5G and microchips in the Covid vaccine: the circuit “discovered” by the Russians

5G, vaccine, microchip circuit and Russian spies: it looks like the plot of a futuristic film, but it's all true. Or at least for the conspiracy theorists it is so. Yes, because, from the latest rumors, it would seem that the Russians have discovered a microchip contained in the vaccine , created specifically to control us.

But we know that buffaloes have short legs, and in fact the surreal news was easily denied. Not that there was a need, given the absurdity of the "discovery", but in the face of the most stubborn even having proof is not enough. In any case, many users have confirmed the falsity of the news: the elusive vaccine circuit is nothing more than that of a guitar pedal .

5G and the microchip circuit in the vaccine: the mysterious post

The coronavirus vaccine hoaxes multiply and become more and more imaginative. The last one touches the limit of the absurd: the circuit of a guitar pedal has been transformed into that of a microchip contained in the vaccine. An anonymous report a few days ago on Telegra.ph reported the news that the Russians would have found and analyzed a microchip in the Covid-19 vaccine.

The post describes the chip consisting of 4 processors and 4 transistors , and the INPUT where the 5G signal arrives. “ That's how they control you, ” says the post's author. The received signal is amplified through a transistor and then moves to another processor and has an impact on the psyche. The control, according to the original recording intercepted by the author of the post, would lead to a large gain on the part of those who produced the vaccine. The chip is powered by body heat.

The 5G microchip circuit found in Pfizer's vaccine. Credits: telegra.ph
The 5G microchip circuit found in Pfizer's vaccine. Credits: telegra.ph

The virus would be activated through silicone diodes that control electricity to activate the Covid contained in the vaccine. The signal is also continuously strengthened to prevent doctors from detecting the chip. There are also commands that allow the mysterious puppeteers to update the instructions that send us to the brain, which are different for men and women. The mood of the vaccinated person affects the strength of the signal.

One of the many posts in which the news of the microchip in the vaccine is shared. Credits: Open
One of the many posts in which the news of the microchip in the vaccine is shared. Credits: Open

In short, we are talking about high engineering, a product designed so well that it is invisible to medical scanners. But not for the Russian spies, who managed to uncover the whole truth behind the vaccines and revealed the terrible news. Have you already gotten a headache from these absurd speculations?

The truth about the circuit: the guitar pedal

Although the circuit's explanations are absurd and bordering on science fiction, many no-vaxes and conspiracy theorists have taken the news seriously and shared the Russian discovery. The microchip reported, however, is nothing more than the electrical circuit of a guitar pedal , precisely a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, shared in a 2011 post in a Russian forum.

In the post explaining how the chip works, reference is made to BASS, TREBLE and VOLUME commands, used in the musical instrument. The FOOTSWITCH, named in the report, is also an element of the pedal. On Twitter the guitarist and writer Salvo di Grazia shared the news immediately realizing the reality of the facts.

The Twitter post that first exposed fake news.
The Twitter post that first exposed fake news.

Obviously you don't need to play an instrument to understand that it is not a microchip in the vaccine and that it is just the umpteenth of the coronavirus hoaxes . The problem, as always, lies in the fact that conspiracy theorists do not need to understand news, but only to share it with the certainty of finally having evidence to support their beliefs. Between 5G, control theories with Bill Gates in the middle and skepticism towards the vaccine, no-vaxes use every news as a pretext to reinforce their ideas.

It is still unclear if the author of the post transcribed the pedal circuit to make fun of conspiracy theorists or if he is really convinced. The fact remains that the news has again brought havoc and confusion when it should have remained only what it is: an absurdity that should not be given importance. In the meantime, vaccinations continue in Italy , which have now come alive and are subjected to doctors, nurses and categories at risk. The vaccine offers 8 months immunity , the same as when you get the virus.

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