100,000 yuan level! Xiaopeng MONA broke a world record when it debuted

A very nice car for a young man.

At the Xpeng MONA M03 debut conference held this afternoon, Xpeng M03 was not the only protagonist. JuanMa Lopez, a designer who is well-known in the field of automotive design, is also joining Xpeng The car made its first public appearance since.

Maybe some friends are unfamiliar with this name, but you must know most of his works:

Ferrari LaFerrari, FF, F12 Berlinetta, Monza SP1 & SP2, 458 Coupe & Spider, 488 Pista, GTC4 Lusso, 812 Superfast, Portofino, F8 Tributo…
Lamborghini Murcielago Barchettas, Murcielago GT, Gallardo Coupe, Gallardo Spider, Concept S

Who would have thought that this is both a prancing horse and a bull, and now it has come to Xiaopeng.

"We hope that every functional area and every detail of the car will undergo precise and quantitative calculations to meet consumers' specific needs in addition to its high appearance." At the event, Juanma elaborated on the car The aesthetic elements of the design, as well as the aesthetic genes of Xiaopeng MONA M03, "Xpeng MONA M03 is the "combination of aesthetics and functionality."

Unlike the supercars designed by Huan Ma in the past that easily cost millions or tens of millions, Xiaopeng MONA, which is priced under 200,000 yuan, not only pursues "beauty", but also needs to ensure daily practicality for users.

He Xiaopeng said at the press conference that Xiaopeng MONA M03 adopts a new AI quantitative aesthetics. How is it quantified? For example, in the costly wind tunnel test, Xpeng M03 was blown 10 times, totaling more than 100 hours.

"Xpeng is willing to spend more money and time to build a "good-looking and interesting" car for young people. He Xiaopeng said. However, the "a little cost" and "a little time" he talked about were actually 4 billion yuan and 4 years.

So what did Xiaopeng get in exchange?

The first is the world's lowest drag coefficient of 0.194.

Generally speaking, products under 200,000 yuan talk about wind resistance, but Xiaopeng MONA M03 has integrated the idea of ​​"low wind resistance" into the manufacturing process from the beginning of the design. The entire series comes standard with AGS fully integrated active air intake grille. The irregular single-blade design is integrated with the front enclosure, and can be infinitely adjusted to open and close at different vehicle speeds, balancing wind resistance optimization and electric drive cooling needs.

Xpeng MONA M03 has conducted a total of more than 1,000 solution analyses, and its energy consumption per 100 kilometers has been reduced by 15%, and its cruising range can be increased by up to 60km.

Don’t underestimate the 60km cruising range. He Xiaopeng said that lower wind resistance will bring lower energy consumption, which means Xiaopeng may be able to use smaller batteries, thereby achieving lower vehicle weight and lower bicycle costs. .

Second, it has both elegance and space.

A product manager in charge of the Xpeng M03 told Dong Auto Club that good-looking new energy vehicles are basically priced at more than 200,000 yuan. "For example, sedans include Model 3 and ET5, SUVs include Xpeng G9 and Wenjie M7," and 20 New energy vehicles worth less than 10,000 yuan usually make compromises in design for the sake of practicality.

Because of this, Xiaopeng wants to make a coupe that is both beautiful and practical in the most mainstream price range of less than 200,000 yuan.

For a long time, coupes have had to sacrifice the overall seating space in order to pursue the smoothness and beauty of the vehicle's contours. As a result, aesthetics and space have become difficult to achieve at the same time, and they cannot meet users' travel needs in all scenarios.

But Xpeng MONA M03 seems to break this perception, bringing the size performance of a B-class car with a wheelbase of 4780mm and 2815mm. Xiaopeng said that the M03's front fender inclination angle reaches 63.4°, the largest in its class, with an elegant shape and less wind resistance.

On the other hand, Xiaopeng did not sacrifice the headroom of the front-row drivers and passengers for this, and avoided this problem by moving the seats backward and sinking the floor. At the same time, in order to "steal" as much space as possible in the rear row, all Xpeng M03 series are equipped with an electric hatchback tailgate as standard. The maximum volume of 621L can accommodate one 28-inch and four 20-inch suitcases at the same time.

However, it’s not that Xpeng didn’t make compromises in appearance. The most obvious one is the suspension height, especially the front suspension.

Although 19-inch sports wheels are used, the suspension height is too high, which is more than enough to punch, and the wheels still appear not full enough, which also affects the low-lying feel of the body. In this regard, the aforementioned product manager explained that this decision was made based on the positioning of M03. As a 100,000-yuan model, M03 must consider its passability under different road conditions.

You can go up to the dirt slopes in the village, but you can go down to the construction sites in the city – I think this is more or less what it means.

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