1.68 million yuan! Looking forward to the official release of U9, BYD supercar is really here

On the tenth day of the first lunar month, the second day of work in the Year of the Dragon, BYD dropped a piece of king bomb——

Its two plug-in hybrid models, Qin PLUS Honor Edition and Destroyer 05 Honor Edition, are on the market, with starting prices as low as 79,800 yuan. Compared with the previous championship edition models, the prices of both new cars have dropped by 20,000 yuan.

BYD's new slogan "Electricity is lower than oil" has dealt a blow to the fuel-powered models in the A-class car market.

At the same time, the smoke of 2024 has also spread to the high-end market. The second product of the Zangwang brand, the pure electric supercar U9 has just been officially released in Qiantan, Shanghai. The price of 1.68 million yuan has attracted the attention of the world.

In terms of heritage, this young brand is naturally not as powerful as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and other traditional brands. Therefore, if you want to break through the cognitive defense lines established by European supercar brands over the years, there is only one way to do it, and that is technology.

Looking up to U9, Technology U9

The first appearance of Look Up U9 was at the Look Up brand and technology conference a year ago. With Yi Sifang's technology, BYD has an opportunity to make an upward breakthrough.

"BYD has a technological dream to provide users with extremely safe cars by better controlling body posture. Over the past 20 years, BYD's R&D team has never given up on this bold idea," BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu said at the press conference.

Looking back on that night, Wang Chuanfu's "BYD's technological dream" ran through the entire press conference. As the "One More Thing" of the press conference, the Yangwang U9, which brought together all BYD's advanced technologies, pushed the press conference to a climax.

The same "routine" also appeared at the BYD Yunnan technology conference in April last year. Looking up at the U9's final leap at the press conference, it seems to be announcing to the world that the Chinese can also create excellent body control systems.

But at that time, BYD did not introduce in detail the Yunnan-X intelligent fully active body control system used in the U9, but chose to leave the moment of revealing the mystery until today. BYD said at tonight’s press conference:

The Yunnan-X intelligent fully active body control system, with horizontal, vertical and vertical integrated control as the core, provides an unprecedented driving control experience for the U9, and at the same time can easily meet daily driving needs.

Being streetable, raceable and playable is BYD’s mission for U9.

BYD said that the Yunnan-X used in the U9 is composed of binocular cameras, Yunnan intelligent computing center, dual-valve electronically controlled shock absorber assembly, five-in-one power source, hydraulic pipeline assembly and height sensor. , with core functions such as active power adjustment and damping adjustment.

Readers who have done a little research on suspension systems may see that Yunnan-X is actually a set of magnetorheological dampers – a suspension technology commonly found in ultra-luxury sports cars.

Take Ferrari, a representative brand, as an example. In 2010, it applied magnetorheological dampers to work with air springs on many models such as the 458 Italia, FF, and California T.

Ferrari mentioned in its technical documentation that this system can instantly adjust the current flowing through the coil through the electronic control unit and change the magnetic field intensity within 15 milliseconds. Under the influence of the magnetic field, the magnetorheological fluid in the hydraulic pipeline will instantly become viscous. thicker to adjust suspension stiffness.

458 Italia, picture from: Car and Driver

In 2011, another Italian supercar brand, Lamborghini, also used this technology on its flagship model Aventador at the time to adapt to road surface changes and vibration reduction needs under various extreme handling conditions.

▲ Lamborghini Aventador, picture from: Car and Driver

Yunnan-X, which looks up to the U9, goes a step further on this basis, using more modern body sensors to more accurately adjust the suspension to achieve "0 roll, 0 pitch." At the same time, the dual-valve structure gives Yunnan-X a larger adjustment range, allowing the U9 to show a "bounce" effect.

As for Yi Sifang, another core technology of U9, everyone will be more familiar with it. The functions such as in-situ U-turn, emergency floating, high-speed and stable operation demonstrated by U8 before are impressive.

In short, Yunnan-X and Yi Sifang look up to U9 for its confidence that it can be street-ready, competitive, and playable.

super car, super body

Super sports cars are artistic sculptures designed by the modern automobile industry, and are also the crystallization of technology and aesthetics at the top of the automobile industry pyramid.

