19999 yuan, Samsung W21 5G released

In a blink of an eye, the end of 2020 is less than 60 days, and the new product launches of major mobile phone manufacturers are coming to an end. Samsung also released the last flagship machine W21 5G this year in Nanjing.

Similar to last year's W20 5G, the design language and functional configuration of W21 5G are basically the same as those of the Galaxy Fold 2 5G released two months ago. It is a mobile phone customized by Samsung for China Telecom's Hello 5G service.

However, the back of the W21 5G is very recognizable. In addition to the iconic "Heart of the World" logo of the W series of telecom customized machines, it also uses an embossed glass back panel and a new shiny gold color scheme. This price should have a sense of honor. "It's probably also reflected here.

W21 5G is equipped with a 7.6-inch foldable inner screen and a 6.23-inch outer screen. Both the internal and external screens have adopted a "hole screen" design, so it is no longer so easy to block the screen when playing games and watching videos.

The inner screen uses UTG ultra-thin folding glass with better flatness and touch, and supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz. At the same time, the LTPO technology is also used, which can dynamically adjust the screen refresh rate according to the usage scenario.

The size of the external screen has been increased from 4.6 inches to 6.2 inches, and the practicality has also been significantly improved. Whether it's used as a viewfinder for selfies or watching videos on an external screen, it doesn't seem so good anymore.

Samsung has also optimized the hinge of W21 5G and introduced an invisible hinge design to support the screen to hover at multiple angles. At the same time, it supports Flex mode, and the adapted third-party software can adaptively split the screen according to the folding angle of the screen.

Unlike Fold 2, the hinge of W21 5G uses a metal cutting process, which looks more angular.

In terms of photography, the W21 5G is equipped with three 12-megapixel "wide-angle + telephoto + ultra-wide" three-camera combination on the rear, and the front dual-camera lens of the internal and external screens is 10 million pixels.

W21 5G is equipped with a Snapdragon 865+ processor, built-in 4500mAh battery, and supports 25W fast charging. It can use dual-card dual-standby. This is Samsung's first dual-card dual-standby folding screen mobile phone and supports 5G dual-mode full Netcom.

In addition, Samsung W21 5G users who apply for China Telecom’s exclusive contract package can get an exclusive number, and the minimum consumption can be reduced by two levels. At the same time, they enjoy exclusive membership rights such as airport lounges and fast security channels.

As for the price, W21 5G has become one of Samsung's most expensive flagship phones without any suspense. The price is 19,999 yuan, and it is a top model with only 12GB LPDDR5 RAM + 512GB UFS storage.

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