2022 WeChat Open Class PRO: Zhang Xiaolong is absent, but WeChat “spoilers” these major updates

Since 2008, children in the compulsory education stage have turned on the TV to watch the first lesson of the school, which has become a reserved item at the beginning of each year. Since 2016, the WeChat Open Course PRO at the beginning of each year has also become a reserved project of WeChat.

The WeChat team will share the latest data at this event, review the changes in WeChat over the past year, and also reveal some new trends that will follow. For example, the video account will provide a red envelope cover for each video account creator in the future, WeChat payment According to the ability to pay points, the "don't watch, don't pay" function will be launched in the future.

On the main forum of WeChat Open Course PRO in 2022, WeChat introduced the latest progress of the five major businesses of video account, WeChat payment, mini program, Souyisou, and enterprise WeChat. We also made the most comprehensive summary at the first time.

The second anniversary of the video account: content ecology and creation incentives

The opening theme of the lecturer of the WeChat public class is – WeChat's second anniversary, what changes have been made to the content ecology. But what I'm talking about here is more of a video account, the 2000w+ live broadcast of the Xicheng Boys concert; the 1500w+ live broadcast of the Shenzhou 12 launch and the return of Meng Wanzhou; the 2000w+ National Youth Work Committee "Cloud Team Class".

These are the achievements made by the WeChat video account in the past period. Taking the live broadcast of Xicheng Boys as an example, the PCU (the highest number of simultaneous online users) in the live broadcast room reached 1.5 million, which is equivalent to the audience sitting in more than a dozen bird's nests watching the concert at the same time. But in reality, the audience just passed the screen at the same time and heard the same music.

In the past two years, the WeChat video account has maintained a small step and fast pace, with many updates and more and more new creators. The reason for these achievements is that the video account has become a basic content component in WeChat, and it has become an atomized product tool that circulates within the WeChat ecosystem.

For example, video account + WeChat payment will make it possible to give rewards in the future, and maybe there will be payment for live broadcast/video; today, the interaction of video account + official account is very natural, the video account can be inserted into the official account, and the video account can be Link to official account articles; video account + enterprise WeChat, video account (including live broadcast) can add enterprise WeChat customer service with one click to help business community operations.

If the WeChat video account has completed the framework in the first year, the second year is to choose a more desired content direction.

The lecturer said that the core concept of the video account is to make users feel valuable, and they welcome real creators or authoritative media/institutions with original content to share on the video account. Whether it is pan-knowledge, pan-life, or sports, music, life, and talent, this kind of life-like content is the most wanted content for video accounts.

In the next year, WeChat stated that they will focus on consumption growth, capacity release, encouraging content, and author incentives. In the upcoming Spring Festival, WeChat will support the creators of each video account to create their own red envelope covers, so that creators can also distribute red envelope covers to their fans.

WeChat Pay: No Deception in the World

Zhang Ying, the lecturer of the second WeChat public class, made a lot of life-like stories. He used stories to string together the various stages of WeChat payment.

At the beginning of 2016, Zhang Xiaolong asked Zhang Ying for a meal and said that he would give WeChat payment to him. The next thing that came was the boss's "test" on the workers. At that time, Zhang Xiaolong sent a soul torture to Zhang Ying – what is the goal of WeChat payment?

At that time, Zhang Ying's choice was to say a number that can be reached but is still far away, with 100 million payments per day. However, this figure was rejected by Zhang Xiaolong. Zhang Xiaolong's feedback at the time was "Our goal is to make WeChat payment a living habit of WeChat users and a part of their lives."

However, the WeChat payment team at that time was actually a small team, and a team of several hundred people could not penetrate into every small and micro merchant. Until today, the WeChat payment team still has less than 1,200 people, and these people cannot cover all merchants. The open ecosystem has become the solution for WeChat payment.

Today's WeChat Pay has 2.3w service providers, 1800+ banks and payment institutions, 100w+ ecological business partners, and 97% of transactions. These ecological partners have helped the merchants of the WeChat ecosystem to go further online and intelligent. Over the past year, WeChat has been working on digitizing paper coupons to help merchants become smarter from the start of their operations.

The benefits of this are many. You will never lose paper coupons again, because the coupons are in your mobile phone; you will never mistake the discount time of the coupons, because only the coupons during the discount time can be seen and used; Merchants will not be troubled by the printing cost of paper coupons and unconfirmed write-off discounts, and everything is more intuitive and clear.

