460,000 ideal L9, to benchmark the million-level BMW X7 and Maybach GLS, why?

Debates such as "dumplings or glutinous rice balls" and "sweet and salty tofu brains" happen every year.

This is not difficult to understand. China is a country with a large population. There are differences in the food culture and dietary needs of consumers in different regions.

▲By the way, let me state my position: I am a dumpling party

The same is true for the automotive market, where consumer needs vary. Facing the huge market in China, car manufacturers usually launch different models to cover the needs of more consumers and gain a higher market share. Such as sedans, SUVs, etc., and even further subdivided models such as compact cars and performance cars.

Many newly established brands also do this. To open up the passenger car market through the expansion of models, work hard in the direction of "large and comprehensive", and then make some targeted actions after achieving the growth of overall sales.

If you want to become bigger and stronger, of course you have to sell meat dumplings and sweet dumplings together.

But Li Xiang didn't think that way. His idea might be a bit special.

Since its establishment in 2015, Li Auto has only released the Li Li ONE product , but with this product alone, it has successfully ranked among the top three new forces, and has become the only "Weixiaoli" that has achieved quarterly profitability. brand.

This may be, "one trick, eat all over the sky".

When Lixiang ONE was released in 2018, Li Xiang, CEO of Lixiang, said, "Only this car will be sold in the next three years." What about three years later?

Sofa, TV, game console, is this the living room?

Just now, Li Auto officially released its second model Li Li L9, priced at 459,800 yuan.

Like its big brother, the Ideal ONE, the Ideal L9 is positioned as a full-size SUV. In Li Xiang's words, this is " the best family flagship SUV within 5 million ."

Since it is positioned as "home", in terms of comfort configuration, the Ideal L9 will certainly not lag behind.

The ideal L9 adopts a six-seat layout of "2+2+2". All six seats in the car are equipped with electric adjustment and seat heating. You read that right, there are also third-row seats. It's just that the cushions of the third-row seats are thinner, so there is a question mark in terms of comfort.

The configuration of the front two rows of seats is naturally higher, adding seat ventilation and ten-point massage. The most luxurious configuration of the whole car is the right seat in the second row, which is equipped with four-way electric leg rests, and there is a well-designed small table in the front, which has a little business class feeling.

It should be noted that the seat on the left side of the second row does not have leg rests, which may be because the front driver's seat cannot be folded forward like the passenger seat, and passengers do not have enough space to use the leg rest comfortably.

The second-row seats of the ideal L9 also have a rare configuration in the same class–refrigeration and heating dual-use rear refrigerator. Seeing it, I thought, the correct usage of the ideal L9 second row seat might be like this:

On the left, a child safety seat is installed for the baby at home. The wife sits on the right and takes care of it. When needed, she takes out the right temperature milk from the refrigerator and feeds the human cub. At leisure, you can raise the leg rest, open the seat for massage, and fix an iPad on the small table to pass the time.

No, the ideal L9 has a 15.7-inch rear cabin entertainment screen on top, shouldn't it need an iPad?

That's right, this is part of the ideal L9's "five-screen three-dimensional space interaction". Ideal L9's home smart cockpit is equipped with two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips as standard, with 24GB of memory and 256GB of storage, and supports switching between dual 5G operators to ensure real-time online access to the network.

There are a total of 5 screens in the ideal L9 car. Among them, the three 15.7-inch OLED screens of the central control, co-pilot and rear cabin can be directly connected to the Switch through the Type-C interface. Nah, that's probably how it looks like.

If you don't want to play Switch, the Ideal L9 also prepares a 220V power supply in the car, with an HDMI to Type-C adapter cable, you can choose whatever you want.

In the scene depicted by the ideal official, "spending game time with family" is the biggest meaning of this screen. In my opinion, the screen prepared by the ideal L9 is indeed very suitable for married male friends——

What? Wife won't let you play games? Take down the PS5, let's play secretly in the car.

▲You can use PS5 on the ideal L9 to play the old ring

Playing games, sound is also very important. The ideal L9 car adopts a 7.3.4 panoramic sound layout, which consists of 7 sets of speakers to form a full car surround, 3 subwoofers to form a bass matrix, 4 top speakers to form a sky surround, and the maximum power of the amplifier reaches 2160W.

Although this set of speakers is not as good as a real "million dollar car", it is also excellent.

Oh, it's a "living room" for the road

So much for the entertainment part, let's talk about the driving part.

The Ideal L9 did not use the Dongan Power 1.2T three-cylinder engine on the Ideal ONE, but instead used the ideal self-developed 1.5T four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 113kW and a thermal efficiency of 40.5%.

