5G smart t-shirts are ready to hit the market

Thanks to the union of AccYouRate with ZTE , the first smart t-shirt that incorporates 5G technology arrives on the market . The shirt was presented at the MWC fair held in Barcelona and ended on 1 July last. With GPS sensors and a 5G antenna, the shirt transmits the wearer's vital signs to a control center to monitor their health, with an ultra-fast connection.

Smart T-shirts with 5G hit the market
Smart T-shirts with 5G hit the market

MWC, acronym for Mobile Word Congress, is the most important fair concerning telecommunications and the world of telephony. This year it took place in Barcelona in the last days of June. During the event, the latest, most innovative and cutting-edge solutions in the sector are shown. After last year's stop caused by COVID-19, this year the fair saw the arrival of the ZTE-YouCare t-shirt . The 5G smart jersey was born thanks to a collaboration between ZTE, a Chinese company leader in telecommunications services and AccYouRate , the made in Italy group specialized in innovative wearable solutions.

ZTE together with AccYouRate for the new 5G T-shirt
ZTE together with AccYouRate for the new 5G T-shirt

ZTE-YouCare: 5G smart T-shirt features and functionality

The revolutionary 5G smart jersey is equipped with polymeric, microscopic and undetectable sensors that are able to detect all our vital parameters: body temperature, sweat, heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and muscle fatigue. The sensors are embedded on a smart fabric called E-Texile . This acquires the information and collects the data inside a label that acts as a real control unit.

This collection center is integrated with a 5G module that allows the sudden sending of data to a software specifically designed to be able to transmit the processed information to the user's smartwatch. Thanks to ZTE-YouCare it will therefore be possible to carry out an electrocardiogram or respiratory analysis, keeping the patient's status under control.

The smart T-shirt isn't just for athletes

The influence of new technologies in the textile world is getting stronger. The new ZTE-YouCare jersey has not been designed only for athletes but for all those who feel the need to have greater control of their vital parameters. These smart garments can prevent serious and unexpected events thanks to continuous monitoring . The challenges to be faced are many and the minds of the two companies intend to improve their creation by launching themselves into the analysis of brain waves and dynamic posture.

We are particularly proud to be a partner of this extraordinary innovation. We strongly believe that our 5G technology is the key to improving the quality of life

Peng Aiguang, SVP of ZTE Corporation

We believe in talent and talents and intend to continue to make our contribution to technological development with an Italian matrix and global significance. For this reason, starting from next autumn, we will launch a test action on YouCare within our 5G Innovation and Research Center located in L'Aquila.

Hu Kun, CEO of ZTE Italy and President of ZTE Western Europe

Mobile Word Congress 2021: the latest news

For many years smartphones have been the undisputed protagonists of the Mobile Word Congress fair, while 2021 was the year of change. Mobile phones have given up their primacy to wearable accessories. Certainly there was no shortage of the latest news on the subject, such as the Ultra version of Sony Xperia 1 III.

Lenovo instead focused its attention on tablets and accessories that make our homes smarter by bringing MWC Yoga tag 13, Yoga tag 11 and Smart Clock 2. For Intel, 5G technology and connectivity were the real stars: the the company has in fact proposed several 5G and edge products for communications.

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