372.3 billion! I participated in the biggest gold game ever

Yi Yang Qianxi and Zhang Yixing sang handsomely, Sun Yue cheered Yue Yunpeng in cross talk, Eason Chan and Li Yuchun took the stage to sing, most of the entertainment stars appeared on the TV screen, and the audience was excited to grab red envelopes on the phone screen…

On this festive season, let me say for you: Good New Year! No, it should be "Happy Double Eleven, the last person."

Just last night, four double eleven evenings were held at the same time. The five satellite TVs broadcasted together, almost covering the top ten of the hot search for the whole night. It is no wonder that netizens called "this double eleven is like the New Year."

The star lineup of this year's Double Eleven Gala is comparable to the Spring Festival Gala, but unlike the Spring Festival Gala, the consumer festival carnival begins after zero o'clock.

At 0:30 , Tmall ’s turnover from November 1 to 11 has exceeded 372.3 billion , and JD.com has also exceeded 200 billion . At this moment, the number is still rising.

This is the longest double eleven shopping festival. Each shopping cart tells different joys and sorrows, and carries the most intimate joy .

Behind the 583,000 orders that came in at the highest in one second, 4.481 million people searched Taobao for "girlfriends like", and "paternity test" also appeared 4261 times in the search box.

The turnover of JK, Hanfu, and Lolita surpassed that of women's shirts, but the men who bought these clothes are likely to be the big men. Among them, men in Zhejiang prefer to buy women's clothing.

If the Spring Festival Gala is a party for the people of the whole country, then the Double Eleven Gala is a carnival of consumerism. Together, we participated in the largest krypton gold game in history, seamlessly switching between "beating workers" and "finalists" .

4 double eleven parties a night, the most lively double eleven in history

There are 4 double eleven evenings in one night. Five Davids will join in collectively. This is the first time since Tmall held the first Double Eleven evening in 2015.

If you count the warm-up that started in late October, there will be at least 8 evening parties on Double Eleven this year, which also broke records. In addition to Tmall Jingdong, Kuaishou, Douyin and Pinduoduo also joined the ranks.

What’s interesting is that in the 12th year of the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, as the mobile Internet is gradually becoming popular and the TV startup rate is getting lower and lower today, more and more Internet companies choose to host a party with TV stations. Give yourself a boost for Double Eleven.

This can be said to be one of the biggest differences between this year's Double Eleven and previous years, and behind the most lively Double Eleven in history is actually the change in the consumption environment.

As early as October 21, this year's Double Eleven kicked off. After Tmall announced the opening of pre-sales, other platforms followed suit. Kuaishou fired the first shot on the 30th and organized its first Double Eleven party with Jiangsu Satellite TV. The lineup of stars such as Li Yuchun, Di Lieba and Zhou Bichang did not lose to other platforms.

▲ Picture from: Interface News

And the important theme of the Kuaishou party is selling goods. The relevant person in charge of Kuaishou e-commerce will make this party for the first time tailor-made for potential sellers.

Although the Double Eleven Shopping Festival was first proposed by Ali, it has now become a symbol of consumption, and almost any platform with e-commerce business cannot be ignored. It is natural for these platforms to seize this node for promotion, but why do they have to hold a party?

On the one hand, the double eleven pre-sale time is lengthened, and e-commerce platforms need to create a greater "festival atmosphere" to continue to join consumers in this carnival. The function of the party in shaping the sense of ritual in the festival has been It was verified by various Mid-Autumn Festival and New Year's Eve parties.

On the other hand, the mobile Internet has entered the so-called "second half." An important sign is that the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, and the cost of acquiring customers is also rising. In addition, because of the emergence of live broadcast e-commerce, new and increasingly competitive tracks, these The platform also needs an opportunity to compete for attention and shape brand awareness.

The Double Eleven party itself is a stage that integrates entertainment and consumption. Just like Neil Bozeman said in "Entertainment to Death", all public discourse appears in an increasingly entertaining way and becomes a culture spirit.

Entertainment is the best way to make consumers accept sales. This is why e-commerce companies such as Tmall Pinduoduo are enthusiastic about integrating various gameplay into their apps. This year's double eleven cat raising game has become the fastest game in history to break 500 million users.

In addition to games, the Double Eleven Gala, which is very similar to the Spring Festival Gala, is also popular among Chinese people. For short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou that not only need to achieve content out of the circle, but also open up e-commerce business, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Consumerism's "Spring Festival Gala"

Double Eleven is like a Chinese New Year, and Double Eleven is like a Spring Festival Gala. The formation of such a perception is not accidental. After the birth of the Spring Festival Gala, it has gradually become a new folk ceremony in the traditional festival of the Spring Festival. It can be said that it is the best example to learn from the Double Eleven Gala.

In the second year when Feng Xiaogang was the director of the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Tmall invited him to take charge of the first Double Eleven Gala. This is the best proof. It is also Feng Xiaogang who laid the tone for the "Entertainment + Consumption" of the Double Eleven Gala , And interact more with the audience.