Ideally, in fuel mode, the thermal engine energy consumption of the ideal L9 is 5.9L/100km (CLTC condition).

In the motor part, the ideal L9 adopts a dual-motor four-wheel drive system. The maximum power of the front and rear drive motors is 130kW and 200kW respectively, the total power is 330kW (442 horsepower), and the torque reaches 620N m. The official 0-100km/h acceleration time is 5.3 seconds.

It can be found that compared to the ideal ONE, the ideal L9 has a great improvement in power . The total power of the ideal ONE's power system is 245kW (328 horsepower), the total torque is 455N m, and the zero-to-100 acceleration time is 6.5 seconds; in terms of fuel consumption, the official fuel consumption of the ideal ONE reaches 8.2L/100km.

In terms of battery, the Ideal L9 is not much larger than the Ideal ONE. The former uses a 44.5kWh battery pack and the latter is 40.5kWh. Official data shows that the ideal L9 has a pure electric range of 180km and a fuel range of 1,100km under comprehensive conditions (both in WLTC conditions).

In terms of chassis, the front double wishbone and rear five-link suspension structure can provide good riding comfort, and standard CDC continuously adjustable damping and vibration reduction can automatically adjust the damping in milliseconds according to road vibration feedback .

In order to better control the entire set of hardware, the Ideal L9 adopts the fully self-developed XCU central domain controller, which can quickly process complex vehicle information and precisely control the vehicle during the driving process.

The ideal L9's suspension also has a small highlight. Its air spring can automatically lower the body at high speeds, saving energy and improving handling. When parking, the body can be lowered more greatly, which is convenient for loading and unloading luggage and getting on and off for the elderly .

The "five-screen" in the "five-screen three-dimensional space interaction" mentioned earlier also includes the head-up display and the safe driving interactive screen on the steering wheel.

Li Xiang affirmed the head-up display of the ideal L9 at the press conference, calling it "the most beautiful head-up display in the interface ", which can clearly provide the driver with driving information such as navigation, assisted driving, speed, and gear position; The safe driving interactive screen below can additionally display vehicle information such as remaining cruising range, comprehensive fuel consumption, and switch driving modes.

Before that, the intelligent driving part was the weakest part of the ideal ONE. This time, Li Xiang gave Lixiang L9 a big boost.

Li Li L9 will be equipped with Li Li AD Max intelligent driving system as standard , equipped with 1 forward-facing 128-line LiDAR, 6 8-megapixel cameras and 5 2-megapixel cameras, as well as 1 forward-facing millimeter-wave radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors , which can realize all-round perception of the surrounding of the vehicle body.

Not only that, the Ideal L9 also prepared dual NVIDIA Orin-X computing power chips, with a total computing power of 508TOPS, which can process the fusion signals of various sensors in real time.

At the press conference, Li Xiang showed us a video of the ideal L9 driving at a speed of 100km/h on a night road without street lights. Then, it accurately identified the obstacle ahead – it was a car in the middle of the road, and the bottom of the car was facing the ideal L9. Finally, the ideal L9 successfully stopped in front of the obstacle, and the whole process was calm and smooth .

Li Xiang said, "Even an old driver may not be able to perform like this."

More "ideal ONE" than ideal ONE

In February of this year, Li Xiang said this at Li Auto's earnings conference call:

The ideal car's strategic feature is focus.

Leaving the auto home he founded, and establishing an ideal car with the mission of "creating a mobile home", Li Xiang seems to be on the line with the word "home".

I believe that many people will laugh when they hear the phrase "the ideal L9 is the best family flagship SUV within 5 million. After all, the price of the ideal L9 is far less than 5 million."

At the press conference, Li wanted to use the BMW X7 and Maybach GLS SUV to compare with the ideal L9, and believed that the ideal L9 was no less than two million-dollar luxury cars. is that so? Yes, if the conditions are limited to "household" .

The two "big brothers" have these configurations of the standard electric suction door of the ideal L9, but they can't connect to the PS5, right? Can't play Switch as a family? There is no ideal L9 convenience for going out camping, right? That's right, as long as the conditions are limited to "household", the ideal L9 is the only one.

For 6 people to travel long distances in comfort, the Ideal L9 can do it perfectly.

Li Xiang said at the press conference tonight that the ideal L9 is the most perfect family SUV in his eyes. If Li Xiang still has any regrets on the ideal ONE, then today's ideal L9 can be regarded as making up for these regrets .

Unlike Li Bin and He Xiaopeng, Li Xiang did not expand his product line, nor did he research flying cars. What he came up with was a "zongzi" that could cater to the tastes of most Chinese people.

Ideal L9, this "zongzi", will not only like sweet dumplings, but also meat dumplings.

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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