99 yuan to buy “Hermes in the basic style”, who can stand up to the new Uniqlo products

Uniqlo U 2023 spring and summer series is finally here!

This minimalist neutral series, designed by former Hermès creative director Christophe Lemaire, is a long-lasting popular branch of Uniqlo.

Some people say that Uniqlo U can't tell what's good, but it's really good-looking when you put it on the upper body.

Let's take a look now, "Synonymous with basic models" Uniqlo, what kind of work has been done this time!

Premium basics for everything from yoga class to art shows

"A Sense of Ease" is the theme of this series, that is, "clothes that bring comfort to everyday life".

There are more than 50 items in this series, including 27 women's clothing, 25 men's clothing and 6 accessories.

Blazers, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shorts, backpacks, hats, sandals… everything you need for your wardrobe from head to toe.

At first glance, it is a pleasing spring color.

Interesting neutral colors are engraved into the DNA of Uniqlo U. This season is also based on soft basic colors, matched with seasonal bright colors, revealing a hopeful lightness.

Such as sunny yellow and orange.

Or bolder purples, reds and pinks.

Whether it is the superimposition of the same color system or the matching of contrasting colors, it is very brilliant. In various combinations, you can find your own color aesthetics.

Lemaire-style colors are just like what the annual barrage at station B said-elegant!

The tailoring of Uniqlo U is also innovative, and some items use seamless design and tubular tailoring.

For example, the two legs of the leggings are woven in a tubular shape and then seamed in the center of the front and back, so that the side seams on the garment can be avoided, and there is more freedom from walking to movement.

In addition to color matching and tailoring, the fabric of the clothes is also very important. It is related to whether it is light and comfortable, and whether it is functional and practical.

In this regard, Uniqlo U is not far behind. Lightweight nylon, high-quality cotton, cool seersucker, etc., feel comfortable on the upper body.

If you are afraid of being confused, there are 47 outfit recommendations on the official website. If you fall in love at first sight, click in and quickly get the same style.

Among the more than 50 items, there are many eye-catching styles, which are worth checking out.

Women's nylon windbreaker, cape-style design, light nylon fabric, fresh spring color, no fear of light rain.

Women's loose long shirt, which can be worn as a shirt skirt, light yellow is the best for vitality.

The women's activewear collection is designed with exercise in mind, even during the dreary spring season.

Men's loose workwear jacket, with a crisp shape and practical pockets, and soft bean paste powder brings a sense of spring.

Men's loose-fit trousers with pleats at the front and drawstring at the hem for flexibility and reversibility. Available in dark grey, dark purple or natural colour.

Men's seersucker loose striped shirt and striped plaid shorts are both playful and textured, which is actually the keynote of the entire spring and summer series.

The AIRism cotton T-shirt, a single product for both men and women, is supported by Uniqlo's cool fabrics to meet the two summer dressing needs of good-looking and cool, and it is much more wearable than UT with similar prices.

The nylon bucket bag is also unisex, eye-catching and modern, and even the entire design team is using it.

Generally speaking, the spring and summer series draws on the functions of sportswear, but the appearance does not look too sporty. It can be worn alone or layered with clothes. They are all clothes that can be easily matched when going to work or going out.

It's stylish and functional enough, which is what Christophe Lemaire said, "from yoga class to gallery."

Any other fashion tips for spring and summer? Christophe Lemaire believes layering is key.

With these items, it is as if you have an entire modular wardrobe. Isn’t this the magic of the basic models, you can buy a set of hundreds of sets.

From "Worlds of Difference" to "Ace Series"

This spring and summer series, as always, continues the style of the past Uniqlo U.

Uniqlo U is one of Uniqlo's trump card series. It is usually sold in seconds, and many celebrities are also fans of Uniqlo U.

The reason why Uniqlo U has been popular for many years begins with the cooperation between former Hermes creative director Christophe Lemaire and Uniqlo.

Christophe Lemaire's eponymous brand and Uniqlo's "Lemaire x Uniqlo" joint series, after the launch of the 2015 autumn and winter and 2016 spring and summer, its excellent design sense attracted the attention of many people, and finally succeeded in selling.

