2021 Guangzhou Auto Show: Xiaopeng launches flagship SUV / BMW iX officially launched / Yuan Plus unveiled at BYD booth

The annual Guangzhou International Automobile Industry Exhibition (2021 Guangzhou Auto Show) officially opened today. Dong Chejun went to the auto show site early in the morning to collect the most interesting and heaviest information in the Guangzhou Auto Show for everyone. Look down.


  • Xiaopeng releases new smart flagship SUV G9
  • Salon released its first model Mecha Dragon
  • Zero Run C11 four-wheel drive performance version unveiled
  • BMW iX officially launched, BMW enters a new era of electrification
  • Bentley Flying Spur plug-in hybrid version ushered in its debut in China
  • Yuan Plus appeared at BYD's booth, and the interiors are everywhere
  • Feifan Auto’s flagship model is released, and the logo will shine
  • Genesis Pure Electric SUV GV70 Interprets Korean Luxury
  • With 500 tanks and "super-running pickups", the Great Wall is eyeing the tough guys

Xiaopeng releases new smart flagship SUV G9

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, in addition to the Xpeng G3i, Xpeng P5 and Xpeng P7 that have already been on the market, Xpeng also brought their fourth model, the Xpeng G9.

The new car inherits the X Robot Face design language of the Xiaopeng car family, and has highly recognizable split headlights. It echoes the Xiaopeng Logo and has a full sense of technology.

On the side of the body, a high waistline extending from the front cover runs through the body. The smooth light and shadow lines are matched with the short front suspension design and the 21-inch large wheels, which is elegant and atmospheric.

In terms of intelligence, Xiaopeng G9 is equipped with X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture and supports XPILOT 4.0 intelligent driving assistance system. At the same time, Xiaopeng G9 is also equipped with the XPower 3.0 power system. It is the first domestic mass-produced car based on 800V high-voltage SiC platform. In the future, it can be overcharged for 5 minutes and have a battery life of 200km.

In addition, Xiaopeng also stated that the G9 was developed in accordance with the dual certification standards of China and the European Union for the whole vehicle, and followed the design of the C-NCAP and E-NCAP dual five-star safety standards.

Salon released its first model Mecha Dragon

The first model of the Salon brand, Mechalong, also made its debut today. The most controversial aspect of this car is its appearance.

Take a look at the appearance of this new car and you will know how appropriate the name "Mecha Dragon" is. The body contour of this new car is very tough, and the whole body is covered with complicated lines.

Salon officials define it as a "high-performance mecha battle run." It has matrix LED headlights that support follow-up, and the exaggerated wheel hub and diffuser, and taillights are also quite innovative.

Since it is called "fighting", the performance parameters are naturally very prominent. 536 horsepower, 750N·m torque, Brembo four-piston calipers, also equipped with Michelin PS4S high-performance tires, acceleration time from 100 kilometers to 3.7 seconds.

By the way, this car in the picture is a limited edition, with only 101 units, and the official suggested retail price is 488,000.

Zero Run C11 four-wheel drive performance version unveiled

Another new power car company that impressed Dong Chejun is the Zero Run, which brings us the highest level of the Zero Run C11 car series-the Zero Run C11 four-wheel drive performance version.

The appearance of the new car is the same as that of the C11. The front face is simple and clear, and the air guides on both sides are just right.

In terms of power, the zero-run C11 four-wheel drive performance version has a maximum power of 544 horsepower, a peak torque of 720N·m, and a zero-hundred acceleration in less than 4.8 seconds.

In addition to the car itself, Leapfrog Motor also officially released its LEAP POWER "Shenwei" intelligent power technology. The technology is composed of two systems: smart electric drive and smart battery.

Zero Run said that the biggest feature of this system is that it has full mid-term, full-scenario deep learning features, and can perform full life cycle OTA upgrades.

In addition to the "new forces" above, in fact, at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show, Dong Chejun saw more traditional car companies' counterattacks against "new forces", such as the BMW iX below.

BMW iX officially launched, BMW enters a new era of electrification

Dong Chejun also introduced this BMW iX before. Today I will mainly show you the details of the actual car.

For example, the "big mouth" of a new car.

Slender taillights.

Each rear passenger has two USB-C ports.

And a very refined iDrive control panel.

