2021 opens up to new frontiers for depositing money: from cryptocurrencies to online betting sites

In the last year, the world of the web has seen new ways to deposit money through payment methods even on online betting sites. A sudden change of pace that has brought new light to online financial tools in addition to the classics offered by credit institutions.

In fact, more and more platforms offer themselves as intermediaries to make online payments, offering immediacy and security in transactions. One of the most famous and well-known payment systems is undoubtedly PayPal which made its appearance in 1999. At the basis of the idea of ​​a digital wallet in which to deposit money and then transfer it to other accounts on the platform. But alongside PayPal a plethora of other tools have developed partly with the same idea (such as Skrill and Neteller) or with other approaches.

Online betting sites, in this sense, have always been laboratories for the use of new payment platforms. In fact, several review sites offer userstips and real tutorials on how to deposit money on online betting accounts. The payment methods are the most diverse starting from credit cards to get to the most popular e-wallets. Even the most classic tools such as both traditional and the most innovative instant transfers can be used. A large number of methods that allow all users to find the most suitable solution for them.

Originally used only in physical stores, they have experienced the boom in online shopping since the 1990s.

From cards to bitcoins

It was the 1950s and credit cards began to spread as innovative payment tools instead of money. Over the years, in fact, cards have established themselves as the main method in online transactions, favoring the development of digital commerce. In the last 20 years alone there has actually been a widespread diffusion of alternative technologies such as digital wallets and bitcoins.

While the former have favored the exchange of money with cutting-edge and very safe technologies, the latter are establishing themselves as a real alternative for depositing money online. Cryptocurrencies are the new frontier of money even if unfortunately still poorly regulated. Some believe that this is an advantage, as indeed the same freedom that is founding in the World Wide Web. For others, however, this aspect that makes them uncontrollable is negative because it can be exploited by criminals for various types of offenses.

It is no coincidence that the countries of the world also have completely opposite approaches to the issue of digital currency. For example, the Turkish government has firmly opposed the spread of Bitcoin in its country precisely because of the failure to regulate regulatory bodies such as central banks. On the contrary, in China it is the banks themselves that favor its diffusion probably in conjunction with the idea of ​​being able to control a large slice of the market thanks to Big Data. In fact, tracking every digital currency payment could open up new data markets as a lot of personal information could be retrieved just from payments made .

A new currency revolution will be that dictated by Bitcoin, elusive and digital.

The world of mobile devices

While many strides have been made with online tools, a new alternative that is gaining momentum is mobile devices. Phones, tablets, smartwatches are now a continuation of our body and incorporate technologies to exchange money with other people or pay instantly. Over the years, every major manufacturer of mobile devices, such as Apple or Samsung, has taken steps to create a virtual wallet with which to facilitate digital payments.

Less than a year ago WhatsApp , one of the most popular messaging platforms, introduced the payment function in the app . In this way it is possible to send money to other contacts directly from their chats or pay on e-commerce sites that accept this payment method.

Banks are also updating to cope with sudden changes in the ways of paying and moving money, for example with BancomatPay. The new platform allows you to pay and transfer small amounts to other people directly from the apps of many Italian banks.

The future probably has many changes still in sight and it will be interesting to see how these will be received by people and institutions. Each transformation brings with it positive and negative sides that must necessarily be reconciled: only over time will we discover what the world of digital payments can offer us. Certainly the wide diffusion of e-commerce and sites of any kind will favor innovation and the creation of new payment tools with increasingly interesting features.

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