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Who can translate for the translator, what is the meta universe?
Who can translate, what exactly is NFT, blockchain, meta-universe, quantum computing, brain-computer interface, digital twin, virtual reality, mixed reality, and extended reality?
The new technological concept is just like a storm. What the future will look like is becoming more and more incomprehensible.
In the beginning, there were a thousand "meta universes" in the eyes of a thousand people. It was not until these new scientific and technological concepts merged into everyone's life that the truth of technology was settled.
We want to make a "tomorrow's life serial" for you.
It will become an encyclopedia of tomorrow's life, and the editors of Aifaner will jointly track future solutions.
We will regularly update the following series of articles every week, and we will continue to add new series. The serialization will be sorted according to time. The evolution of cutting-edge technology is clear at a glance.
We will show you how those confusing technological statues have gradually become the reality in front of you.

Metaverse: An online 3D virtual environment that will persist and decentralize in the future. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.14 "Stanford's First Lesson of the Metaverse"

    • Event time: Fall 2021
    • Event protagonist: Stanford
    • Event location: Oculus Quest 2

The meta universe hasn't come yet, but the "chaoer" has already made millions by relying on the meta universe courses.

Stanford University also opened the "Meta Universe First Lesson": "Virtual Human" in the fall semester.

This is the first course in Stanford's history to be conducted entirely in VR.

▲ Picture from: VHIL

How hot is it?

After the registration was opened, this course was very popular. In the end, 263 students from economics, communication, anthropology, computer, comparative literature, psychology, sociology, political science and other majors were selected, and each received an Oculus. Quest 2 headset.

How to take the class? It's very simple, just put on the VR headset and start.

Consistent with the professional diversity, the environment they are in is also all-encompassing, which may be museums, laboratories, stadiums, volcanic craters, and submarine reefs, or they may be environments created by students themselves.

▲ Picture from: VHIL

The core of the innovation of "Virtual Human" lies in the fact that students can finally experience the past in a new, virtual, and interactive environment from different perspectives such as pop culture, engineering, behavioral science, and communication. Things learned.

Therefore, there are not only "field visits" to the destruction of the submarine ecology, but also immersive experiences of racial discrimination. In the end, students can have a deeper understanding of VR.

After all, VR is one of the core technologies of Metaverse, and it will also become a key communication tool and carrier in the future.

▲ Picture from: VHIL

It is worth mentioning that this is not a "wild course" that uses the cutting-edge concepts of the meta universe on the market.

"Virtual Human" was born in 2003. VR hardware has always been part of the course, but the VR equipment and scale are not as good as it is now.

The old class has new ideas, "Virtual Human" has really become a "virtual human," and it is also a very "metacosmic" matter in itself.

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No.15 "The concept of web3.0 is on fire again"

  • Event time: end of 2021
  • Event protagonist: web3.0
  • Event location: Internet

What does web3.0 have to do with Metaverse?

If the metaverse is the superstructure, then web3.0 is the infrastructure.

Furthermore, Metaverse is the life picture of the next-generation Internet, so web3.0 is the technological revolution of the next-generation Internet.

▲ Picture from: "The Matrix"

Why did web3.0 suddenly become popular again?

In fact, since 2020, especially at the end of this year, the concepts and theories of web3.0 have rapidly gained popularity, mainly due to the promotion of activists in the cryptocurrency circle and well-known foreign venture capital companies.

But as we all know, the familiar name web3.0 did not appear recently.

In 2014, Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and creator of Polkadot, proposed this concept.

Web3.0 represents the next era of the Internet, and the Internet is shifting to a more democratic paradigm-the Internet is no longer controlled by giants, but is truly collectively owned and truly decentralized.

▲ Picture from: Alpha Rabbit

Identity, computing, communication, and storage are all important modules of web3.0.

We seem to be approaching, but in fact, currently only relatively mature in terms of cryptocurrency.

One of the visions of web3.0 is to use open source protocols as the foundation, and the enterprise as an interface to provide convenient access and additional functions.

Then-data will be used to promote decision-making, but will not be used to sell and deal with consumers.

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NFT (Non-Fungible Token): Non-fungible tokens, each token can represent a unique digital data as an electronic certification or certificate for the ownership of virtual goods. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.13 "Nike acquired an NFT shoe factory"

  • Event time: December 14
  • Event protagonist: Nike, RTFKT Studios
  • Event location: NFT fashion field

A while ago, Nike built a virtual sports park Nikeland on Roblox.

This was just a start. Soon, Nike acquired RTFKT Studios, a virtual sneaker brand, and went one step further towards Yuan Universe.

The connection between NFT and Metaverse is getting closer and closer.

RTFKT is a very young digital fashion brand, established in January 2020 by three founders, born with the genes of the meta universe.

Why do you say that? Its positioning is like this:

Using the latest game engine, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality technologies, combined with manufacturing expertise, design virtual sneakers and exclusive collectibles cast as NFT.

▲ Founding team.

