1Password now allows you to share files securely and quickly

1Password now allows you to securely share files and documents with anyone, providing you with a link to easily share with others. Earlier, last year, the popular password manager added support for secure sharing of passwords via links and this functionality has now been expanded to include documents and files stored in 1Password.

Sharing a document or file is therefore as quick and easy as sharing a password from 1Password, and the recipient doesn't even need to have 1Password to access the files. It is also possible to set an expiration date on the link or even limit it so that people have to verify their email address with an OTP code to be able to view the file.


Better than other File Sharing services

The shared files will be viewed by the recipient on the 1Password site . Recipients can then download the files or even save them to their account if they have one.

Sharing from this point of view is therefore better than other file sharing services such as Google Drive, therefore without a link that lasts forever and better control over who can view the shared elements.

What is 1Password?

1Password is a password manager developed by AgileBits Inc. It provides users with a place to store various passwords , software licenses and other sensitive information in a virtual vault locked with a master password protected by PBKDF2 . By default, user data is saved on AgileBits servers, paying a monthly fee.

PBKDF2 is a Password-Based Key Derivation Function, it is a cryptographic function that allows to obtain a cryptographically secure key starting from a password chosen by the user, which is generally insecure.

1Password integrates with desktop web browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. The extension therefore allows you to remember access to websites, automatically fill in the access fields and generate random passwords for when the user wants to subscribe to a new website.

To use browser extensions, the user must have administrator rights on the computer where the browser is installed . This is because it is necessary to install a companion app that can interface with browser extensions. It was a problem with users on a PC assigned from a job with no administrator rights.

To solve this problem, 1Password offers plans, with a monthly subscription fee, aimed at companies, allowing web access to their saved data which can then be copied and pasted into the login screens. There are also plans for family and individual use. 1Password also offers a standalone extension called 1PasswordX, available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. 1PasswordX is designed to work without a companion app, but a subscription to 1Password.com is required.

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