5G Italy: the Italian conference dedicated to 5G is back

5G Italy is the event dedicated to the comparison between institutions and the scientific , industrial, economic and public administration communities, to understand the challenges and opportunities of the 5G network. The event, promoted by the CNIT ( National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications ), is confirmed as the most important Italian event dedicated to 5G and its multiple areas of application . The first edition of 5G Italy was dedicated to "Trials", the second to "Possible applications", while the third to the "Realization" of the 5G network.

This year's edition, the fourth, will represent an articulated path of study on current technological challenges. A large space will be dedicated to Italy and Europe, in particular to the strategy included by the Italian government in the PNRR, which provides for the allocation of substantial investments in the digitization of the country. With this transition process, 5G will build the nerve tissue of digital communications , which is essential to sustain the economy and trigger development.

In terms of the post-pandemic course, the role of 5G will be even more relevant for applications in the field of industry 4.0, services, businesses and public administrations. 5G Italy will also offer a great networking opportunity, an opportunity to capture new meeting opportunities between industry, the university system and decision-makers. 5G Italy's target audience will be made up of institutional representatives (Government and Parliament) and top managers of the most important companies in the Italian and international industrial context.

5G Italy: training and information

The event includes not only the main conference, but also an international doctoral school and scientific sessions hosting highly relevant international experts. In fact, one of the aims of 5G I taly has always been to build a relationship between universities, scientific research and industry, representing an opportunity for young graduates to meet and the business world.

How to follow the conference

The Conferenz in was organized following a hybrid mode. The event will be held from Tuesday 30 November to Thursday 02 December 2021, a television studio will be set up at the Hotel Nazionale – Piazza di Monte Citorio, Rome where the speakers and a good number of selected guests will be able to participate in presence, in addition to the possibility to enjoy the event in live streaming. The Plenary session will take place in the Capranichetta room and in the Cristallo room there will be PhD Schools and scientific sessions , which can be followed both online and in person.

The 5G Italy conference can be followed both online and in person.
The 5G Italy conference can be followed both online and in person.

The "Italy 5G" plan

The "Italy 5G" plan will be one of the many topics discussed at the 5G Italy conference. This provides for public investments, with funding of 2.02 billion euros to guarantee a downlink speed of 150 Mbit / s and an uplink of 50 Mbit / s in the “white” areas. As the Minister for Technological Innovation, Vittorio Colao, explained:

It is the first time that a public financing plan has been implemented in the mobile market. We have the goal of encouraging the spread of 5G throughout the country because it is necessary for everyone, but perhaps it is almost more necessary in the most isolated places and less connected to urban areas precisely to allow remote work and an economic and social life. modern and high-level everywhere, and distribute more population and jobs in a more sustainable way

Vittorio Colao, minister for technological innovation

Both businesses and individuals will take advantage of the new 5G network . 5G technology should also be able to reach areas where there is less coverage today and allow the development of new services for industry 4.0, tourism, telemedicine, smart cities, automotive and agriculture 4.0. The distribution of 5G globally has already started in 2019 and in Italy the market expects 5 million users by 2021.

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