300 yuan a meal, and you have to cook it yourself. Why do young people still like it?

Learn to cook, New Oriental, there is a good place, 800 stainless steel stoves, 200 masters with strong skills. New Oriental is large in scale, with 200,000 students all over the world, there are many benefits to learning a good cook, but there are many benefits that can't be said. The job is stable and high income, and lifetime employment is guaranteed and guaranteed!

Any kid who loved to watch TV as a child has probably been "brainwashed" by New Oriental advertisements. Some of them may also have related chef dreams. If they do not study well, then it seems that New Oriental is a way out?

Unlike the culinary schools that were extensively brainwashed back then, the classrooms where young people learn to cook today are much more elaborate.

▲ The desserts made in the classroom are accompanied by the production date. The picture is provided by the interviewee

Spend 300 yuan, just cook a meal for learning

What are you cooking for?

If you ask this question to the elders at home, you will get a very life-like answer 80% of the time.

Cooking at home is cheap and rest assured, restaurants all over the world are expensive.

There are many high-oil, high-salt and MSG outside, so you can cook and eat well at home.

It is unhealthy to ask for takeout every day, so you can cook by yourself and rest assured, that is life.

But for the social animals working hard in the urban steel jungle, cooking is too extravagant. The predecessor’s working day from nine to five, finishing a hard day’s work and going home to cook is called life. This generation of people working from nine to nine, after cooking at 11 o’clock, washing dishes at 12 o’clock, and continuing to work the next day is called "Living burden" means that while carrying the burden, he must accept the warning from his parents that "eating too late is unhealthy."

Therefore, cooking is a very extravagant thing for today's young people. It may be more expensive than going to restaurants and ordering takeout. After all, everyone regards their labor costs as very valuable.

Today’s young people, the cost of cooking may be as high as 300 yuan. It's not that young people start cooking with Boston lobster, but the tuition for one cooking may be 300 yuan.

The first time I heard from a friend that she had a cooking course of nearly 2,000, I thought it was a three-month cooking course. At that time, I thought the price of this course was fair and very cheap. But after discovering that this course only has six classes, each class is two hours, and one class costs about 300, I suspected that my friend was cheated.

▲ The classroom where a friend is attending is also different from the cooking classroom in my impression

She persuaded me with many reasons, trying to make me think this is a great course. For example, the classroom environment is good, not in remote suburbs, just in the center of the universe CBD; for example, the teacher's attitude is good, you are a god rather than a student; and the cooking process is pleasant, without a lot of tedious preparation for the aftermath.

But after listening to what she said, I was even more worried. A seemingly tall cooking environment, the clerk has a good attitude, and the cooking process is pleasant. I very much doubt that this is a course where I can't learn any cooking skills, but the sales staff is very good at speaking.

After finding that he couldn't convince me, my friend decided to take me to an experience class: "You'll know after the class."

Cooking by yourself is not cheap, just for fun

The "school" that collects such expensive tuition is called ABC Cooking Studio. The place for the experience class is in Guangzhou Tianhuan Plaza. Downstairs is the Apple store directly operated by Gaoda. The rent is expensive.

My friend explained to me that as long as she brings a user who has never been exposed to such courses to experience the course, then she can have a cooking class for free, and new users only need 60 tuition.

▲ The cake made by the respondent in the experience class

The extremely low cost of bringing in new products, the extremely high operating cost, and the selection of high-value users, my suspicion is not weakened by her explanation.

But as the course progressed, I did understand why this course dared to sell for such a high price.

If you pay attention to your surroundings, you will find that shops in the mall today are less and less private. In addition to the need for adequate exposure for clothing shops, fitness venues like Super Gorilla and cooking studios like ABC Cooking have also begun to walk through the windows in a bright and clean style. Open the window, let passersby look at the core business of the brand, and use customers to attract customers.

Everyone can get a disposable woven apron in the classroom, and a small class of 4 people just share a cooking table.

Before you come to the cooking table, all the ingredients and kitchen utensils needed in the cooking process have been prepared, and the teacher is already waiting for you with a smile.

