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Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore!

The shouts of one after another were raised in the crowd, just like a second before an avalanche. The land there was muddy and potholes, and the crowd stepped on an emotional carnival mine, just waiting to be detonated by a drum beat from the band.

But there will be no Encore.

▲Note: After the last song is over, fans will shout "Encore" together, which means I hope the band will return to the show and sing again

In the current music festival, the performance time of each band is tightly choked, like an assembly line, without any accidental completion. After the end of this event, they are about to fly to the next one-the niche bands in the past have become more and more popular. There are also more and more music festivals. Everyone's wallets are getting empty.

Not only music festivals, but also countless fashion festivals, art festivals, life festivals, food festivals, beer festivals, camping festivals…

Platforms and brands active in the city are frantically creating "new festivals" that meet people's emotional needs on weekends when every young person has nothing to do.

The shouts rang again.

▲Picture from: "Summer of the Band"

With 100 music festivals a year, can you still get upset?

Because of the epidemic, this year's music festival can be described as ill-fated, and tickets will be canceled at any time after buying tickets.

However, as long as one or two "net celebrity bands" come to these music festivals, they will be snatched up as soon as the tickets are opened. This is still on the premise that there are hundreds of music festivals a year.

According to statistics from Damai.com, 56 music festivals were held nationwide during the May 1st holiday, and there were more than 20 official announcements during the July-August summer vacation. According to statistics from China Music Finance and Economics, more than 40 music festivals were held after September, even if they were called " In Guangdong, in the "Guanghan Palace", people were rushing for tickets and begging for tickets almost every day during the week of November.

The music festival blows out.

It can be seen to the naked eye that variety shows, celebrities, and brands "invade" music festivals, making music festivals more and more popular, and making music festivals more and more changing.

▲Picture from: "Summer of the Band"

Fans can easily see their idols at music festivals, those traffic stars who used to spend thousands of dollars to go to concerts; some rebellious rock bands entered the door of variety shows and became gentlemen sought after by boys and girls Idols; all kinds of niche music such as rock, rap, post-swing, electronic music, etc., can now be gathered in a music festival.

The birthplace of Chinese underground rock bands-Beijing Midi Music School, founded the country's first original music festival "Midi Music Festival", I didn't expect that the current music festival has become the largest offline entertainment venue for all people. one.

▲ Picture from: Weibo @迷笛

Midi’s old rival, Modern Sky, has not concealed the wave of the times, but has become more popular. The first route it took was different from the "hardcore" Midi, and it launched a more diversified music festival genre.

Today, Modern Sky is also keeping up with the trend, launching M_DSK, an outdoor trendy music festival focusing on HipHop, as well as various subdivided small music festivals.
Zhang Zhaojing, the product manager of M_DSK Music Festival, told Ai Faner that behind the M_DSK Music Festival is the youth trend culture, which is a younger and avant-garde social direction. This also allows Modern Sky to always stand with contemporary young people.
She revealed that next year the Strawberry Music Festival plans to go to more than 30 cities, and M_DSK will go to more than 10 cities.

Other classic music festival labels that have emerged, as well as wheat fields, cacti, echoes, etc., are often high places where young people gather for fun.

Although this year's single-day ordinary ticket for the Chengdu Cactus Music Festival even soared to 988 yuan.

Few people still remember when the originator of the music festival, the Woodstock Music Festival, was born in 1969. In that era full of darkness, death, and bloody wars, this pure musical utopia was aimed at anti-war. And peace.

With the evolution of history, culture, and life, music festivals no longer need to bear the responsibilities of the times, but have become a trendy business.

Therefore, cultural and tourism music festivals are also emerging in endlessly, from the Orange Island Music Festival in Changsha, the Taihu Bay Music Festival in Changzhou, to the Happy Valley series of electronic syllables in various places, and they are looking forward to relying on young traffic to stimulate the vitality of the city.

The Grassland Music Festival established in Zhangbei, a national poverty-stricken county, has generated more than 300 million yuan in revenue in three days.

More musicians, music platforms, and livehouses have also developed new independent music labels along the way, crowded music festivals have emerged, and bands have become more out of the circle, such as the New Youth Music Festival, Xiami Music Festival, Chaobai Music Festival, and Green Field. Music Festival, Starlight Music Festival…

Where there is traffic, there is commercialization.

The popularity of the music festival naturally makes brands of all sizes focus on this piece of cake.

Various beer music festivals, car music festivals, and food music festivals have also begun to emerge. Even the vitality forest of the beverage industry has organized music festivals-after all, keeping up with the pace of young people at all times can the brand stay young forever.

