2023 WeChat Open Class PRO: Ma Huateng’s “most eye-catching” video account, summarizing today

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This is especially evident in the WeChat public class PRO. The mini-programs and games that used to be the opening topic lost to the video account, and the corporate WeChat that is more suitable for business vitality has to be moved back. Even the connection to the internal ecology has a strategy The search for status was also put at noon.

Now, the transcript that the WeChat Open Class PRO most wants to show has become a video number.

The video account that Ma Huateng said is "WXG's most eye-catching business" and "basically everyone (Tencent) hopes".

The video account is close to the circle of friends, this is a short video of WeChat

The content ecology of the video account and the growth of the author became the opening topic of this WeChat open class PRO. The starting time is later than others, and standing on the shoulders of giants, this is the difference between the video account and similar products. These two differences allow the video account to hand over such a report card:

Video account users spent 80% more time than Moments; video creators’ activity increased by 100%; recommended playback volume increased by 400%.

Relying on the traffic of WeChat and the usage habits of users, creators are more accustomed to posting videos on WeChat, and users are also more accustomed to watching videos on WeChat. Among them, many component functions of corporate WeChat, subscription accounts, and small programs can become the traffic entrance of the video account, and the video account can also bring users back to the ecosystem to complete monetization.

In 2022, the number of daily active creators of WeChat video accounts and the average daily video upload volume will both increase by more than 100% year-on-year. This report card also shows that the content of the video account has become richer from the pan-information content-the pan-entertainment content has more than 185% of the playback volume, the pan-life content has increased by 291% year-on-year, and the pan-knowledge content has increased by 109% year-on-year; An increase of 237%.

Similar to the original protection mechanism of the subscription account, the original statement function is also launched on the video account. The protection of original content has increased the playback volume of original content on video accounts by 350% in 2022.

The Polaris Project launched in the middle of 2022 has also been promoted again. This is like the help of e-commerce platforms to attract people. The video account allows you to attract people to create.

To attract new creators, the video account will also give corresponding traffic support and bonus incentives. At the same time, the life cycle service tools for creators have also been improved. Creators can see exclusive growth tasks, author weekly reports, and growth tasks in the creator center, and cross the video account "novice level".

As for the two issues most concerned by video account creators, how to make money and how to protect original content, video accounts have also shown their "muscles".

0-100, 100-1000, 1000-10000, 10000+, this is the number of fans divided by the current video account, and the platform also provides different monetization plans and monetization functions for different fans:

  • For 0-100 creators, the most important thing is to open live broadcast rewards and live broadcast delivery rights;
  • 100-1000 creators can open the video monetization task permission, not just by themselves;
  • 1000-10000 creators, open the product sharing permission, how to make money is more free, these creators can try more;
  • 10,000+ creators have greater bargaining power, and they can also enable mutual selection of advertising permissions, and both parties can make more money by reaching an agreement.

Similar to the original protection mechanism of the subscription account, the original statement function is also launched on the video account. The protection of original content has increased the playback volume of original content on video accounts by 350% in 2022. In terms of the protection of original content, WeChat has rich experience, and these experiences are now used to curb the transfer of video content, which is also useful.

Live Streaming: Bringing Bystanders to the Field

Group chat, circle of friends, public account, concerts, press conferences, online classes. The video account live broadcast team stated that in the past 2022, the scale of video account viewing and broadcasting has increased by 300%, the video account has put into operation traffic 4 billion, the number of anchors with income has increased by 101%, and the total income of anchors has increased by 447%. In the future, 5 billion traffic will be invested, and through continuous improvement of monetization tools and incentive policies, we will continue to help individual creators grow.

Unknowingly, watching live broadcasts on video accounts has penetrated into every aspect of our lives.

For the WeChat live broadcast team, the live broadcast room should not only create content and show individuals, but also serve the audience and increase experience. Both the anchor and the audience are WeChat users. Today's live video accounts carry two major functions: tools and life.

In terms of tools, thousands of epidemic conferences have been held on WeChat video accounts in various places. The authoritative interpretation of Academician Zhong Nanshan has also been watched by more than 14 million people. It has become our priority to get the latest information on hot events through live streaming on the video account. daily.

In the WeChat open class, an interesting story was also shared. A teacher explained to the students what they did not understand in class through group live broadcast. During the epidemic, the peak number of home classes through group live broadcast reached 100,000.

Although the "audience" of each "anchor" may only be dozens of people, as a tool, the live broadcast of video accounts has become a new solution for everyone to solve problems, turning former content receivers into content creators.

In daily life, the live broadcast of the video account also has good results, and the most eye-catching one is probably the live broadcast of the live broadcast of the video account. But in 2022, the key words for the live broadcast of the video account are "mass and minority".

