559,800 yuan! Lideal MEGA goes on sale, breaking global charging record, charging 500 kilometers in 10 minutes

Just now, Li Auto officially announced the price of its first pure electric product, the Li MEGA – 559,800 yuan. At the same time, Li Xiang also made bold remarks:

Ideal MEGA will become the number one product with sales exceeding 500,000 yuan.

Regarding MEGA's "high-speed rail appearance", we have already discussed it fully before, so we will not go into details here. Today, let us focus on its internals and study why this MPV can be called the "family technology flagship."

"Top driving experience" in Li Xiang's words

Before the official release of the Ideal MEGA, the outside world had already conducted round after round of comparisons with the Xpeng X9 that had already begun delivery. The core of the discussion was nothing more than two points: ride and storage.

▲Xpeng X9

Different from the Xpeng X9, which balances "riding" and "storage", on the Ideal MEGA, "riding" has become the core, and the extremely comfortable seats are the absolute protagonist.

The highest configuration is undoubtedly the two independent seats in the second row. The backrest recline range reaches 95°, the front and rear adjustment range reaches 50 cm, and the seat cushion width reaches 53.2 cm, slightly wider than the 51 cm of the Xpeng X9, with the middle reserved A central passage is provided to facilitate entry and exit of the three rows of passengers.

In terms of configuration, the armrests and integrated leg rests of the second-row seats have heating functions, not just the seat cushions and backrests. At the same time, it comes standard with 16-point massage, 6-point on the seat cushion, and 10-point on the backrest. In addition, the armrests of both seats are equipped with 50W active cooling wireless charging panels.

Li Xiang is also proud of MEGA’s seat materials. There are 10 layers of structure from the lightweight frame at the bottom to the perforated Nappa leather at the top. Among them, the zero-pressure-sensitive sponge distributes body pressure evenly, and the lower-layer high-density pressure relief and support layer is responsible for the final round of filtering road vibrations.

The passenger seat also has good configurations. Although it lacks a heated armrest, it still retains the integrated heated leg rest and supports 12-way electric adjustment. The backrest recline angle reaches 100°. After removing the headrest, it can be combined with the second-row seats. Used with seats.

The driver's seat next to it innovatively adds soft and hard adjustment of the seat cushion while retaining massage, heating and ventilation. There are three levels of soft and hard adjustment to meet different driving needs.

As for the three rows, Li Auto has undoubtedly done its best to ensure ride comfort. With longer seat cushions, higher backrest and seat height, the seat size has reached the level of a D-class executive sedan. It also comes standard with seat heating and three soft pillows, with a backrest adjustment range of 14° and an expandable center armrest – a rare three-row configuration in MPVs.

If you want to obtain what Li Xiang calls the "top-notch driving experience," seats alone are definitely not enough. An excellent chassis and power system are also indispensable. As for MEGA's chassis, Ideal seems very confident.

Li Auto earlier mentioned in a training for front-line sales staff that the driving experience of the Xpeng X9 is not as good as that of the Li Auto MEGA, saying that its "chassis is a bit loose." In addition to the X9, Toyota Alphard and Denza D9 were also criticized by Ideal. The only competing product whose chassis was internally recognized by Ideal is the Jikrypton 009. But Ideal believes that compared with MEGA, this car is not a large MPV and can only be regarded as a medium to large one.

▲ Ji Krypton 009

Ideal MEGA has a body length of 5350mm and a wheelbase of 3300mm. Ideal said that MEGA’s effective vehicle length accounts for 70.86%, making it the largest pure electric passenger car on sale in the world.

In order to maintain power, all MEGA series are dual-motor four-wheel drive models. The front axle is a 155kW asynchronous motor and the rear axle is a 245kW permanent magnet motor. The total power of the power system is 400kW and the maximum torque is 542N·m. It drives the 2.8-ton MEGA. The "monster" is not a problem, and the acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is only 5.5 seconds.

Ideal MEGA is equipped with Magic Carpet Air Suspension Max, which adopts a front double-wishbone independent suspension, the lower swing arm adopts a split double ball joint form, and the rear is an H-arm multi-link independent suspension, providing higher support stiffness and road vibration isolation. ability.

At the same time, MEGA comes standard with dual-chamber air springs and CDC shock absorbers, which can provide two suspension styles: "Comfort Magic Carpet" and "Sports Magic Carpet", 6 suspension mode settings and multi-level height adjustment. Facing different road conditions, MEGA can automatically switch between single and dual-chamber modes. In single-chamber mode, the air spring stiffness is 30% higher than that of dual-chamber, allowing the ideal MEGA suspension to ensure comfort while also adding a sportier feel. options.

To deal with road noise, MEGA uses a new generation of Michelin e·PRIMACY 2 silent tires, which, combined with its chassis configuration and one-piece die-cast design, can effectively reduce vibration.

The basis of wind noise control is its ultra-low wind resistance drop-shaped design, with a wind resistance coefficient of only 0.215Cd. At the same time, MEGA's windshield, side windows, and panoramic canopy all use double-layer laminated sound-insulating glass, combined with 48 cavity partitions and side sliding door sealing designs, which can effectively isolate noise.

Ideal said that the Ideal MEGA is the quietest MPV in the world, with noise control exceeding that of a million-level executive sedan.

