2 million mattresses, who else is sleeping besides Wang Xiaofei?

The World Cup is a carnival for the whole people. Only gossip can draw people's attention away from the green field. After all, a ball game lasts 90 minutes, but gossip only takes 9 seconds to refresh you and call your friends to "eat melons" together.

The gossip between Wang Xiaofei and Big S is like this. Divorced couples can't tell who is right and who is wrong, but the spats and disputes between the two people can let the onlookers see a little bit of the real life of the rich-the electricity bills of the rich are so high? How expensive are their mattresses? It turns out that no matter how rich you are, you may default on child support.

It's just that in this kind of gossip after dinner, the most eye-catching thing has become a mattress.

A mattress becomes the most eye-catching prop in the headlines

The reason why the mattress is eye-catching is that it "may" be more expensive than imagined.

In the live broadcast room of Wang Xiaofei's mother Zhang Lan, Ms. Zhang Lan said that the price of this top brand mattress is 2 million, and the customized mattress makes it more able to provide special lumbar support for those who enjoy it. The price of 2 million has also made netizens realize in the comment area. No wonder some people are crazy about mattresses, and some people are reluctant to change them.

None of the parties mentioned the specific mattress brand, but only the two constraints of million-dollar mattresses and top brands allowed people to narrow the scope to VISPRING, Duaxiana, and Hastens (hereafter unified as the Chinese translation of Hestens).

The price of these brands of mattresses basically starts at 60,000, just because the parties mentioned that the mattresses are customized according to the waist of the user, and more people speculate that it is Hestens, which can provide more lumbar support for people.

▲ Just like selling a house, Hästens will use miniature landscapes to show the mattress material

Big S didn't come forward to say the specific mattress brand, she just found someone to send the mattress to S Hotel, and never expressed any opinion on the topic of mattresses.

The response from the other party was "the mattress was burned", but this kind of mattress cannot be burned according to the regulations as a large waste, and it needs to spend 15,000 (about 3450 RMB) to hire a special person to deal with it.

▲ Self-made memes by netizens

As a prop that has attracted more and more attention throughout the event, the S HOTEL hotel did not waste the heat brought by the mattress. Before inviting professionals to deal with it, SHOTEL also sent a message to the media, and held a press conference for everyone to witness the mattress processing process together, which felt like a "happy funeral".

Before dismantling the mattress, many people went to check in, as if they regarded the mattress as a famous scenic spot, but at the scene of dismantling the mattress, the media also found that the mattress was not any brand that everyone guessed, but the price was less than 10,000 The sleepeezee. Although for ordinary people, this mattress is not cheap, but compared with 2 million, the price difference is not generally large.

▲ Mattress Clear Conference

No one knows which brand the mattress is, except the person concerned, but it does not prevent the popularity of related brands.

The high-end mattress brand Hästens did not let go of the enthusiasm for door-to-door delivery at the peak of the mattress incident. First, it posted on Weibo to introduce the strict delivery of the brand's mattresses, and then systematically introduced the advantages of Hästens. Finally, I did not forget to echo Wang Xiaofei's "burning mattress" remarks, and reposted the previous Hästens mattress flame retardant test video.

Weibo user @黄石PK ridicules about this mattress is the most widely circulated on the Internet—smart mattress, which can query the physiological status, know the current inclination and the automatic opening time.

It’s just that this joke is believed by many people, thinking that this expensive mattress really has similar functions and is smart enough.

In fact, intelligence has never been Hästens' main focus. Even today, when smart homes have entered thousands of households, Hästens' selling point is still all handmade and pure natural materials-a product that your mother will love at first glance.

The cheapest is 100,000, who is sleeping on these mattresses?

Regardless of whether the mattress mentioned in the war of words between the two sides is Hästens, it seems to have become the brand that has benefited the most from this incident.

It's like the luxury advertisements you see in Moments. It doesn't matter whether you can afford it or not. You know it's expensive and it's more important to realize that it's a luxury. Compared with other bedding brands, Hästens is expensive, luxurious, and of good quality, which is completely revealed in this gossip. Even if most people cannot afford it, everyone knows that it is expensive.

▲ Luxury brands will also rub their heat

Before this incident, Hästens’ publicity was also mainly focused on #原So Many Stars Are Sleeping Hästens# to show the high-end of the brand.

Canadian rapper Drake is a loyal fan of this brand. The mattress he bought is even a $400,000 (about 2.455 million yuan) top-end custom version of the Grand Vividus. This is a luxury mattress designed by Hästens and the world's top architectural designer Ferris Rafauli. A mattress requires 600 hours of handcrafting. Materials include leather, finely polished wood, high-end suede, and brass trim.

▲ Grand Vividus, which sells for more than two million

Because the materials and craftsmanship are full, Rafauli said that this mattress will last for 50 years. It's just that most of its customers choose it not because it is durable, but because it is comfortable.

