5.5G is officially commercially available! Adding 0.5G will not only make your network speed ten times faster

5G has not been used for a few years, and 5.5G, which is even stronger than 5G, is here.

On March 28 , China Mobile launched the world's first commercial deployment of 5.5G in Hangzhou and announced the first batch of 100 cities with 5.5G network commercial deployment.

China Mobile also announced that this year will be the first year of 5.5G commercial use.

On the same day, OPPO officially announced that its entire OPPO Find X7 series is the first to support 5.5G communications, and the newly launched OPPO Find X7 Ultra satellite communications version will be the first to support 5.5G .

Big update of " 0.5G "

5.5G , also known as 5G-A (full name: 5G-Advanced ), is a key stage in the evolution from 5G to 6G. Compared with 5G , 5.5G has higher speed, larger connection and lower delay.

5.5G is still a 5G standard, but the speed is faster than 5G . According to China Mobile, the peak rate of 5.5G can be up to ten times that of 5G , with the potential of up to 10Gbps downlink speed and 1Gbps uplink speed.

Tongyu Communications stated that the upgrade of 5.5G products is mainly an upgrade of the frequency band and adjustments to the structure, precision components, materials and other aspects of the base station antenna.

In fact, in the middle and late 4G era, we also experienced " 4.5G " upgrades. The life cycle of mobile communication technology 1 " G " is as long as ten years. Due to the large technological gap between generations, " 0.5G " upgrades often occur at the intermediate time point.

Currently, the three major operators are all starting to deploy 5.5G , and China Mobile strives to achieve full commercial use of 5.5G by the end of 2026 .

Faster internet and more features

5.5G can bring the biggest changes to consumers. The first is the huge improvement in network speed, which is the most intuitive manifestation on the terminal side. If the theoretical speed can be achieved, a 10 Gb movie can be downloaded in just one second.

▲ Turn on 5.5G vivo X100 Pro

In addition to network speed, 5.5G will also bring more profound changes and accelerate the arrival of the "smart era".

Jin Wei, director of Huawei's Beijing Carrier Solution Sales Department, said that 5.5G technology makes it possible to introduce real-time translation, digital human and other AI technologies into calls.

In addition, thanks to stronger network speeds, 5.5G will also provide a better experience in areas such as real-time 3D rendering, game content loading, and sports coordination.

Accelerate the arrival of the era of "Intelligence of Everything"

In addition to communication technology, 5.5G can also help the development and progress of the "Internet of Things" and realize the "intelligent connection of everything".

5.5G not only enhances the communication experience, but also senses and captures the environment like radar, achieving a synaesthesia integration of "communication + perception".

5. The improvement of 5G sensing capabilities is due to the expansion of 5G spectrum to millimeter waves and the continuous reduction of wavelengths. After realizing 5.5G , communication base stations and terminals can add radar-like sensing capabilities to their original cellular mobile communication capabilities.

Synaesthesia can also be used in autonomous driving to provide cars with a larger perception range. It can also sense traffic flow in real time through network nodes, making it faster and more convenient to dispatch vehicles.

▲ Driverless sightseeing bus using 5.5G technology (Source: CCTV)

Smart home devices can use signals from base stations or routers to finely perceive changes in people and the environment, intelligently identify the activities of family members, automatically adjust the home environment, and even detect sleep quality.

In terms of social governance, synaesthesia integration can realize environmental monitoring such as rainfall, polluted gases, and air quality, and can also assist urban public management.

If you want to use it, you may not need to buy a new phone

In addition to OPPO , Xiaomi 14 Ultra , iQOO 12 , iQOO Neo9 , vivo X Fold 3 , vivo X100 and other models have officially announced support for 5.5G , and will gradually support 5.5G through OTA .

▲ Xiaomi 14 Ultra with 5.5G enabled

Mobile phones equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor or the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip equipped with the X75 baseband chip directly support 5.5G . You can wait for relevant official announcements and OTA updates. Some mobile phones equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chips, such as vivo X Fold 3 and iQOO Neo9 , have also officially announced support for 5.5G , so other 8 Gen 2 chip mobile phones may also be adapted to support it.

According to blogger @digitalchatstation , Huawei mobile phones equipped with Kirin chips are also expected to support 5.5G and can be verified by speed testing after the release of the Huawei P70 series.

As for the iPhone camp, 9to5Mac reported that the iPhone 16 Pro series may be equipped with Qualcomm X75 baseband, so it is expected to support 5.5G . As for other models, it is not clear whether they will be supported in the future.

Currently, China Mobile has 10,000 5.5G experience quotas open. Customers can apply for a 5.5G commercial gift package for free through the China Mobile APP , including 100G traffic for 12 months. Would you like to be the first to experience it? Chat in the comment section.

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