In the whole cooking process, you only need to enjoy the most essential part, sift the flour, stir the butter, shape the bread, and wait for it to be baked. If you are taking a baking experience course, you need to mix and stir the weighed ingredients under the guidance of the teacher. If it is fried dishes, then basically only need to be responsible for adjusting the seasoning, processing the dishes, frying and cooking.

After experiencing it myself, I basically dismissed the idea that the 300 yuan course was basically a lie. After all, the whole cooking process is thoughtless, pleasant and uncompressed. If you think about the expensive land rent, it seems that the price is not so unacceptable.

▲ The finished cake can be taken away, and a process introduction sheet is also included

My friend talked about the reason why he likes this course from his own perspective.

For her, a similar cooking course allows her to escape the cramped small kitchen of the rental house, which is too crowded to cook. In this case, going to a beautiful classroom to do one or two baking is just enough to meet her needs. In addition, the atmosphere of the first experience class was very good. From the teacher's service to the setting of the scene, she felt very relieved.

I think the biggest reason is the interest and sharing of these two points. The classroom experience is also very good. I have learned a few lessons so far, I am a little bit planning to continue buying lessons. Think about the unremarkable weekend, because I learned a nice and delicious dessert after going to class, and I feel that the worries of that week are far away from me when I finish it.

She herself felt that the price of the 300 course was too high, but she was still willing to bear it. Even in addition to the baking courses she signed up for, when she saw a cooking course that she liked, she would pay for a table of dishes that she had never encountered before.

▲ Respondents provide pictures

Business tailored for young people, easy and delicate

It does not save money, but it saves trouble. This is an important reason why people choose to "spend money to cook." Just like the marketing campaign "Escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou" many years ago, the popularity of similar businesses today is to "escape from the small kitchen in the rental house." To escape from the cooking process where there are many jobs before and after, just enjoy the beauty of pure cooking.

An office worker who also cooks on weekdays also felt very good after experiencing this course, but she made it very clear that this kind of beauty was bought with money.

If you do the same work at home, you will find that the weighing of materials such as flour will take a lot of time, tedious and troublesome. After making a cake, watching the kitchen utensils waiting to be cleaned will be even more broken. The two-hour baking experience you spend money to experience is with filters, and the four-hour ultra-long front of your own offline collapse is the real baking process.

So I think this experience is worth it. The spacious kitchen, the staff who prepare everything in advance, and the aunt who washes the dishes for you at any time, the cost of having these in real life is too high, and I am unlikely to have them. So I'm still willing to spend money to refresh myself.

▲ The tools needed in the cooking process are all ready

In this bright and clean "classroom", everything is ready for you. There are not only patient teachers, good ingredients covered with plastic wrap, and a photo environment suitable for posting to Moments. Each setting is a standard love life configuration, which makes you feel that the whole process is decompressed and beautiful.

▲ A good photo booth in the store allows customers to take good enough pictures of the finished product

In recent years, there have been more and more similar cooking and baking studios. Whether it is learning how to decorate cakes or how to fry steak, it is a kind of petty bourgeois course.

But the best one is Japan’s ABC Cooking Studio. This brand with stores in first- and second-tier cities in China is the number one cooking class in Japan. It already has categories such as cooking, bread, cake, parent-child, etc. Basically, everyone who wants to get started can find the field they want to try.

▲ A variety of categories that can be selected in the ABC mini program

This company, which was founded almost 50 years ago, is constantly exploring some new possibilities. For example, cooking courses for people with diabetes, in addition to strict management of carbon water, can also allow special people to start baking. In terms of category richness and refined product types, Chinese startups are not rivals of ABC.

But the success of companies like ABC actually means more. The tedious work in daily life is dismantled and built into a simple and trouble-free experience service. The original daily work becomes a business. Compared with the full-time schools of New Oriental, this kind of cooking workshop is more suitable for young people with consumption ability today, and the exquisite and sharing atmosphere is more suitable for today's consumption rhythm.

▲ Picture from: CNBC

From cooking to save money to spending more money for cooking, young people have more and more hobbies and are getting better and better.

The picture is from Vox

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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