750 million years ago, where was your home city?

The general trend of the world, divided for a long time must be united, together for a long time must be divided. This principle is also appropriate in terms of changes in continental plates.

According to satellite positioning and measurement, every continental plate on the earth is moving at a speed of five to six centimeters per year, or are approaching each other, or gradually moving away.

According to scientists' calculations, the land was connected for a long time, and then gradually dispersed to form the seven continents today. Nowadays, the continents as a whole are getting closer again, and one day they will return to the era of the "whole piece" of the continent.

The map provided by Christopher R. Project and the 3D ancient earth map developed by Ian Webster provides a visual perspective, allowing us to view the natural appearance of the earth in ancient times through simple touch, click, keyboard input, etc., and search for many more The approximate location of the city on the earth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years ago .

Now: Take a look at this beautiful planet

When observing the present earth from the perspective of God, a feeling of sadness, loneliness, smallness and warmth came to my heart. This is our home for survival.

It is a sphere interwoven with four colors of blue, green, yellow and white. It carries countless lives. In this world, human beings repeat their love, hatred, and the irrelevance of life, pursuing and calculating. Self-interest, disgusting and avoiding troubles, disease and death .

We can see the towering Himalayas, and we can lock onto the Mariana Trench at a glance. The islands in the middle of the equator are like "abandoned children", floating quietly in the ocean. The yellow part seems to be the scar of the earth, telling the pain of the collision of "flesh and blood". The two large white areas at the top and bottom are so mysterious. In fact, peace and danger have already become "a battleground for military strategists."

The story begins in Lhasa.

20 million years ago: Shanghai was still under the sea

20 million years ago, the overall outline of the land is not much different now. Australia, America, Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, Arabian Peninsula, North and South poles and other places look familiar.

There are also some places that are quite different from the present. For example, Shanghai has not yet formed, Hainan Island and the mainland still maintain "close contact", Southeast Asia is still a continent, extending to the north of the equator, and the Strait of Malacca has not yet been born.

The location of Lhasa, located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, has not changed much. It is in a white plateau, but the shape of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has undergone a major change. From the current white whale, it has become a bottle of Wine bottle".

During this period, early primitive people have appeared in Africa.

35 million years ago: Arabian Peninsula has not left Africa

Came to 35 million years ago, Lhasa appeared on the edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, presumably a virgin forest halfway up the mountain.

Japan is still "relaxed" from the East Asian continent, retaining the last land borders.

The most eye-catching is Australia and the Arabian Peninsula. One is very close to Antarctica, and the other is part of Africa. The Mediterranean is also a sea that can be navigated from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean and can reach northwest India directly.

50 million years ago: Whales were forced to "go into the sea"

It is estimated that the mainland of 50 million years ago will make many people unable to understand.

The Shandong Peninsula and the North China Plain are still the ocean, and the Himalayas are still a band of high mountains, which straddle a straight line of close to three continents. Lhasa is located in a vast ocean, and it is likely to be a seaside area with a suitable climate. India is floating in the ocean. China is an independent island, and the entire America is almost half submerged by the ocean. The lungs of the earth, the Amazon rainforest, is still the ocean.

The ocean is too strong, forcing many land mammals to evolve into marine life. For example, the largest animal, the whale, was forced to "go into the sea ."

According to currently accepted statements, 66 million years ago, an asteroid hit Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and this event led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

150 million years ago: South America just broke up with Africa

The continent 150 million years ago is closer, South America and Africa are close together, and North America is very close to Europe, Africa, and South America. It should not be very difficult for species to migrate across the sea from Africa to North America. .

Australia and Antarctica are basically the same, the glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica are not too obvious, and Europe's "fragmented" landform is taking shape.

The earliest lizards have appeared during this period, the primitive placental mammals have evolved, and dinosaurs dominate two continents .

Lhasa is near the coastline and close to the equator. Maybe it is an ancient version of Shenzhen.

300 million years ago: Lhasa in Antarctica

Time came 300 million years ago, Lhasa was still an Antarctic city.

During this period, the continents were basically concentrated in the southern hemisphere and connected together. I don't know the original location of each continent and country. I can only use the software positioning system to roughly judge where the city is.

Beijing is on the edge of an island, London is in the center of the mainland, an inland city at the foot of a mountain, and Washington has become the roof of the world, above the snow line.

750 million years ago: the ocean ruled the earth

The ancient earth can be viewed as far as the earth 750 million years ago. At this time, Lhasa, like many cities, lies quietly in the ocean. The entire earth may be completely covered by oceans and glaciers, and the birth of life has just begun .

Finally, out of curiosity, I searched my hometown. I didn't expect that the city of Jingzhou was actually on an island close to the North Pole 750 million years ago. An inland city today can be regarded as Greenland 750 million years ago.

Is the earth a miracle or an alien

One day, I was walking with my friend and looking at the vast sky, my friend suddenly faintly said: Think about other planets, it is very miserable, alone, without life, only eternal lifelessness.

I don’t know why I uttered a sentence: No, you should think this way, only if there are "lice" on the earth, the earth is a different kind .

▲ A real picture of the motion of the solar system, the earth’s position is unique, and many planets can be protected

In the vast universe, there is currently no direct evidence to prove the existence of a large number of life on the planets in the universe that can be observed by human science and technology. The earth can breed life in such an empty universe. The conditions for various miracles are lacking. Nothing: The sun takes the lead to resist large-scale damage and provides the necessary heat for life, Jupiter and its moons continue to "attract" deadly meteorites, and finally the moon, a guard who guards them closely, to block the last wave of meteorites. "Attack" creates the tides and seasons of the earth.

For humans, the earth is too precious. If one day the earth is completely "made" by us to become uninhabitable, the earth's rotation and revolution will continue, the continents will still drift, the climate will still change, glaciers will still melt and freeze, and the sea will still rise and retreat. Going forward, as long as the solar system and the earth remain stable, new species will still appear, and the earth will not care about what our fleeting species has done with it.

In the vicissitudes of life, stripping off the noble ideas of caring for the earth and protecting the natural environment and the diversity of species is actually protecting human beings.

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