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2023 kicks off at an important historical turning point. The uncertainty of the past three years begins to dissipate. We finally break through that hazy barrier and reconnect with a more lived life.

How to describe the past 2022?

The endless changes are stuffed into the short time of a generation, and the order of ordinary life is broken. The kind of bewilderment may be more like the "sense of exile" described by Camus in "The Plague".

This void that weighs us all the time, this very real urge, the irrational longing to go back to the past, or, conversely, to speed up the pace of time, and these fiery arrows of memory, these are the exiles. feel.

We are eagerly looking forward to ditching 2022 and running towards 2023, even if we know that we will not return to the memorable 2019 so easily.

We don't have to desperately believe that no winter is insurmountable, but we can still move towards spring more firmly.

After trauma, whether it is an individual, a family, a company, or an industry, it is urgent to regain the courage to return to daily life and rebuild confidence in life.

As a digital tide brand exploring tomorrow's lifestyle, we want to find ideas and actions that can make 2023 more stable, warmer and better from the emerging new things in the field of technology and business.

This year's ifanRank, we hope to present some insights that will make the new year even better, and reunite with you and the world.

ifanRank's annual series planning will also meet with you in the next few days.

Even in the chaotic and disorderly 2022, there are still people who are tirelessly patching their lives with new ideas and actions, and using little actions to reach a better tomorrow.

As a testing ground for technological innovation, the consumer electronics market ushered in a boom in terminal connectivity, data transmission and sharing. The contradiction between interface simplification and equipment increase will give rise to new opportunities for "adaptors" in the adapter and cable market.

Artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC) has surpassed the level of "non-professionals", and is about to be deeply integrated with more industries, entering the "big application era" of instrumentality, universalization and industrialization.

China has become the world's second largest auto exporter. McKinsey reported that China's auto market is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. Chinese auto companies have gradually become an important force in promoting electrification and intelligent innovation and change in the industry.

The era of running blindfolded is gone forever. In order for large companies to develop in the long run, in addition to reducing costs and increasing efficiency to survive the winter, they must also consider the value they bring to society. Even if it is not like Patagonia that regards the earth as the sole shareholder, "business for good" is becoming more and more deeply integrated into corporate governance.

The field of life continues to be subdivided, the new Chinese style counterattacks, local culture emerges, wilderness adventures become popular, and "rational consumption" has become a new standard for "intelligence" judgments.

These companies and individuals have proved that action is always the best cornerstone of practicing ideas.

Ai Faner has also begun to transform from an observer and recorder to an actor. We have launched the "Patch_in Plan", covering five areas:

On an industrial site, we and Wutopia Lab, a pioneering global localization architectural design firm dedicated to creating miracles in daily life, built a cross-media experimental community Future Society HOUSE .

We hope to take community experimentation as a way of life , create a future community that connects people, people and life, and make it a narrative medium for exploring technology, cities, tool art and concepts, and a brand partner that leads tomorrow's life, Launch some community experiments.

When more and more people began to stay at home, we launched the Rewild wild force plan and held a morning yoga community event for 100 people with our community partner lululemon.

We advocate a little more care for ourselves in this tiring era, and seek the peace and stability of the entire community and collective from personal emotions and awareness.

We also cooperated with Apple to launch the Shot on iPhone · Street Rubbing Image Collection Campaign , inviting everyone to pick up the iPhone in their hands, go to the street, record those familiar crafts with video, and burn the memory of the city that is about to disappear.

After the metaverse exploded, it became empty, and Meta, the world's largest metaverse company, died after burning tens of billions. For the first time, we and Lei Feng, the global knowledge, launched the city expansion plan to move Guangzhou into the virtual universe: Guangyu Vastverse , and continue to explore the infinite possibilities of silicon-carbon composites.

With the dawn of the post-epidemic, we have joined hands with Asia's top design media "Design 360" to hold the inD Art Book Fair , inviting 110+ exhibitors from home and abroad to gather in Guangzhou to discuss the "Boundary of Art Books" with creators and creative people around the world .

We hope to welcome all "uncertainties" and "changes" with "certainty" and "belief". As we bid farewell to 2022, we will present the inD Art Book Fair to users across the country as a gift.
14 years ago, Ai Faner set sail from a technology blog. After reviewing countless gratifying and regretful technology products, our love for products and designs prompted us to launch our own hardware product brand sugar factory CANDYSIGN .

This is a tomorrow's lifestyle brand that advocates ReMake. We continue to explore and break through the boundaries of technology, art and fashion, advocate that design can recreate a better life, and hope to create beloved objects with both aesthetic and efficiency values ​​for creators. Let beauty and joy accompany your creative process.

If you have been to our offline space, or often read Ai Faner's tweets, you should have noticed an image outlined by tape and patches, he is called tape man. This design is also honored to be selected as the 100 Designs of the Year 2022 by Award360°100.

Tape Man is not only our brand image, but also a simple and clumsy symbol system. It implies the story of a tape man with self-renewal ability, a young man who is constantly injured, patched, and still grows independently while roaming the unknown world.

Unexpectedly, the meaning of the tape man and the background of this year unexpectedly formed an intertextuality, which became the new normal for countless people, especially when we began to rebuild the order of life.

These patching processes make up our 2022. Life is not a process of patching. This is exactly the value proposition that Aifaner will re-establish in 2022 : Keep Patching infinite updates .

In the new year, we hope to work with more partners who also love life, use little actions to rebuild an ideal life, and infinitely update tomorrow's lifestyle.

Keep Calm, Stay Wild.

We must remain tenacious and cautious, and move forward boldly: both to "make up" for the lost years, and to look forward to reuniting with the world.

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