▲ Lemaire.

The Lemaire brand has extremely high requirements for fabrics and tailoring, and the daily practicality of each garment is very high, which is also in line with Uniqlo's philosophy. However, a suit jacket of the former is as high as 5,000 yuan.

▲ 2015 Lemaire x Uniqlo.

These joint names actually have the appearance of Uniqlo U in the future: high-quality fabrics, minimalist style, design ingenuity full of details and outlines. Interestingly, the 2016 spring and summer joint series is also inspired by sportswear.

▲ 2016 Lemaire x Uniqlo.

One is a popular brand that is close to the people, and the other is a former designer of a luxury brand. The chemical reaction between the two is so different. Can the cooperation continue?

Uniqlo founder Yanai Masa has a bigger vision: not only to stop at the status quo, but to establish a complete studio and a new set of design concepts to make a more refined interpretation of Uniqlo's "LifeWear" – use innovation Materials and contemporary silhouettes reimagine everyday clothing.

In June 2016, Christophe Lemaire officially joined Uniqlo as the artistic director of the Paris R&D center and Uniqlo U series.

"The price of Uniqlo, the design of Hermès."

Some people describe Uniqlo U like this. The price of the 2023 spring and summer series is not too high. The prices in the mainland are yet to be announced. The prices on the Hong Kong official website are as follows (1 HKD equals 0.86 RMB):

Jacket: HK$599 to HK$899;

Shirts: HK$199 to 299;

Accessories: HK$199 to HK$299;

Dresses: HK$199 to HK$399;

Pants: HK$199 to 399;

Knitwear: HK$199 to HK$399;

T-shirts: HK$99 to 199;

In fact, there are certain similarities between Uniqlo U in each season. After all, the design concept behind it is consistent: based on Uniqlo’s original style upgrade design, fabrics and craftsmanship, it has made its own series soul.

The Uniqlo U 2022 spring and summer series, which debuted in January last year, is themed on The Rhythm of Spring (the rhythm of spring).

The whole is dominated by warm neutral colors, olive, sand colors inspired by the evening sky and light purple in spring, including jackets, striped shirts, mid-length trench coats and other items, and the fabrics are knitted, terry, linen, etc. .

▲ Uniqlo U 2022 spring and summer series.

Loose fit, mild color aesthetics, fresh spring style, light and layered tailoring… Although the color tone is different from the specific items, at first glance, it is still somewhat similar to the 2023 spring and summer series, and the impression is relaxed ,cozy.

The Uniqlo U 2022 autumn and winter series, which went on sale in September last year, has a lower overall color saturation than the 2023 spring and summer series, but the characteristics of neutral style, functionality, and layering and matching are common to both.

▲ Uniqlo U 2022 autumn and winter series.

Taking functionality as an example, the spring and summer collections use AIRism cooling technology, while the autumn and winter collections incorporate windproof BLOCKTECH and warm HEATTECH technology.

Fashion is a cycle. There may be new prints, colors, and styles every year. On the contrary, the classic basic models will remain popular and become timeless symbols. It can be said to be boring, or it can be said to be timeless.

Uniqlo U is actually a basic model that has set its course but does not forget to refine the details. The changes are hidden in each specific item.

Maybe it's the roomy pockets on the overalls, maybe it's a certain color that's more suitable for this spring, maybe it's some new fabric from the "tech company" Uniqlo.

In a question-and-answer session for the Spring/Summer collection, Christophe Lemaire emphasized the practicality of the Uniqlo U:

We spend a lot of time paying attention to the details, placement and construction of pockets, drawstrings and other modular elements. A focus on practicality pushes us to rethink functionality in our daily lives and our new habits… We want all elements in our clothes to be functional and each element functional.

Only by paying attention to the practicality of details can we bring "incremental innovation" and realize the fashion aesthetics required by daily scenes.

This season Uniqlo U will be released simultaneously on February 10 at Uniqlo stores, handheld Uniqlo, and Uniqlo Tmall official flagship store. However, some styles are only available in certain stores.

It is recommended to be optimistic about which one you like first, and wait for the official release to pick up your hands!

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