10 € to spend on videogames? Redeem them and play Rocket League for free!

Rocket League can be redeemed and downloaded for free today from the Epic Games store ( recently at war with Apple ). The company will give you a coupon worth € 10 that you can spend on a minimum order of € 14.99 . The fantastic promotion will end in about a month: October 23 at 11:00. The validity of the coupon, on the other hand, will continue until November 1st at 3:00 pm sharp. As explained on the Epic Games website, Rocket League is an arcade hybrid that combines football with a frenzied run of powerful vehicles , with simple controls and races based on the laws of physics. You can get a feel for the game by watching trailers.

New promotions every week, goal: to unseat Steam

This promotion is just the latest in a long list of offers made available by the company in recent years. Probably the company's aim is to steal customers from Steam, the main competitor, by making free (for a limited period of time) games that the rival store sells for a fee.

Meanwhile, Rocket League has been removed from Steam, but those who have already purchased it from the Valve-branded store can still continue to update and play it from the platform.

Epic Games, which we remember being the software house behind Fortnite, is investing its earnings from in-app purchases of the game to try to snatch the scepter of "reference online video game store" from Steam.

Every week new games are made available for free , so I recommend that you follow the news closely, you could do the bargain as someone who redeemed a free copy of GTA V thanks to the most attractive offer ever made by Epic.

The company is also known for having signed exclusive "timed" deals for some PC games, launching them on the store before they were available elsewhere, such as Metro Exodus and The Outer Worlds. The latter has yet to be released on Valve's digital showcase, where it is still listed as coming in "2020".

The future of Epic promotions: will the goddamn end?

As a gamer I can only advise you to download the Epic Games Store, which has already delighted me many times with amazing offers. Right now I'm playing (and fully enjoying) the new chapter of the Total War saga, the one dedicated to the Trojan War, downloaded for free on day-one from the Epic store. In March 2019 Steve Allison, head of the store, said that distribution exclusives and free copies would not be a "routine" forever. For now, the offers continue to appear on a regular basis; we cross our fingers and we hope it continues like this for a long time to come!

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