2021 Sony TV new product summary: The world’s first cognitive smart TV is here, and the new chip is very capable

The annual CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) is a good time for manufacturers to show off their muscles. However, due to the severe epidemic this year, the CES conference, known as the "Spring Festival Gala" in the science and technology industry, was also held online.

▲2020 CES conference, picture from: CTA

According to previous practices, TV products have always been the highlight of Sony, a "CES big player". In November last year, Chen Wei, director of Sony's (China) Home Display Products Department, said that he would release blockbuster new TVs during CES 2021 to meet the "expectations" of consumers and fans.

This "new blockbuster TV" finally unveiled today. Sony pulled out TV products separately from the CES conference this year, and held a new TV product conference, which seemed to be preheating for next week's CES conference.

At this just-concluded press conference, Sony released a brand new XR cognitive chip "Cognitive Processor XR" and 5 TVs equipped with this chip. It can be said to be full of viewing.

Brand new XR chip, smarter

Today's high-end TVs will emphasize the chips they use. Previously, Sony’s proud image processing chip X1 family had three models, namely 4K HDR image processing chip X1, 4K HDR image processing chip X1 advanced version, 4K HDR image processing chip X1 ultimate version.

Among them, the X1 chip has been iterated three times since its launch in 2015.

Six years after the first launch of the X-series chips, the XR cognitive chip is here.

Sony's previous X-series chips can cross-analyze and optimize various elements of the picture in real time, such as brightness, contrast, color, etc., to improve user perception. And the XR cognitive chip goes a step further, it can optimize specific areas in real time, and optimize the visual focus of the picture to be more vivid and clear.

Sony said that the operation of this processor is similar to the human brain and eyes. "When we look at the entire screen and focus on a certain area, the naked eye will use different resolutions. The XR processor can analyze the focal point and use this point as a reference when processing the entire image to produce a picture close to what the naked eye sees." . Sony engineer Inoue introduced.

"Cognitive Intelligence" can be said to be the brightest label of XR chips. Regarding image quality, it can be roughly summarized as the following upgrades:

  • XR image: Use human perspective analysis technology to analyze and optimize thousands of information points in real time.
  • XR Dynamic Contrast Enhancement: In the same way that the human eye focuses on realistic colors and depth, it enhances the latitude of the picture.
  • XR Terri Charm Pro technology: Makes the color gamut wider, truly reproduces the subtle differences in color, and light colors can appear lifelike.
  • XR 4K / 8K scaling: intelligently optimize the image quality, improve the 2K signal to close to the real 4K quality, and raise the 4K signal to the close to real 8K quality.
  • XR Octavia dynamic technology: to ensure smooth movements and clear and bright moving objects.
  • AI environment induction adjustment: can optimize the picture quality and sound quality according to the environment

In addition to the picture, audio is also the power point of the XR chip.

According to Sony, it can up-convert any sound into 3D stereo surround sound to provide an immersive listening experience. XR surround sound can emit sound from the side and vertical directions, automatically converting 2.0 or 5.1 channels to 5.1.2 channels.

In addition, the XR processor will analyze the position of the sound source on the screen in real time, so that the position of the sound presented by the OLED TV is aligned with the image on the screen, so that the sound is more realistic and present.

It can be seen that the XR cognitive processor has the flavor of "computing video" and "computing audio". It also marks the further development of the application of AI technology on TV.

5 XR series TVs, standard HDMI 2.1

This time Sony released a total of 5 TVs equipped with XR chips, two of which are OLED panels and three are LCD screens. Sony claims this is the world's first TV with cognitive functions.

Since the whole series are equipped with XR cognitive chips, the features of the XR chips we mentioned above, such as XR dynamic contrast enhancement, XR Octavia dynamic technology and other functions, can be supported by five TVs.

It can also be seen from the above table that this time all systems are equipped with HDMI 2.1 as standard , including 120Hz variable refresh rate, 4K+120fps, automatic low latency mode and so on. For console game players, this is very good news.

In addition, we can also see some rules from the naming of new products. Sony has always liked to add the code name of the panel year to the suffix of the product name. For example, the code name in 2019 is "G" and the code name in 2020 is "H". And this year's code name has become "J", which means the latest panel in 2021.

The Z, A, and X of the name prefix still use the previous product line names. "Z" refers to flagship LCD TVs, "A" refers to OLED TVs, and "X" mainly refers to 4K LED LCD TVs.

Among these five TVs, the Z9J is the 8K flagship LCD TV; the A90J is the 4K flagship OLED TV, both of which belong to the Sony Picture Truth® series. The remaining three models are the flagship and high-end models.

This time, the Z9J and X95J series are also equipped with X-Wide Angle and X-Anti Reflection technology, which means that users can view images with accurate and clear colors from a larger angle. At the same time, the impact of light reflection on the look and feel is reduced.

It is worth noting that the flagship OLED TV A90J has a larger size , from 77 inches to 83 inches . The OLED party who likes large screens has a better choice.

The high-end 4K LCD TV X90J is also available in 100-inch models, which is more suitable for consumers with larger living rooms.

From the appearance point of view, Sony is very convergent on the frame this time, and the frames of the five TVs are very narrow. A higher screen-to-body ratio can undoubtedly get a more immersive viewing experience.

After watching the entire conference, you can find that Sony TV's goal this year is not to radical Mini-LED technology, but to continue to polish the picture and sound quality. Rely on artificial intelligence to maximize the advantages of the panel.

When we analyzed the composition of TV picture quality before, we emphasized the importance of content to user experience. After purchasing high-end TVs, many consumers suffer from no high-quality film sources to watch.

Sony's XR series of TVs this time also emphasized its own content-side construction . For example, "We will continue to convey the creator’s intentions through the Aurora calibration mode, and provide professional studio-level Tencent video content and IMAX® Enhanced ™ content".

However, today's press conference did not disclose the detailed parameters of the above five TVs. The release date and price will also be announced in the spring. Recently, friends who want to change to a high-end TV can hold the currency and watch.

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