But this is not a simple matter. In this process, the stages of issuance, write-off, and reconciliation need to be fully digitized. It's just that it has become a reality with the efforts of the platform and ecological partners. Today's WeChat electronic coupons have covered 1,000w+ merchants, with an actual write-off discount of 22.9 billion, which has stimulated social consumption of 520 billion.

Another story is Zhang Ying’s own insight. When he and his team were conducting research, they found that many merchants would print out their payment codes, seal them with plastic wrap, and write “Show the boss after WeChat transfers are completed. a bit".

At that time, the WeChat payment team saw the "small" needs of merchants through this collection code of ordinary merchants, so they decided to make code cards and issue them to small and micro merchants. The tools provided by the WeChat platform can meet these needs, so that merchants do not need to self-encapsulate and write their own words.

Today's WeChat payment team has issued 5000w+ collection codes and 1100w+ payment speakers to small and micro merchants. The WeChat payment team's small account activity has reached 4800w this month, and the users who received the payment have also reached 4500w, and the operation is guaranteed. Insurance 2200w.

WeChat Pay provides many benefits to small and micro merchants, such as free cash withdrawal, business security insurance, safety insurance… To a large extent, these are not for profit, but to subsidize small and micro merchants. Zhang Ying said:

We have never made profits in small and micro merchants, and we have very large losses every year.

But as a tool, when someone benefits from the tool, there may also be someone "injured" because of the tool. The number of users of WeChat Pay has increased, and the number of users who have been deceived has also increased.

The thing Zhang Ying was most proud of last year was that the WeChat payment team united with other teams in WeChat to work together to implement the goal of "no bullying in the world". This year, WeChat has dropped by 90% compared with the average daily large amount of defrauded funds in early 2021, which is the result of the efforts of the entire team.

If the above deception may cause users to lose hundreds of thousands of funds, there is another transaction deception that will cause users to lose less, but it is also very painful, and that is the deposit.

Once a user reported to the WeChat payment platform that the shared bicycles queued up to refund the deposit, he was in the queue after the 150w users who queued up to refund the deposit, and it was a long way from getting his own deposit.

The existence of WeChat Pay points is to avoid such a situation, reduce transaction friction for merchants and brands, and make trust simple. The user wants to use the power bank without paying a deposit, because his payment points show that the user is trustworthy. Gyms and mobile phone recharges have become platforms for payment points to show their talents.

What is worth looking forward to is that in the past, users often spent more because they forgot to cancel the automatic renewal service. Zhang Ying revealed that in the future, WeChat Pay will also promote the "no pay, no pay" function of WeChat Pay.

WeChat Mini Programs: At Your Fingertips, Everywhere

What WeChat gets the most attention every year is the specific data of small programs.

This year, the number of daily active users of Mini Programs has reached 450 million, and the average daily usage has increased steadily, an increase of 32% compared to 2020.

In specific areas, the mini-programs have 700 million cumulative service users for epidemic prevention and control; the Tencent document-type tool collaboration mini-programs that have played a role in the floods that have not been encountered for many years in Zhengzhou also have 750 million cumulative service users; government affairs The service is used by more than 100 million users every day, and users can complete the annual inspection of the car in 3 minutes, without having to bring a bunch of data to the line.

Young people pay attention to catering, trendy games, and aviation; young people pay more and more attention to food, marriage, and medical care; the elderly are also paying more and more attention to their quality of life, and have also invested in shoes and clothing, home textiles, and art and entertainment. more and more attention.

This year, the industry transactions of catering, tourism, and retail have increased by 100% year-on-year, which is also proof that the industries most affected by the epidemic are actively helping themselves through onlineization. The number of active mini-programs increased steadily by 41%, and the number of mini-programs with transactions continued to increase by 28%.

This year, merchants are revitalizing store vitality through online and offline linkages. Activating the brand shopping guide to promote the repurchase rate and accurate recommendation of the brand, and improve the faster distribution efficiency for the brand through the delivery of nearby stores. This year, 30% of the transaction volume of Mini Programs comes from stores and shopping guide channels, which is a better proof that Mini Programs are online and offline linkage tools.