Details determine experience

After solving the noise, let’s talk about two details.

1. Audio

This time, the Ideal Audio team selected PSS high-quality speakers for MEGA among hundreds of speakers. PSS (Premium Sound Solution) speakers are suppliers of many top audio brands, including industry ceilings for car audio and the Great Berlin Sound audio used by Maybach.

As for the position of the speakers, Ideal is also very particular about it. For example, the tweeters in the front row are placed at the triangular window close to the driver's eye level to maintain a "sense of consistency" between auditory and visual attention.

For another example, when the rear entertainment screen is turned on, if the sound comes from both sides, it will be difficult to achieve the effect of "integration of sound and picture". However, Ideal innovatively arranges the speakers on both sides of the screen. When facing the screen, the sound will also come from the front. At the same time, in order to reduce interference to the driver, Ideal has specially designed a sound hood for the center speaker in the second row. Not only do the passengers in the second and third rows have clearer and more comfortable hearing, but the first row will hardly be disturbed.

In terms of bass, the Ideal audio team discovered in the early simulation stage that due to the large body of the Ideal MEGA, the traditional trunk subwoofer could not provide good results, so Ideal innovatively added two subwoofers to the front door. , making the low frequency of the entire vehicle very even.

2. Trunk

Ideal said that when fully loaded with 7 people, the MEGA's trunk can hold four 28-inch suitcases and two 20-inch suitcases. Its three rows of seats can be electrically folded forward, and after folding, it becomes a square " Storage room" can accommodate four bicycles.

If compared with the Xpeng X9, the MEGA's trunk space advantage is not obvious when the three rows of seats are unfolded, and the storage after the three rows are folded is not as beautiful as the X9.

But from a practical point of view, MEGA can expand forward when there are items in the trunk, while X9 needs to empty the trunk items first before the three rows of seats can be hidden into the floor.

Open the bottom partition, and you will find that Ideal has dug out a shallow space under the MEGA's trunk. With the official storage box, it can be used to store fragile items such as lenses, red wine, etc., which is quite convenient.

From the perspective of people and cargo, there is no essential difference between the Ideal MEGA and other MPV products, except that it is more spacious and comfortable to sit in. But it is these detailed designs that highlight quality that enable us to feel its stunning and delicate nature on MEGA.

Former Apple designer Jonathan Ive once said:

People often only pay attention to the appearance of the design and ignore the details. But it’s these details that come together to define the experience of the product.

Apple has always been a learning target for Li Xiang. He once publicly stated on Weibo, "Learn from Apple for products, learn from Tesla for business, learn from Toyota for manufacturing, learn from Huawei for organization, and learn from Microsoft for innovation."

Let users of fuel vehicles feel at ease

To reassure users of fuel vehicles, we must first reduce energy consumption.

Thanks to the low wind resistance design, the energy consumption of the Lili MEGA is only 15.9kWh per 100 kilometers, which is quite excellent for a 2.8-ton dual-motor model.

Li Auto announced that the Li Auto 5C supercharging station was officially put into use today and can be used for Li Auto MEGA and all high-voltage models that have passed safety certification (Li Auto extended-range models are not supported).

Data shows that the peak charging power of a single ideal 5C supercharging pile is up to 520kW, the peak output current is up to 740A, and the maximum output voltage is 1000V. Ideal MEGA users can use 5C charging piles to charge for 500 kilometers in 12 minutes .

"This is the fastest charging electric car in the world," Li Xiang said.

However, it should be noted that an ideal 5C supercharging station will only be equipped with 1-2 5C supercharging piles, and more will be 2C supercharging piles that can be used for all new energy models (including Li Auto’s extended-range models). However, the peak power of a single pile can also reach 250kW. On an ideal MEGA, it can be charged for 25 minutes and have a range of 500 kilometers.

As of February 25, 2024, Ideal has deployed 344 Ideal supercharging stations in 114 cities across the country, with a total of more than 1,400 charging piles.

According to Li Auto's plan, the company will build more than 700 Li Auto 5C super charging stations concentrated on highways and more than 1,300 in 2024, covering 50% of core urban areas in third-tier and above cities.

The ideal explanation for why supercharging stations are concentrated on highways is that supercharging stations are in urgent need of users with long-distance needs. Li Xiang said at the press conference, "We want users of fuel vehicles to buy ideal electric vehicles with confidence."

It is worth mentioning that unlike other car companies' energy replenishment layout, Ideal plans each charging station or charging unit according to a commercial closed loop. It invests in basic construction in the early stage and obtains revenue through high-frequency energy replenishment by users in the later stage. Each charging station will become an ideal profit-making unit in the future. ,

Li Xiang is even "openly soliciting investment", saying that the ideal city super charging station adopts a franchise model, and "everyone can make money together."

"First of all, there must be a complete and positive business closed loop to ensure the sustainability of Li Auto's land and power expansion and to continue to serve users. We believe that this is the prerequisite for a positive business closed loop." Li Auto Vice President and Sun Guangmin, head of the charging network, said during last year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

Being able to make money is the biggest advantage of today's ideal cars . Ideal believes that MEGA’s supercharging experience makes it possible for electric vehicles to replace fuel vehicles on a large scale.

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