Anytime, anywhere, you can see a new music festival appearing.

Today, this trendy business is still about spirit, but it's not about building spirit, but about consumerism.

It's not a bad thing. Michael Lang, founder of Woodstock Music Festival, said in an interview:

The current music festival lacks some culture and atmosphere, and is more about celebrating and discussing the good life of the moment.

▲ Picture from: Tomorrow World Electronic Music Festival

This is the only way for the music festival to reach the masses and continue to expand.

What young people need will be manufactured on the market.

Crazy festivals, a generation of emotional explosions

Now, when you open any app for entertainment activities, there must be a certain "festival" there, waiting for you to visit on the weekend.

Music festivals are just one of many "net red festivals". Many "net red festivals" have different forms, but they are inherently different in the same way.

Christmas, Qixi Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Eleven…These established classic festivals have long been unable to fill the leisure time of young people. Those vacated gaps are the land occupied by all walks of life.

The talk show variety show is getting more and more popular, and the talk show label Comedy Union Box Country also took advantage of the fire, and organized the "Best Laughter Festival" that is very emotional from the name.

Hao, who had watched the talk show scene once, told Ai Faner that the scene was not as funny as it was carefully made on TV:

However, it’s not that important to burst into laughter at the scene. It’s more important to check in on a talk show.

Various brands have also followed their sights from music festivals to other festivals.

Yongpu Coffee, which has been co-branded more than 500 times in 7 years, will hold an "Inspiration Art Festival" every year, and then invite artists, illustrators, craftsmen, and consumers to chat together.

They want to let the brand carry more content and go deeper into the lives of young people, so they use "festivals" to create a life of their own.

▲ Picture from: Weibo @永朴咖啡

However, the major commercial centers are the masters of the "festival."

The Sea World Culture and Art Center in Shenzhen will host the "Wild Youth Art Festival"; and the Pearl River Parti Beer Cultural and Creative Art District in Guangzhou will host the "Fashion Culture Festival".

These places are originally consumption places for young people, and it is not surprising that various "festivals" of young people are born.

▲ Picture from: Wild Youth Art Festival

Shanghai BFC Bund Financial Center has always been good at creating all kinds of "festivals", from music festivals, beer festivals, yoga festivals, food festivals, "five-five-five black festivals" around games, and long-term art seasons. , Family season, wave-making season, fashion season and other activities.

This weekend, their new "Elysium Ball" BFC Bund Music Season started again. The music season is much longer than the music festival. It lasts for three weeks. Next month, the Christmas event will start again, and it will become more lively here.

▲Picture from: BFC Bund Financial Center

Now that the shopping mall is celebrating a festival, there is no longer a traditional plaque with a row of characters "Happy XX Festival".

There are not only concerts, pop-up shops, food markets, but also art lectures, creative salons, and terrace theaters. It is a miniature carnival in the city.

▲ Picture from: BFC Bund Financial Center

Today's festivals are less and less like festivals.

No matter what the festival, it is like a different name for the diverse entertainment life of contemporary young people.

In an interview with Ai Faner, BFC said that their initial positioning was not a simple shopping mall, but to create a life scene that the surrounding consumers can share. Continuous themed activities like festivals are the best way to present "content" to consumers.

In their view, contemporary young groups have more individual needs, and they should always pay attention to and explore these needs in order to allow consumers to come and be new.

▲On-site creation by independent illustrator, picture from: BFC Bund Financial Center

In September of this year, BFC assisted the international fashion authoritative media WWD research and released the "Generation Z Insights White Paper" – Although Gen Z is a new generation of digital natives, but they pay great attention to experience and pursue a unique trend of life, they also hope to learn from The relationship between people and space meets more emotional and social needs from interesting interactions and experiences.

Therefore, they will take pictures and check in on the "festivals", socially share, participate in and identify with each other. These new features have left a lot of creative space for brands.

Therefore, brands also need to "landing on social platforms, gathering and distributing in social circles, and accumulating energy from social interaction."

▲Xiyong Life Festival . Picture from: Topys

However, in the crazy-made festival, do we really get what we want?

What is left after the carnival?

We have many imaginations about festivals.

When people wanted to create a holy land of free and equal electronic music, the world's largest electronic music festival "Tomorrow World Electronic Music Festival" was held in the small town of Boom in Belgium.

When people advocate tolerance, creativity, fashion, and anti-consumerism, every year wild travelers go to the Nevada desert to participate in an 8-day "Burning Man Festival". They unscrupulously create artistic experiences, and finally put all A fire burned out.