Previously, RTFKT's team has been working behind the scenes, providing design and concepts for game companies and fashion brands.

They chose to establish a physical company in 2020 because they felt it was time:

The RTFKT project was originally scheduled to start in 2040, but human consciousness is developing faster than expected, and we are here to accelerate our digital future.

So many NFT companies, why are they attracted by Nike?

In fact, RTFKT has always been at the forefront of NFT sports shoes and digital fashion.

It can be seen from the following things:

First, in early 2020, RTFKT became popular on Instagram with a photo of Musk P's virtual sneakers. This pair of virtual sneakers sold for an astonishing $15,000 at the time;

Second, in February this year, RTFKT and 18-year-old encryption artist Fewocious launched three NFT sneakers. Within 7 minutes of being on the shelves, 621 pairs of shoes were quickly sold out, earning more than 3.1 million U.S. dollars;

Third, recently, RTFKT and artist Takashi Murakami have collaborated on an NFT project called "CLONE X". The transaction volume of this project has approached 65 million U.S. dollars.


In addition, RTFKT also held two "forging" events-making digital sports shoes into real objects.

The rule is that "1 NFT = 1 Physical", users must first purchase NFT at RTFKT, and then receive physical items within 8-12 weeks after the forging event.

To put it simply, RTFKT first sells virtual concepts and avant-garde designs, and then builds physical products, jumping back and forth between the virtual and physical worlds.

This also gives a new way of frying shoes and expressing fashion.

Regarding this acquisition, Nike CEO John Donahoe said:

This acquisition is another step in accelerating Nike's digital transformation, enabling us to serve athletes and creators at the intersection of sports, creativity, games and culture.

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No.14 "Adidas has also entered the NFT"

  • Event time: December 17
  • Event protagonist: Adidas
  • Event location: Adidas official platform

More and more big names are "forging into" the battlefield of the meta universe.

In the past, Nike was obsessed with "digital transformation," and Adidas was the first to do something that Nike did not do-the sale of NFT.

This series of NFTs is called "Into the Metaverse" and is sold on the official website at a price of 0.2 ether (approximately US$800), with a supply of 30,000.

Adidas also has three partners: NFT club Bored Ape Yacht Club; NFT comic series PUNKS Comic; NFT cultural influencer and community leader gmoney.

They are in a leading position in their respective fields.

▲ Three partners.

When announcing the cooperation, Adidas also purchased a Bored Ape NFT, named Ape Indigo Hertz, and equipped it with customized Adidas brand sportswear.

Then, it's what everyone loves to see-use it as a social media avatar.

▲ Ape Indigo Hertz.

If you buy Adidas’ NFT this time, you can also gain physical products and digital experiences by the way.

Physical products, including the same sports suit from Ape Indigo Hertz, gmoney's iconic orange hat, and hoodies with blockchain addresses, will be available for free throughout 2022.

Digital experience refers to the digital community.

Adidas plans to build a "Meta-Universe Virtual Land Experience" by the community in 2022 and beyond. NFT is equivalent to a community ticket.

As the vice president of marketing at Adidas Originals said:

NFT owners belong to a community. Over time, we will continue to add value to the NFT, and it will evolve as we understand the community.

In a sense, brand building NFT is to introduce a new "membership model."

NFT owners are profitable. They can either directly resell NFTs in the second-hand market and transfer membership status, or they can sell exclusive products that symbolize membership status at high prices.

The brand is the biggest winner behind it, and there are always users closely surrounding it.

No.15 "Beverage industry has fun with NFT"

  • Event time: December 7th-December 9th
  • Event protagonist: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nayuki's tea
  • Event location: OpenSea and other NFT platforms

Nayuki also "played" NFT, and he was so hot.

On December 7, Nayuki just celebrated the brand's 6th anniversary "birthday", and officially announced a meta universe IP image: "NAYUKI". At the same time, NAYUKI’s trendy toys and NFT blind boxes were also sold.

This blind box is 7 different styles, no real fashion toys, limited to 300 pieces.

Then, it was sold out in 1 second.

Nayuki therefore became the first single brand to independently launch NFT digital collections in China.

Two days later, Pepsi-Cola also launched a total of 1893 "Pepsi Mic Drop" series of NFTs, 1893 corresponding to its establishment year.

This batch of NFTs was created using nearly 50 unique attributes in 6 categories, including microphones, headwear, masks, sound waves, and more.

In this "NFT battle," Pepsi's old rival, Coca-Cola, was caught up early.

Previously, Coca-Cola had already launched four NFTs, which were auctioned as "an entire loot box", and the auction price was as high as 550,000 U.S. dollars.

When brands are playing with Metaverse, what do they want to do?

Selman Careaga, President of Global Coca-Cola Trademarks, believes:

Coca-Cola is one of the most collectible brands in the world. Each NFT is created to celebrate the core elements of the Coca-Cola brand and reinterpret the virtual world in a new and exciting way.