This year's Mini Programs also have more cases of connecting hardware devices, such as air conditioners, washing machines, coffee machines… Through the function of connecting hardware, Mini Programs provide users with a more convenient way to connect devices and a lighter control experience.

Next, Mini Programs will go further in terms of aging-friendly transformation, privacy protection, and security. By providing better experience, more support from service providers, more business means, and more social responsibility, we will continue to move forward towards the goal of "reachable and everywhere".

WeChat search: the whole scene can be searched at your fingertips

We have always regarded Souyisou as a simple business, to solve problems and meet needs for users – if someone has some positive experience because of this, it is not the goal we are pursuing, but the result that naturally occurs in the process. .

The content shared by WeChat public lecturer Zhou Hao is somewhat "Versailles", but the meaning of this expression is the same as the video number, applet, and payment shared earlier. WeChat, search all" goal.

Over the years, the penetration rate of WeChat users Souyisou has gradually increased. By continuously enriching data and improving matching capabilities, the daily active users of WeChat Souyisou have reached 700 million, and the search terms have become more long-tailed.

The linkage between the applet and WeChat Souyisou also makes the content pool of Souyiso have more content. When searching for YYDS on WeChat, users can see the result query provided by Xiaoji Dictionary. In general, the traffic of Souyisou has increased by 139%, and the traffic contribution of Souyisou even accounts for 68% of the daily activity of the Mini Program.

The search results are not only content, but also services. In addition to information, WeChat Souyisou has provided users with more official appointment channels and authoritative popular science content. The decentralized form of direct connection service has helped many users to directly complete the hospital registration appointment through Souyisou. Already 100 million+ users have used this function, and users can use Souyisou to complete 5,100+ public hospitals. Hospital registration service.

And the official account aggregation, the brand official area of ​​precision marketing has performed well in the past year. In terms of brand coupon distribution, the distribution of Souyisou coupons accounted for 31% of all channels, and the acquisition of new customers accounted for 10%+ of all channels.

Today’s WeChat Souyisou already has a variety of search paths, such as fingertip search by long-pressing the chat bubble, emoticon search through the chat magnifying glass button, long-press search on chat pictures, and word-marking search when reading articles, etc. In the future, Souyisou will make further efforts towards "searching all scenes on WeChat".

Enterprise WeChat: Connecting to create value

3 years ago, Zhang Xiaolong once said in the WeChat public class: "If enterprise WeChat is only defined as a communication tool within the enterprise, its scene and meaning will be very small, and it can only be generated when it extends outside the enterprise. Greater value." Since that time, enterprise WeChat has begun to communicate with WeChat, which is people-as-a-service.

"Connection" is the theme shared by lecturer Huang Tieming this time, and it is also the core strength of corporate WeChat. Every hour, 1.15 million employees use enterprise WeChat to serve users on their own enterprise WeChat, resulting in 140 million service processes.

Huang Tieming explained how corporate WeChat contributes to social development through four practical cases: Sophia, Wuling Hongguang, DJI Agriculture, and Hubei Yichang Community.

Through corporate WeChat, Sophia's one million dealers across the country have opened up the entire digital chain of production and sales. The Sofia headquarters is connected to 7 major factories across the country and tens of thousands of dealer employees, realizing integrated management of accounts, data and processes.

In Wuling Hongguang's corporate WeChat group, some riders suggested that it is inconvenient to hang bags in the car. Wuling Hongguang added two hooks next to the driver's seat. This direct daily chat interaction has also become Wuling's secret of innovation. The model MINIEV is the best example.

In addition, using the corporate WeChat, DJI Agriculture has realized remote training for farmers and solved their doubts in a timely manner; the Yichang community in Hubei easily connected residents and grid staff, so that "government services do not have to be run once."

Huang Tieming also announced a news that is worth looking forward to: next week, a new version of enterprise WeChat will be launched, and two new capabilities of connecting video account and WeChat customer service will be released. The relevant information will also be reported in the first time, so stay tuned.

This year's WeChat Open Course PRO did not have Zhang Xiaolong's surprise debut, nor did it announce various annual WeChat data, mainly focusing on the five key components of WeChat, video account, WeChat payment, applet, Souyisou, and corporate WeChat.

From these published data, we can also see the changes of WeChat in the past year, and at the same time, there are more predictions for the new functions of WeChat in the coming year.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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