When people simply want to use festivals to create a carnival of celebration and release, the Oktoberfest, Venice Carnival, New Orleans Carnival, Rio de Janeiro Carnival attract people from all over the world to go there every year.

Creating a festival that young people love is never a new thing.

The ubiquitous "new festivals" are like miniature versions or imitations of these "first movers".

Of course, most of them only imitate some parts and appearances.

What is more worrying is the subsequent over-commercialization, serious homogeneity, and a series of potential problems.

EDopamine, a music blogger in the rock circle after taking root all the year round, pointed out to Ai Faner that now the music festival is coming and going with those Internet celebrity bands. Fans of traffic stars and rock music fans often fight, and some music festivals have a lot of money. Obviously, for example, the stage sound and lighting configuration is very perfunctory, the invited band lineup also undergoes temporary substitutions and cancellation plans and other changes, and the security environment is also very poorly maintained. After a music festival, only tatters and garbage are left… …

When more commercial brands invited well-known bands to hold music festivals, music fans were originally excited about free tickets, but only when they came to the scene did they find that they had become a traffic tool. Looking at it, it was all immersive promotion of brand advertising. The band’s performance is no more than half an hour. Of course, it’s not necessarily the ones you like, but it must be the ones the boss likes.

The major food festivals, Oktoberfests, and coffee festivals are equally similar in nature. Many festivals are full of brand advertisements. You have to pay attention to the official account before you try it.

The fashion festivals and art festivals are also gradually unable to play creatively. If there are no trend art masters to support the scene, they can only rely on the repetitive posters, wall paintings, and installations to attract people's attention, which gradually causes consumption fatigue.

The festival of spiritual consumption seems to have lost its original spiritual connotation and has become a marketing tool for making money.

In EDopamine's view, many abused music festivals, and those streamlined "festivals", are just like fast food culture. Their purpose is to require offline crowds, but people leave when they are refreshed, just like a brush. In short videos, watching the complete individual is very empty, because there is nothing left in my mind.

If a "festival" is purely to please you, when you become more and more addicted to these festivals, you may also like this kind of pleasing things more and more, and then your cognitive circle will shrink in a limited area.

When asked about the BFC who are good at making festivals, they also realized this. They mentioned that young people nowadays pursue the freshness of festivals, but they also pay attention to enriching their spiritual world. And accumulate meaningful things".

▲ Picture from: BFC Bund Financial Center

Therefore, they also need to more strictly select cooperative brands for consumers based on their DNA of “fashion, art, and design”, and seek a balance between consumers and merchants to find the best fit.

It is not an easy task to achieve a balance between festival creators, collaborators, audiences, and festival content.

EDopamine once participated in the performance of a Qinghai band-"Tiansheng". Their music is very experimental. They even make a documentary for an album. On the day of the tour, they put the documentary in the mirror on the Qinghai Lake. Moved to the scene and set a circle around the stage, and then put the audience in the mirror, and began to perform the entire album for an hour without interruption, and all the greetings and chats remained after the performance.

▲The scene of the documentary and performance shot by Tiansheng Band. The first two pictures are from: Weibo @天声音乐, and the next two pictures are from: EDopamine

"They regard music as a very serious matter, but this state is very difficult to achieve in a music festival," EDopamine said.

My best imagination of the music festival is After Hours, Japan’s strongest after-shaking music festival. Its philosophy is to defend art and music, preserve a good thinking about life for young people, and promote social progress and development— —Excellent art has always touched the public and shaped the world.

In another aspect, back to the festival itself——

In fact, domestic music festivals are not too many compared to the thousands of music festivals abroad. MDSK Music Festival product manager Zhang Zhaojing also mentioned that foreign music festivals often have seven to eighty thousand people, but the domestic scale is much smaller. The cultural consumption habits of young people are changing. If the market can digest it, it is actually a good thing.

The same is true for more new festivals being created.

Regarding spiritual consumption, we still need more diversified filling and exploration. But it is worth noting that when the festival becomes a fanatical spiritual harvester, we need to retain the spiritual seeds.

The book "The Fourth Age of Consumption" divides the world after 1912 into four stages of development: first, to solve food and clothing; second, to emphasize material; third, to pursue psychological satisfaction; fourth, to achieve spiritual prosperity.

We are constantly approaching the fourth stage-when food, clothing and clothing are no longer a problem, spiritual consumption begins to make people addicted.

People pursue novel ideas, satisfy physical agitation, perform spiritual healing, and reshape life experience. Is this a spiritual adventure or another consumption trap?

We take you to discover the secrets of contemporary young people's spiritual consumption.

The first part of the series of "Spirit Pills" in Tomorrow's Wave series: Why are young people now addicted to smells?

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