Dong Chejun is still very satisfied with the iX's new car. It has a lot of improvements in functionality and UI. The interior is also very delicate, reaching the level that BMW should have.

It's just that these are not for nothing. The official guide price for this BMW iX is 846,900 yuan.

What? You say it is not expensive enough? The following Bentley may be suitable for you.

Bentley Flying Spur plug-in hybrid version ushered in its debut in China

According to Bentley's executive general manager of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, the Flying Spur plug-in hybrid model is equipped with the most environmentally friendly power system in Bentley's history.

▲Picture from: Car Home

The new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 2.9T V6 engine and an E Motor motor. The word "Hybrid" on the fender indicates its identity.

Don't underestimate this set of hybrid system, it can output up to 544 horsepower, 0-100km/h time is only 4.3 seconds, a proper "suit mob".

▲Picture from: Sina Motors

In addition, Bentley also brought Tim Yuet S and Flying Spur Mulliner. The former has been adjusted more sporty on the basis of the regular version, with a new blackening kit, and a large number of Alcantara materials and carbon fibers are used in the interior; the latter is the third model customized by the Mulliner Advanced Customization Department , The overall is more advanced and refined, with up to 6.0T twin-turbocharged W12 engine.

▲Is the China Net flashy enough?

Tell me which one you are interested in, and I will show you… more pictures.

Yuan Plus appeared at BYD's booth, and the interiors are everywhere

Dong Chejun went to see BYD's press conference today and saw two cars on the stage: Song Pro DM-i and Yuan Plus.

For this Song Pro DM-i, BYD calls it a "fuel SUV disruptor" because of its 1090km battery life and 4.4L fuel consumption per 100km.

Admittedly, this is indeed a good hybrid SUV, but Dong Chejun is more concerned about the Yuan Plus in the distance.

Open the door of Yuan Plus and you will find a different interior design. The new rhythm concept makes the interior of the vehicle full of dynamic lines. The dumbbell-shaped air-conditioning outlet is very delicate, and the ingenious "strings" on the door panels are also very design. Dong Chejun also called, but there was a real voice.

It is strongly recommended that you all have fun.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 204 horsepower. By the way, BYD has also produced two Yuan Plus with special coatings, let's see?

Feifan Auto’s flagship model is released, and the logo will shine

Like Xiaopeng, SAIC Feifan Automobile also launched their flagship SUV, the R7 today.

The new car adopts the "intelligent electric drive" design concept, which highly restores the design of the concept version. The iconic "Universal Light" runs through the front face, creating a good sense of the future.

In terms of smart hardware, the new car will be equipped with 33 high-performance sensing hardware, including lidar, vision camera, 4D imaging radar, ultrasonic radar, etc.

Genesis Pure Electric SUV GV70 Interprets Korean Luxury

The Korean luxury brand Genesis officially entered the Chinese market in April this year. At their booth, the most eye-catching GV70 was the C-position.

This luxury SUV also uses Genesis's family-style front face, and the charging opening is cleverly hidden in it. Dong Chejun likes this design very much.

The side of the body uses rich lines to outline the double waistline. The visually prominent C-pillar and the elegant back-sliding line further highlight the high-level sense of this luxury SUV.

The tail is also unconventional, and the taillight style also echoes the headlights.

Of course, for luxury SUVs, the configuration is naturally the same. Three-temperature zone air conditioning, boss button, rear window sunshade, seat massage, etc. are all available, and the fingertips are covered with soft materials.

In terms of power, the official revealed that it only takes 5.1 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers, and supports 350kW fast charge, which can charge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.

With 500 tanks and "super-running pickups", the Great Wall is eyeing the tough guys

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, the price of the Tank 500 finally came out. Its pre-sale price range is 335-395,000 yuan. The power will be equipped with a 3.0T V6+9AT powertrain independently developed by Great Wall.

The new car adopts a non-load-bearing body structure, and the proportion of high-strength steel plates used in the body part exceeds 75%, which sounds like a "tough guy" enough.

However, if I were to choose, of course I would choose the following "supercar pickup".

The design of this "supercar pickup" by Great Wall is very bold. The original wide body has been arranged, and the addition of large-size wheels has further enhanced the visual experience.

However, the official has not disclosed its internal design and power.

Today, I will report to everyone here. After staying in the venue for a day, the laptop will be out of power. We will talk about more about the Guangzhou Auto Show later.

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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