Looking up to U9 As a domestic million-level supercar, it attracted much attention when it debuted last year. Although the public is extremely happy that its own brand has entered the supercar field, the exterior design of the U9 still encounters some doubts.

The most criticized ones are the too dense dot matrix headlights, the catfish-like front lip, and the too bright yellow color.

Looking up to U9 at the beginning of their debut

Fortunately, in the production version of U9, these are gone.

Annamaria Palmigiano, styling and interior design director of BYD Group, said at the press conference that U9 adheres to the family-style design concept and allows pure energy art to have the most extreme aesthetic expression.

On the mass-produced version of U9, the designer replaced the previous dot matrix design with radial lines full of tension. The orderly arrangement of lines not only creates a sense of technology, future and speed, but also adds a unique sense to U9. Visually elegant.

At the same time, the design of the front lip has become simpler, creating a certain sense of suspension.

Looking up to U9 provides three colors: Argyle Purple, Moonlight Silver and Chixia Danzhu, that is, purple, silver and red. Yes, Zhanwang has removed the yellow color, and also added a huge gooseneck spoiler at the rear of the car (optional price is 100,000 yuan), which further improves the appearance and substantially helps increase downforce.

Speaking of aerodynamics, I have to introduce the U9's 6 sets of body air ducts and 12 sets of active and passive aerodynamics kits. As a supercar with a top speed of 309km/h, the styling design must pay equal attention to aesthetics and performance .

First of all, in terms of heat dissipation, the U9 has a large-area front cooling module arranged inside the front air grille, and the rear cooling module is arranged at the rear of the body. The airflow enters from the huge air inlet next to the triangular window on the side of the car, and is guided through the contraction of the air duct. The airflow achieves heat dissipation, and the airflow is finally discharged from the low-pressure area at the upper end of the diffuser.

At both ends of the front bumper, looking up at the U9 design, there is a set of air inlets that capture the airflow and guide it to the front swing arm air ducts through contraction acceleration. At the same time, the airflow flowing through the front diffuser is lifted and directed toward the front wheels, and together with the airflow from the air ducts at both ends of the front bumper, it merges into the front swing arm air duct to dissipate heat from the front brake disc.

In terms of wind resistance, the swooping front hood and windshield design, coupled with the shorter body of the U9, allow airflow to quickly enter the rear of the vehicle through the roof. The fastback shape combined with the rear spoiler can well balance the rear axle. Downforce requirements; the sharp tail separation blade design on the side body and rear of the car can also quickly separate the airflow from the car body, reducing the formation of vortices at the rear of the car.

In order to improve aerodynamic efficiency, the U9 U9 is also equipped with deflector fins at key parts of the bottom of the car to guide the airflow through.

For example, in front of the front wheels, looking up at the U9, there is a set of ring-shaped choke plates with the lower surface removed. While separating the airflow, the lift generated by this component is removed, and a low-pressure area is formed inside the choke plates, which serves as the front axle. Provides some downforce. But the more important source of downforce on the front axle comes from the S-shaped air tunnels on both sides of the front grille.

Overall, the styling design of the U9 has indeed reached the level of a supercar. However, due to the 2.5-ton vehicle weight, the U9 only achieved a time of 2 minutes and 17.65 seconds at the Shanghai International Circuit, which is close to the previous generation 911 Turbo S. .

Although the lap speed is inferior to that of traditional fuel supercars, the safety of the cockpit of the U9 can be said to be extreme. It adopts an integral monocoque carbon cabin and the torsional stiffness of the vehicle reaches 54425N·m/°.

Yang Wang said that the U9 underwent the most rigorous and demanding safety tests before it was launched. After meeting the global safety crash test standards, it also planned extreme special conditions such as jamming, bumping, and rolling based on the actual driving safety conditions that supercar models may encounter. Under working conditions, more than 100 safety test vehicles have been put into use.

The carbon cabin of U9 is made of the highest grade T700 carbon fiber material for civilian use, as well as 12K small filament bundles mostly used in spacecraft, and uses an autoclave molding process, which is complex in workmanship and expensive to build.

Two days ago, Dong Automobile Association published an article titled " In order to build a car, Ferrari quietly bought a Tesla ", which introduced Ferrari's efforts in developing pure electric supercars over the years.

In the comment area of ​​that article, a reader asked: Why don't you buy a BYD and take it apart?

My reply is:

Maybe in the future.

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