Feng Xiaogang said in an interview in 2015 that Double Eleven may become a global holiday in the future.

The Spring Festival is handed down by our ancestors. One hundred years later, children will say that Double 11 is handed down by our ancestors. All of us here are the ancestors of the Double Eleven Festival.

A hundred years later, it is too far, but in the near future, Double Eleven may indeed become a widely recognized traditional festival. It is often said that such artificial festivals cannot be compared with festivals with profound historical accumulation, but as Liang Wendao said , are there any festivals strictly speaking that are not artificial?

The Spring Festival and a series of traditional Chinese festivals are the products of farming culture, and the agricultural society for thousands of years gave birth to this traditional folk custom ceremony. The birth of Western festivals such as Christmas is closely related to religion.

However, as the times change, the sense of ritual of these traditional festivals will also change. The Spring Festival Gala has become a new ritual for bringing family together during the Spring Festival. Although the cultural soil that cultivates the sense of ritual of the festival is different, spreading this sense of ritual is still indispensable in maintaining people's cultural identity with the festival.

The famous communication scholar James Kerry once pointed out that the communication of rituals is a sacred ceremony that draws people together in a group or a common identity. It is not simply sharing information, but a representation of faith.

Today, when consumption has become the biggest belief of this era , more traditional festivals are also driven by consumer culture .

Christmas is one of the representatives. Today, Santa Claus in red and white clothes has become an iconic symbol of Christmas. But in fact, this was originally just a cartoon character created by Coca-Cola to promote the product at the time. It was Coca-Cola's crazy marketing that reshaped the sense of Christmas ritual.

This is especially true for Double Eleven. As a festival that is entirely for consumption, it also needs a ceremony to build people's cultural identity with this shopping festival, while amplifying people's irrational emotions and immersing themselves in the pleasure of entertainment and consumption .

This requires a symbol similar to "Santa Claus". For Double Eleven, this symbol is now the Double Eleven party. Therefore, major platforms are competing for the definition of this symbol. At present, it seems that the Double Eleven created by Tmall is most likely to become another "Santa Claus."

But when a holiday symbol is widely recognized, its creator may no longer be important, just as many people today no longer remember that the image of Santa Claus was created by Coca-Cola.

On the eve of the Double Eleven party, the dispute between Ali and JD.com regarding the ownership of the "Double Eleven" trademark was heard in Beijing Intellectual Property Court.

JD believes that "Double Eleven" is a public language, and the whole society participates together and should not fall into the scope of private power monopoly. Ali advocates that he is the creator of the "Double Eleven Shopping Festival". It is his huge investment that makes Double Eleven so influential.

Regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, it is almost a foregone conclusion that Double Eleven will become a new festival when consumption is prevalent. The Double Eleven Gala is a consumerist Spring Festival Gala, which has become a new folk custom born in consumer culture.

Should we resist consumerism?

As Double Eleven gets more and more lively and transaction volume hits new highs time after time, we are getting closer and closer to the " consumer society " described by French sociologist Jean Baudrillard.

In Baudrillard’s view, what people consume is not a material product, but a symbol, and everything that can become a symbol for human consumption . The business center combines different symbols to create an overall atmosphere that stimulates consumption.

If Double Eleven is a symbol of consumerism, then Double Eleven Gala is the commercial center that creates an atmosphere, forming a consumer society with commodity consumption as the main social model, and building a cultural system on consumption.

In the screen-scrolling promotional film "After the Waves" at Station B of the May Fourth Youth Day, the fruits of modern civilization that can be enjoyed to the fullest, the right of choice that the former waves dream of, are actually realized through various consumer behaviors, and station B is therefore Being questioned is advocating consumerism.

It's just that it doesn't simply let you buy, buy, buy, but to shape a kind of value identity, and subtly form a yardstick to judge yourself. In Baudrillard’s words, consumption is the orderly coding of status and identity, and people demonstrate different social identities through the symbolic value of consumption objects.

The prevalence of consumerism can be said to be a necessary stage in the development of a country and society. At the beginning, it was just a neutral term. Nowadays, most public opinion is critical of consumerism, but the biggest consumerism carnival every year is almost universally participated. .

Should consumerism be resisted? This is not a black and white question. Just like "talking about toxicity without a dose is a hooliganism", consumerism is a double-edged sword. Material enjoyment, pastime, and pleasure are what everyone needs. Yes, but the key lies in uncontrollable.

Just as Sun Xiaoji, the author of the book "Shopping Fierce" , said in an interview with Interface Culture :

China is still such a consumption-driven vanity society. The prerequisite for the existence of symbolic consumption in a consumer society is human nature-I want to get the praise and admiration of people around me. When this forms a social consensus and further becomes a social rule, it will become a very vital mechanism, which will constantly renew itself and push society forward.

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