3D printing of buildings, the SIDI course on the construction technique of the future

3D printing of buildings and infrastructures is increasingly a reality. Just think of the examples of the new neighborhood built with this technology in California or the Shanghai pedestrian bridge . This innovation process began with the aim of reducing labor costs on site, currently the prevailing percentage of expenditure costs, and to eliminate human error in the execution phase. The automation of the construction process is one of the most discussed issues and until recently the only solution was prefabrication. Although the latter almost totally reduces errors on site, it does not reduce costs, on the contrary it increases them, requiring more and more specialized workers.

3D printing of buildings

The SIDI (Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation), within the School of Disruption , allows engineers, architects and designers to get to know this technology. Today, 3D printing of buildings is one of the rapidly growing construction technologies; those who know and handle it have the opportunity to become a leader in the sector in a short time. Italy, despite being a country strongly linked to construction, unfortunately has little interest in innovation and this course can immediately give the technicians the weapons to differentiate themselves from competitors .

The mission of SIDI

SIDI has as its objective the scientific investigation and the proposal of exclusive courses for the preparation of technicians and researchers for their educational growth. The Institute's intention is to provide the right support to businesses and professionals to help them overcome the challenges of the future, so that a significant and positive change in the socio-economic fabric is produced. In fact, the keywords with which SIDI presents itself to the world are: " Unleash your growth potential ". The institute is made up of a group of researchers, developers and innovators who make themselves available to students to implement their skills in the sector and create a network between professionals. Under this perspective, the School of Disruption was born, the body belonging to SIDI that delivers the courses.

3D printing of buildings

Each course offered allows you to acquire unique and valid skills in the international field. At the end of each course, such as the “ 3D Printing of buildings ” one, SIDI issues a personalized certificate that can be used in the workplace, to be attached, obviously, to one's CV. All courses are available on demand forever, at any time and place of the day and access is for life. Those of SIDI are courses that differ from the others, which fill our social message boards every day, as they seriously provide real and expendable skills, without making unrealizable promises.

The 3D printing of buildings and the unique skills that the course offers

The course on 3D printing of buildings consists of 27 specific lessons, downloadable and always accessible. The videolessons are held by Pietro Veragouth, one of the founders of SIDI and an expert in the sector and technology. The cost will be halved for a short time, with a discount of 50%, bringing the price from € 297.00 to € 148.50 . Subscription to the course allows unlimited access to a private LinkedIn group where it is possible to compare with other students or with the same instructor of the lessons. The topics of the "3D Painting of Buildings" course are:

  • Why build in 3D nowadays?
  • Introduction to 3D construction
  • Basics of 3D printing
  • Types of printers
  • Building materials for 3D printing
  • The impact of a 3D printed construction
  • The future of this technology
  • Tips to start using it

The chance to learn from an expert in the field of 3D Building Printing

3D printing of buildings

The instructor of the course is Pietro Varagouth, one of the founders of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation . Expert in the field of 3D printing of buildings, he is an entrepreneur, innovator and inventor. He holds over 15 patents in the field of augmented reality, holographic projection and telepresence and owns 4 companies born from his inventions. He was also one of the international pioneers of sustainable construction engineering. The users who attended the course, like many SIDI students in general, were amazed by the innovative technologies that are taught.

The other SIDI courses

All the courses of the Institute, such as the one for 3D printing of buildings, allow you to have a certificate and can be used on-demand wherever you want. In addition to the one mentioned above, SIDI courses range from “Space Architecture & Design” to parametric architecture, passing through the manipulation of DNA. Each School of Disruption course is practical and completely focused on the content offered. Each Instructor is a researcher and an innovator who has made innovation his life mission.

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