product on e-commerce platforms is snail noodles, but this brand does not rely solely on snail noodles.

▲ Li Ziqi snail noodles, one of the value currencies in 2020

On August 7, 2018, Li Ziqi's Taobao store opened, and the journey of this new consumer brand officially began. In the following year, the Li Ziqi Wang brand product snail noodles has not yet been launched, but the total sales of 21 products in the entire store in a year exceeded 1.3 million, with a total sales of 71 million. This figure proves that even without the snail noodles, the brand of Li Ziqi itself has a lot of attractiveness.

The launch of Lizi Qiluofen has turned attractive brands into real gold-absorbing brands. In July 2019, Li Ziqi's team purchased the top-selling brand snail noodles on the market. After internal evaluation, comparison, and negotiation, they selected Zhongliu Food as the foundry.

As a mature commercial brand, Li Ziqi has grasped the rhythm of marketing well. Soon after signing the OEM contract, Li Ziqi's best publicity channel also started. On August 6, 2019, Li Ziqi's most-viewed video at station B "I heard that friends who love to eat snail noodles are very cute!" "Officially launched, with extremely high broadcast volume on all major platforms across the network.

▲ There are 7.42 million views on station B and 50+ million on Weibo

Prior to this, the popularity of snail noodles was not low, but the snail noodles of Li Ziqi pushed it a big step forward, which promoted the explosion of snail noodles. Last year's Double Eleven, snail noodles accounted for half of the TOP20 fast-selling products. In Liuzhou, where snail noodles are produced, plum snail noodles account for about 1/4-1/3 of Liuzhou’s snail noodles.

When talking about why snail noodles exploded, many people will analyze the foundation laid by the Liuzhou City government and the taste of snail noodles, but the entry of Li Ziqi is actually more critical. Nothing is more true than the data . Before the launch of Li Ziqi snail noodles, the monthly sales limit of Taobao snail noodles was hundreds of thousands. Li Ziqi directly pushed it to the million level, and the monthly sales of a single link could reach 2 million or even 2.5 million.

▲ The Zhongliu food warehouse of the foundry is full of plum noodles waiting to be shipped. Source: Caijing Eleven

It can even be said that even for the city of Liuzhou, Li Ziqi has contributed. She also got a further opportunity. In August 2020, the Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Li Ziqi brand reached a strategic industrial cooperation relationship. Li Ziqi announced on the spot that he would invest and build a factory in Liuzhou.

Of course, Li Ziqi's snail powder has also encountered controversy. In the second year of the launch of snail noodles, some people said that the blade was eaten out of the snail noodles of Li Ziqi. Since Li Ziqi's video itself is a representative of homemade food, many people believed it for a while, but the response from the Li Ziqi brand was even more convincing.

Li Ziqi first exposed the production line for making snail powder, and said that the production line is equipped with "metal detection instruments". Staples and stainless steel wires will alarm when they pass, and the blades are unlikely to be let go. Coupled with the display of the blog post and time of the dissemination account, the Li Ziqi brand considered this to be a conscious batch operation and publicly issued a lawyer's statement.

▲ The production line of Li Ziqi's foundry will automatically separate products when metal substances are detected

Most of the brand audiences agree with this explanation, and they are even willing to rectify Li Ziqi's name on different platforms. The production scale and industrialized production process of snail noodles are both strong evidence to prove the brand's innocence, even if it deviates from the fully manual content in Li Ziqi's video.

Buying Li Ziqi, buying the feelings of pastoral life

Did Li Ziqi make it by himself? I don't eat it if it's not made by her.

This is a question in the "Ask Everyone" under Li Ziqi's official mall, and this question has also been enthusiastically answered by the onlookers. 3544 people who bought it all told it was not, and made it clear that "this is an industrialized product, and Li Ziqi can't do so much by himself."

▲ Most consumers know that Li Ziqi brand snail noodles are not made by Li Ziqi

Most of the audience of Li Ziqi knows this clearly. The package of snail noodles you bought in Taobao store and the snail noodles in the video of Li Ziqi are not the same taste, but they are still willing to give it to Li Ziqi. Pay the bill for snail powder.

This is actually a bit strange. The stranger thing is that Li Ziqi is a girl who lives in a certain village in Weicheng Town, Youxian District, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, and the things she sells on Taobao are special snacks from different regions. Everyone accepts this. good. The only reason that can explain these violations is that consumers believe in Li Ziqi, everything is based on trust.

▲ Li Ziqi's product line comes from all corners of the world

My friend Carmen is a fan of Li Ziqi. She not only bought her snail noodles and beef sauce, but also lotus root noodles and flower cakes. She knows that Li Ziqi's products are all industrialized products, and she also knows that they are produced by OEMs, but she is still willing to buy them.

I bought it because I watched her video, it looks good, and I really know how to work. At least her video is very convincing, and I think her supply chain should be quite credible. I bought it and ate it, and I felt good after eating it, so I continued to repurchase. Because snail noodles are not often eaten, I don’t feel the need to change the brand, so I keep eating it.

▲ Among the many snail noodle brands, the packaging design of plum snail noodles is also younger. Source: Consumer Reports

There is no doubt that the initial audience of the Li Ziqi brand is her fans. Before the explosive product of snail noodles appeared, her fans could contribute 71 million sales to her store within a year, and it was not until the popular product reputation that it brought more customers. But until today, most of the customers actually bought the products of this brand because of their trust and love for Li Ziqi.

This is like the barrage atmosphere of station B and the content community of WeChat, which other platforms want but are difficult to imitate. At the moment when Internet celebrities keep turning, Li Ziqi does not bring goods and does not receive advertisements. She has created a new mode of monetization for content creators.

But the monetization model is easy to imitate, but the popularity and trust of Li Ziqi's IP is difficult to replicate. Even if other video creators want to realize their own brand, their appeal may be far inferior to Li Ziqi.

▲ Li Ziqi may be the most successful brand spokesperson in the world

Li Ziqi is undoubtedly a commercial brand, which sells industrialized products. But under the blessing of its IP spokesperson, this brand can give people an impression of original, natural, hand-made, and excellent quality, and attract more people to buy this brand.

The brand is industrialized production, and consumers buy industrial products. Everyone knows that Li Ziqi is an industrial brand far away from the rural life in the village. But consumers are willing to give Li Ziqi "one key, three links". When they buy Li Ziqi's products, they are buying delicious products, and they are also a yearning for life in the distance.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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