In 2021, Westlife and Mayday's concerts successfully broke the circle. By 2022, the live broadcast of the video account that ran through the process made online concerts a daily live broadcast of the video account. Cui Jian, Luo Dayou, and Li Jian took turns to play, attracting tens of millions of people to watch, but at the same time, niche bands like Sound Toys also came to the video account to broadcast live. ".

In 2022, the WeChat live broadcast team opened columns such as dance and music, and at the same time brought new content such as theaters and Disney carnivals to the video account. In 2023, the live broadcast of the video account will support more diverse content and high-quality content. Innovative live broadcast will be the highlight of 2023.

The accumulation of video account live broadcasts in the field of knowledge has not stopped. There are 1,500 live broadcasts at 8:15, and the average live broadcast of everything can be taught exceeds 100,000. The form of new employees and columns has also attracted many professionals to settle in , tens of thousands of live broadcasts are also full of dry goods.

In the past New Year's Eve, Lei Jun, Liu Run, and Ren Zeping gave New Year's Eve speeches on WeChat video accounts. The content that can only be seen on the spot can now be obtained on WeChat.

For the audience, they can see likes and cheers, and they can discuss the content of the speech. This kind of realism of companionship allows onlookers to also have the perspective of being present.

For the speakers, what they face is not just the audience in the audience, but the attention and discussion of the entire network audience. The speaker can see from the background data how many people applauded and commented, and how many people expressed their approval and resonance in the speech. This kind of instant feedback from the audience cannot be achieved by traditional offline speeches.

In addition to speeches, we can also watch more unforgettable moments of the New Year’s Eve live on the video account. To the same content, the same moved.

In the sharing of the WeChat public class RPO, I saw another feature of the live broadcast of the video account: the communication between friends.

When a concert is launched, we will see the forwarding of fans in the circle of friends, and the discussion with friends about "you are also a fan of XX"; when an important press conference starts, we will see the live link in the group as soon as possible , and quickly joined them, the live video account gave everyone a chance to be present.

Record life, watch concerts, pay attention to hot news, live broadcast is closely related to WeChat and official account, so that everyone can express their thoughts and opinions here, and the live broadcast link posted to the circle of friends can also arouse heated discussions among colleagues , Wechat live broadcast itself has become a topic of our daily communication.

GMV increased by 800% with live streaming

In 2022, the GMV of video account live streaming will increase by 800%+, which is a remarkable achievement.

But it’s not all there. The unit price per user of the video account live broadcast exceeds 200 yuan; clothing, food, and beauty are the top three categories of video account sales; female users and first-, second-, and third-line live broadcasts have stronger purchasing power in the video account live broadcast.

These are the characteristics of users' consumption in the live broadcast room in the past year. In order to allow users to better buy, buy and buy live broadcasts in the future, the platform has also taken action.

On the user side, the video account unifies the purchase process of C-end users, and the unified product details and product window pages make users feel more at ease and businesses operate more uniformly. The governance capabilities of the platform are also improving. They optimize product quality, expel inferior products, and improve service quality.

At the same time, it also optimizes the recommendation efficiency. Whichever live broadcast room you prefer, WeChat will recommend which live broadcast room to you. This more accurate recommendation has increased the conversion rate of public domain purchases on the platform by 100% in the past year

On the brand side, the video account is also encouraging brand merchants to settle in.

The collaborative work of the WeChat ecosystem in the past few years has also indirectly benefited the live broadcast room. The unified user identity system allows merchants to confirm the user identity of the user in the official account, small program, and video store. Since then, it has been more accurate to push coupons or It is possible to complete the service, and the small video account stores with GMV accounting for more than 90% should not be underestimated.

The open tools and interfaces provided by the platform and the service provider application market are also helping merchants to operate better. Various rights and interests including traffic cold start, brand logo and exclusive service are "spoilers" of WeChat. In the near future, the video account will release a brand business incentive plan, and use different support policies to introduce brands to the live broadcast room.

Being closer to users in the WeChat ecosystem has always been an important element to attract merchants. Therefore, video accounts are also encouraging merchants to complete conversions through public-private domain linkage, and the support of delivery tools helps merchants improve efficiency.

The last service provider has also been supported. In the new year, the video account will continue to enhance the support of service providers, and continue to focus on investment in identity authentication, traffic incentives, operating tools, etc., and double the traffic incentives. At present, more than 1,000 service providers contribute more than 30% of the GMV of the market, which may only be a "just beginning" data.

The video account may be the most eye-catching business of WeChat and even Tencent in the past year. It has maintained a very high growth rate and demonstrated the potential of commercialization.

And in the annual WeChat public class PRO, the video account told everyone that I am stronger this year.

Whether it is a short video that is boring to watch, or a live broadcast of a concert that is set to watch with an alarm clock, more and more WeChat users are starting to open the video account today.

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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