Drake, the first buyer of this mattress, said that he bought it to sleep better: "The bedroom is where I decompress from the world at the end of the night, and it is also where I open my eyes to seize the day."

A person spends a third of their lives in bed, and in that sense, the rich spend their money on expensive mattresses. The price of the cheapest Hästens mattress in domestic stores is around 100,000, and the brand provides a 25-year warranty. In this way, it only costs 4,000 yuan a year, and less than 11 yuan is spent on sleep every day. .

In fact, investing in sleep may be worth more than other expensive beauty styling, car luxury watches, those are never-ending expenses, and the mattress is durable enough and comfortable enough.

Many people think so. Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, and BALCKPINK member Jennie are all users of this mattress. There are also many domestic celebrities using these mattresses, including Li Ka-shing, Li Jiaxin, Shu Qi, An Yixuan, Chen Bolin and so on.

Before Wang Xiaofei made a statement, Hesten was also pushed out of the Internet celebrity circle because of the joint bed with Supreme, because it was limited, and because it was not available.

Trend circle celebrity @VK-DAWN was looking for this co-branded bed, which is limited to 20 pieces worldwide and only sold in the United States, on Xiaohongshu and Dewu. The price of this bed is 23,990 US dollars (about 170,000 RMB). She believes that "the entry level of Hestens is also 10,000 US dollars, so the price of Supreme's joint name is actually reasonable."

The information publicly released by @VK-DAWN also triggered the "involvement" of Internet celebrities. For a while, many Internet celebrities were begging to buy this co-branded bed. It's just that there are more people who don't understand. At that time, everyone thought that this was Versailles, and what kind of bed would sell for hundreds of thousands. They felt that Internet celebrities were simply blindfolded by the joint name and became irrational.

As it turns out, the mattress is that expensive, and it's selling a luxury sleeping experience.

What exactly is the good sleep experience that Hästens is selling?

According to the "Qianjiang Evening News" report, in China, the best city for Haisten to sell is Hangzhou. The staff at the Hästens counter in Hangzhou Vientiane City said that the price of mattresses in their store starts at 160,000 yuan, and the highest price can reach more than 3 million yuan.

The staff said that the customers who come to buy this brand are generally people who pay great attention to sleep and quality of life, and they are all regular customers, which has nothing to do with whether they have money.

This sentence makes people don't know where to start complaining. After all, not everyone who pays attention to sleep and quality of life can afford Hästens, why shouldn't they? Probably not because I don't want to. According to statistics from Kaiyuan Stock Exchange, 96.2% of consumers in China spend less than 12,000 on mattresses. Less than 0.6% of consumers budgeted more than 20,000 yuan for mattresses.

The consumers who are less than 0.6% are the target users of Hästens, and spend tens of thousands to buy their good sleep experience.​

Judging from the brand's official introduction and user feedback, there is a reason why Hästens is expensive.

One is because the materials are expensive. Like Hermès, Hästens started out as a harness maker, so the selection of materials has something to do with horses. Horsetail hair is the material they have been using since the beginning of making mattresses. Each horsetail hair is curly and tough, just like a small natural spring. These horsetail hairs are also an important part of the internal spring system.

The horsetail hair used by Hästens has good ventilation and dehumidification properties, and is a quick-drying hair. And the longest and most curly sheep wool selected by the brand can be mixed with cotton in a certain proportion, and it can still maintain excellent fire and flame retardant properties, and it can't be burned even if it is burned. Under the combined effect of these materials, the mattress is breathable and thermally insulating.

Jerry, general manager of Hästens Taiwan's distributor, said that lying on these mattresses made of pure natural materials makes it easier to enter the golden sleep period and restore body functions.

The second is because of customized services. The mattresses purchased in the furniture city are all pre-made and will not be adjusted according to your physical characteristics. Since Hästens is so expensive, of course customized services can keep up. Hästens will adjust the mattress for you according to your height, weight, sleeping position and other information, and even adjust the hardness of each side of the bed to customize a unique bed for you.

Customization services are expensive, and the cost of manual adjustment and customization is included in the price of the mattress.

The third is because of after-sales service. Ordinary mattresses have after-sales service, but Hästens, in addition to the 25-year long after-sales service, also provides lifetime maintenance services twice a year.

The maintenance staff will adjust the placement of the mattress according to the user's habits, use a professional vacuum cleaner to vacuum the bed, and "massage" the mattress. The four maintenance staff will knead, knead, rub, and hammer the mattress. Try to keep the mattress as close to the original state of use as possible.

▲ Picture from: Weibo

Therefore, most of the people who have bought this mattress have given good reviews, and those who have not bought it may also go to the store to experience it after reading these introductions. After all, Hästens stores allow trial sleep. You can sleep under a quilt and experience this sleep service that costs 100,000 or more.

If you like it very much, that is the motivation to make money. If you don't like it, you don't need money to try sleeping, and it's not a loss to experience expensive mattresses.

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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