179,000 yuan! The new Jikrypton X is released, adding Miami Orange, and the price drops by 21,000 yuan

In January this year, the 2024 Jikrypton At this time, only half a year has passed since the release of the 2023 Ji Krypton X.

Now, half a year after the launch of the 24 models, Jikrypton has brought the 2025 model of Jikrypton X.

According to this pace, should 26 models be released in January next year?

The new model also has two versions, namely the five-seat four-wheel drive version and the four-seat Rubik's Cube version. On the surface, its official price is still 200,000 yuan, but this time, Ji Krypton has set a "limited-time listing price" ”, which is 179,000 yuan.

At the same time, Jikrypton also launched a series of car purchase benefits:

  • Free choice of Paris brown rice/Hangzhou green/Sumo gray exterior color with original price of 5,000 yuan
  • Free optional Nakajima refrigerator originally priced at 1,999 yuan
  • 7kW home charging package (30 meters) has a limited time discount of 1,000 yuan
  • Down payment starts from 0 yuan

Half a year ago, when the 24-model Ji Krypton ” It should be the selling price.

I would like to call it "Ji Krypton X 24.5 model".

Jikrypton 24.5 model, what has been changed?

From a product perspective, the exterior design of the new Krypton X has not changed. The only upgrade is the addition of a new paint color, Miami Orange, and the styling still follows the urban unbounded aesthetic created by world-renowned designer Steve Silaf.

Starting from a simple, flat metal nickel car logo, JiKrypton used a micron-level electroforming process to carve the thickness of the JiKrX car logo to half of its original size, bringing a more refined metal relief texture.

In terms of body shape, Jikrypton applies the forward-looking design of the concept car to a compact luxury car for the first time, including frameless door design, frameless electric exterior mirrors, hidden charging port cover, and no door handle. Electric doors etc.

Although the new Jikrypton X has no changes in styling, it has to be said that the shape of Jikrypton X can indeed express enough new luxury beauty. The only thing that can be optimized is the "moustache" on the front face.

Jikrypton X's "city without boundaries" concept is also reflected in the car.

The "unbounded" here refers to the unbounded space in the front row. The sub-instrument panel, which was originally used as a partition in the middle, disappeared and was replaced by a central armrest that can be folded up and electrically slid backwards, leaving a strip below. Very spacious aisle.

Ji Krypton said before that this aisle can make it convenient for the driver to get out of the passenger car when needed, or to place large items. However, Dong Chehui found after experiencing it that since there are no blocks on both sides, it is not very convenient to store things. There may be only one scenario where the convenience brought by this configuration can be truly experienced – the driver uses the passenger's zero-gravity seat. chair for rest.

As a representative model of self-pleasure, the co-pilot of Ji Krypton X should have a lot of time free, right?

In addition to the zero-gravity seat, JiKrypton This car refrigerator with a capacity of 5.7L can realize triple temperature control modes of ultra-freezing, refrigeration, and heat preservation. The temperature control range is from a minimum of minus 15 degrees to a minimum of 50 degrees above zero.

Imagine this scenario:

When charging at night, you move the mobile island back and come to the passenger seat. The zero-gravity seat slowly unfolds and the central control screen moves sideways in front of you. You casually clicked on the TV series you were following, and then took out a box of ice cream from the refrigerator.

Don't underestimate this refrigerator, color TV, and large sofa. This is the only compact car with these three configurations in the current market. Jikrypton Vice President Zhu Ling also said at the press conference that Jikrypton X currently has no competing products.

Other existing functions such as rear seat folding, remote control parking, lane departure assist, and facial recognition will not be expanded. Let’s talk about the new gadgets updated tonight.

At 20 o'clock tonight, ZEEKR X OS 5.2 system will be pushed to all ZEEKR X users, switching to the new HMI3.0 interaction design. Jikrypton said that the new system will provide more than 100 optimization details, and add and optimize more than 30 functions, including car interface, HUD, charging, voice assistant, audio, etc.

Dr. Zhu Ling gave two examples at the scene, HUD and audio.

The new version of HUD has been greatly optimized in layout, adding a navigation mini-map that is highly requested by users, and adding new functions such as green wave passage and traffic light countdown; the original YAMAHA audio has also been retuned.

“Based on user feedback, I asked the YAMAHA team to re-optimize it,” Zhu Ling said.

In addition, the parking efficiency of the new system will also be improved, and the activation logic of sentry mode has also been optimized. Now, when going to an unfamiliar environment, the system will automatically turn on this function.

Finally, let’s talk about the power. The 25 models of Ji Krypton , 0-100km/h acceleration in 3.7 seconds. The battery is still a 66kWh ternary lithium battery, providing two ranges of 512km and 560km.

Extreme Krypton

This afternoon, Jikrypton announced its delivery volume in June 2024 – 20,106 units. This is a new delivery milestone set by Jikrypton, with a year-on-year increase of 89% and a month-on-month increase of 8%. So far, Jikrypton has delivered a total of 87,870 units this year, a year-on-year increase of 106%, and has successfully won the title of China's pure electric brand sales champion of more than 200,000 units in 2024.

But does this have anything to do with Ji Krypton X? No, Jikrypton’s sales pillar is still Jikrypton 001.

From April to June this year, Ji Krypton 001's deliveries exceeded 10,000 for three consecutive months, ranking first among pure electric models with sales exceeding 250,000. Last month, the 200,000th Ji Krypton 001 was officially delivered. This "hero" of Ji Krypton only took 972 days from launch to delivery of the 200,000th unit.

After the Jikrypton X was updated to 24 models in January this year, sales fell sharply, from 4714 units in November 2023 to 708 units. In the next 2-5 months, the monthly sales of the Jikrypton X were only 411 ,365,548.

This is why JiKrypton is so eager to revamp the JiKrypton X. After all, there is no car that cannot be sold, only a price that cannot be sold.

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