At least it shows that the NFT gameplay is becoming a new way of brand marketing and communication with users, and it is also the most direct proof that the divergent meta-universe concept has been applied by a brand——

Please take a look, we have entered the meta universe!

NFT, in essence, is to provide property rights certificates for the virtual world, but it is also the current new type of social currency.

Comparing the value of the NFT of each brand may also show how much it weighs in the minds of consumers.

NO.16 "Record refresh! The most expensive NFT 92 million US dollars"

  • Event time: December 2nd-December 4th
  • Event protagonist: art project "Merge"
  • Event location: NFT trading platform

The upper limit is refreshed, and the "most expensive NFT" is here again.

On December 2nd, artist Pak's art project "Merge" was released to the world on the NFT trading platform Nifty Gateway.

After 48 hours, the subscription channel was closed, and the total transaction volume reached 91,806,519 US dollars, or about 584 million yuan, surpassing Beeple's 69.34 million US dollars NFT works and became the most expensive NFT so far.

▲Picture from: EveryArt

The special thing about "Merge" lies in its auction method.

From December 2nd to December 4th, participants will purchase an unlimited amount of tokens named "mass". If you buy one, you will get a "small ball" marked m(1). The ball itself has many colors.

When participants buy multiple mass tokens through the same encrypted wallet, the small balls will merge, and the mass value will accumulate to eventually generate a larger ball.

▲ The size of m(1), m(11), m(100).

This is because each wallet can only have one ball, which echoes the name of the project-"Subbish".

For example, if you buy an m(2) first, and then buy an m(198), you will eventually generate an m(200) token and retain the color of m(198).

The larger the number, the bigger the ball.

According to the passage of time, each mass slowly rises from US$299 to US$575. A total of 312,686 masses were sold in this auction and 28,983 buyers participated in the purchase. The largest ball contained 12,120 mass.

It should be noted that when two tokens are merged into one, one token is actually destroyed.

When the subscription channel is closed, the mass value on the final market is fixed, but the number of balls will gradually decrease, so there is room for speculation in the secondary market.

During the auction process, the appearance of the entire work is constantly changing. It is not a static picture, but an interactive art form written on a smart contract.

▲ Visual effects made by artist Emre Tanirgan.

Therefore, this sky-high NFT work is not completed by a single artist, but a collective performance art that merges from fragments.

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Quantum computation: A new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics and regulates the calculation of quantum information units. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

Quantum Computing Series Past Catalogue

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AR (Augmented Reality), augmented reality, allows the virtual world on the screen to interact with the real world scene.

VR (virtual reality), virtual reality, uses computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional virtual world.

MR (Mixed Reality), a combination of mixed reality, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

XR (Extended reality), extended reality, includes AR, VR, MR and future virtual reality technologies. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

Virtual tool series previous catalog

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Human enhancement: attempts to overcome the limitations of the human body temporarily or permanently through natural or artificial means. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.9 "Emotional clothing lets your stress be seen"

    • Event time: December 12
    • Event protagonist: fashion designer
    • Location: Poland

When we are trapped in an emotional black hole, we may choose to endure silently and wait for it to disappear naturally in the depths of the soul that is not an outsider.

But Polish fashion designer Iga Węglińska feels that you need to actually see it and then change it.

Węglińska has made two tops that can change colors or flash lights to help us recognize when we feel stressed.

▲ Sensor. Picture from: dezeen

Stress usually causes an increase in body temperature and a faster heartbeat.

These two tops respond to the wearer's heart rate, temperature and galvanic skin response through sensors, which then trigger visual changes.

One of the long-sleeved high-neck slim tops will switch between black and translucent according to body temperature and heart rate.

▲ Picture from: dezeen

Another fluffy balloon-shaped top with a string of pink LED lights above the chest.

It measures the pressure level by sensing changes in the sweat level on the wearer's skin. When the color changes from warm to cold, it means that you need to slow down and calm down.

▲ Picture from: dezeen

With the help of chemists and programmers, Węglińska tried several smart materials and found the one with the best input and output signals.

In the end, she used a combination of materials such as neoprene, thermoplastic polyester, polyurethane leather, and polylactic acid plastic.

Węglińska hopes that clothing can help people better understand their bodies and stimulate cognitive participation and mindfulness activities.

▲ Picture from: dezeen

The designer's initial inspiration came from a paper that believed that material objects can take over our thinking and be used as external elements in the perception process.

However, these two clothes do not seem to be smart enough and everyday, and not everyone can accept this kind of emotional externalization.

Maybe when we wear them, we will be very concerned about this change and become more "stressed."

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We are always amazed at the crazy evolution of technology and confused by the complex and multifaceted aspects of technology, until it follows every moment and every action of our lives, we sigh – ah, that's how it is.

At a time when the world is constantly evolving, questions and answers, curiosity and exploration are our source of power to synchronize with it.

Don't worry, if the future is a book that never ends, then a good book is suitable for reading slowly.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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